Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress - Chapter 1688 - Wen Xinya, the Acting Chairman

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Chapter 1688: Wen Xinya, the Acting Chairman

Wen Xinya’s appeal towards the court to withdraw Ning Shuqian’s charges towards Wen Haowen was processed and instantly decided upon by the court.

This move was shocking to nearly everyone.

At the same time, Ning Shuqian’s news about her being diagnosed with hysteria was also widely publicized by the media, and journalists even got shots of Ning Shuqian’s hysteria acting up. In the video, two workers even sent Ning Shuqian to a mental institute. This image surprised everyone.

No one doubted that Ning Shuqian truly had hysteria.

Instantaneously, the media lost interest in the scandal between the Wen Family’s couple and shifted their focus towards Old Mr. Wen’s health condition.

The good thing was that, due to the court drama, Old Mr. Wen’s exact health condition was not known by the media, and thus, did not cause a large impact on the Wen Corporation.

The negative news surrounding the Wen Corporation was minimal, and their share prices began to rise.

In the midst of the Wen Corporation’s crisis, Wen Xinya’s actions of stepping up received praise and support from just about everyone in the Wen Corporation, and the few largest shareholders requested for a board of directors meeting, for a conference between the board of directors and the few largest shareholders.

Wen Xinya also participated in the directors’ meeting as the CEO of the corporation and as a shareholder.

“This time, while Old Mr. Wen was hospitalized, Wen Corporation had a crisis which was stabilized all thanks to Miss Wen stepping in at the critical moment to solve this major issue.”

“Without Miss Wen’s help, Wen Corporation may have suffered terribly in the midst of all of this scandal and storm, and may have even been entrenched in court affairs.”

“Good job to Miss Wen, always putting the welfare of the Wen Corporation in front of everything else, unlike some other person, who only burdens the Wen Corporation and pulls us down, hurting the Wen Corporation’s reputation!”

The few shareholders had many praises for Wen Xinya at this time, and the board of directors agreed with the shareholders. Some of the shareholders even began to scold Wen Haowen in front of everybody else.

Wen Xinya humbled herself in front of all of their recognition and praise and humbly said, “I’m just doing what I should do. I don’t deserve all the praise from all of you directors and shareholders.”

Wen Haowen’s face turned livid and his expression soured, angry and filled with hatred.

He looked at Wen Xinya, who was sitting diagonally across from him in professional office wear, looking calm and restrained. It was at that moment that he realized that Wen Xinya had changed so much.

Although the news of Ning Shuqian having hysteria shifted media attention away from his scandals and drama with her, as the person involved, his reputation and future had already been ruined, and his image in the Wen Corporation was already utterly destroyed. He no longer had any power in the board of directors and amongst the shareholders.

On the other hand, Wen Xinya had taken over his old position and received praise from everyone around.

No matter how stupid he was, he knew that he had become Wen Xinya’s stepping stone.

Qian Jianhui, representing the shareholders, spoke, “During Wen Haowen’s tenure, due to his personal reasons, he caused the Wen Corporation to suffer losses, and the profits, welfare, and rights of the shareholders suffered as well.

“As the chairman of this organization, he did not perform his duty well and neglected the needs of the Wen Corporation and the shareholders. This forced some of the shareholders to sell their shares, which caused panic in the corporation and chaos internally. With the agreement of the few of us shareholders, we have decided to temporarily remove Wen Haowen from his post as chairman and his duties, and request that he be investigated by the board of directors.”

Qian Jianhui was one of the Wen Corporation’s original shareholders and garnered a lot of respect and power amongst all of the shareholders.

Although Old Mr. Wen was hospitalized due to his health condition and so was unable to completely remove Wen Haowen from his post as chairman, they could join forces amongst the shareholders to temporarily remove Wen Haowen’s powers. An investigation based on the company’s board of director’s mode of operation would be carried out in the meantime.

Everybody was satisfied with this decision and raised no disagreements.

Wen Xinya was not surprised by this result.

In the past, every time Wen Haowen made mistakes, Grandpa would help him cover-up, which was why he could stay in power as the chairman for so long.

However, this time, what Wen Haowen did totally ruined the trust between him and the board of directors, as well as the shareholders. Without Grandpa stepping in to resolve the situation, they could no longer stand Wen Haowen.

Yet, already at his limits, Wen Haowen shouted, “No, you all can’t do this! Wen Corporation was so badly affected, we need someone to run this entire firm and support its operations in order to stabilize the situation. My father is already in the hospital now…”

Wen Haowen panicked. He knew clearly that he had caused the corporation to suffer losses, and for the shareholders to request for a suspension and investigation would cause him to never regain his powers in the corporation.

One of the shareholders cut Wen Haowen halfway and said, “I suggest that while Old Mr. Wen is hospitalized, Miss Wen should be the acting chairperson. And to exercise her rights as the CEO, temporarily assist in the running of the Wen Corporation. Does anyone has any opinions on this?”

At the moment, since Old Mr. Wen was hospitalized, he could not run the corporation. Furthermore, Wen Haowen was suspended for investigation and would not be able to make decisions for the corporation. Right now, the only one who could lead everyone was Wen Xinya.

“I agree!”

“I agree too!”

“I concede as well!”

Everyone in the conference room agreed, and Xue Yishan, who recently joined the board of directors as Secretary Cao’s understudy to work for Wen Xinya, was filled with excitement and joy. Without even doing it himself, the shareholders helped to eliminate Wen Haowen, and now the Wen Corporation was ready to welcome Wen Xinya as the new chairman and leader.

Wen Haowen burst with anger. He stood up from his seat and loudly exclaimed, “I object! Wen Xinya only holds ten percent of the Wen Corporation’s shares, this is insufficient to serve as the chairman of the board to exercise rights as the chairman. And as for her experience, she has not even participated in the operations of the Wen Corporation! She has no right to help run the entire Wen Corporation and its operations.”

He had carefully and tirelessly managed the Wen Corporation for over twenty years and never ever took over as the chairman of the board of directors to exercise his rights, what made Wen Xinya deserving enough to be able to do so?

All of these old fogeys were simply against him as a person.

Xue Yishan spoke, “The shareholders have already announced that you have been suspended for investigation from now on and will be subject to the investigation department of the board. For any day that your investigation results are not out yet, you have no rights to participate in any of the Wen Corporation’s decisions and operations. Therefore, your objection is irrelevant.”

Everyone in the conference room agreed.

“You…” Wen Haowen was livid, and his entire face contorted with anger, the vein in his forehead almost popping. He looked at Wen Xinya so angrily that he wanted her to be gone.

He had managed the Wen Corporation tirelessly for so many years, and yet he was forced to hand the reins over to Wen Xinya just like that. He was furious.

Wen Xinya naturally felt Wen Haowen’s rage, but she did not care about it.

She never thought that she would take over this early and that she would have a falling out with Wen Haowen over the operations of the Wen Corporation. However, Grandpa was unconscious and the situation of the corporation had yet to stabilize. She could thus no longer sit on the sidelines and not do her part.

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