Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress - Chapter 1689 - The One That’s Selfish and Greedy Is You!

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Chapter 1689: The One That’s Selfish and Greedy Is You!

The meeting that lasted almost two hours was about to end.

At this time, the director suspended Wen Haowen for investigation. Wen Xinya became the acting chairman of the board of directors and exercised her rights to manage the Wen Corporation’s documents, surprising the entire company.

Everyone was happy about this.

At such a critical period, Wen Xinya stepped up to solve the crisis that the company was going through. Hence, everyone had confidence in her. Additionally, Wen Xinya had a good reputation among people in the company because of her capabilities, which allowed her to gain the support of many.

A small group of people were still wary of her and thought that because she did not hold many shares, she had little experience in managing a company and was not qualified to lead them.

There was also a small group of people that supported Wen Haowen and were agitated about Wen Xinya taking charge.

However, be it suspicion or opposition, with the support of the majority, it did not matter what they thought.

The shareholders and directors filtered out of the conference room.

Wen Xinya continued to sit in the room and had no intention of leaving.

She had completely ruined her relationship with Wen Haowen. Thus, Wen Haowen would definitely not let this rest. To avoid future trouble within the company and in front of the media, it was better to settle things in the meeting room.

“Bang—” Wen Haowen angrily slammed the table and sat up from his seat, angrily shouting, “Wen Xinya, you evil rascal, did you already know early on about Ning Shuqian’s hysteria?”

When Wen Xinya applied to cancel Ning Shuqian’s charges towards him, he was completely unaware.

If she did not already know that Ning Shuqian was suffering from hysteria and obtained such evidence, how could the timing be so coincidental, such that she was able to apply to cancel the charges right before the hearing?

Wen Xinya did not move an inch from her seat as she looked in his direction and said, “So what if I knew? So what if I didn’t?”

She did not actually answer Wen Haowen’s question.

To Wen Haowen, there was no difference whether or not she answered his question.

Wen Haowen glared at Wen Xinya coldly, his eyes filled with fury. “Wen Xinya, I have underestimated you these few years indeed. You sat by the sidelines and watched on as I fought with Ning Shuqian. It was only when things got out of hand and you realized you could benefit that you decided to step up and be the good person. Hahahaha, what a great daughter you are!”

Wen Haowen’s eyes were red and filled with murderous rage. His eyes seemed to emit poison.

He had been suspended for investigation.

Wen Xinya became the acting CEO and had some of its powers.

He had been condemned by the shareholders and Wen Xinya absorbed all the benefits.

Even the stupid would be able to guess why.

Wen Xinya did not deny it and looked coldly at Wen Haowen. “Wen Haowen, everything I’ve done and my intentions for doing these things were for the good of the Wen Family and the Wen Corporation. My conscience is clear as day. However, you should ask yourself, after being the CEO of the company for over 20 years, what exactly have you done for the company?”

Everything that Wen Haowen did was for his own benefit.

In the past, there was Grandpa there to watch over him, so things still worked out.

However, the directors and shareholders were not fools.

Everyone knew about Wen Haowen’s greed.

Wen Haowen shouted, “Wen Xinya, how dare you talk about your clear conscience. Everything that went on between me and Ning Shuqian happened because of your manipulation. You treated me as a stepping stone in order to get to my position. This was what you had planned all along.”

Wen Xinya raised an eyebrow and looked at Wen Haowen’s angry face.

She admitted that she had directed the whole scene between him and Ning Shuqian.

However, the one that caused Grandpa to be hospitalized and caused so much trouble was Wen Haowen.

The one that caused Ning Shuqian to experience a miscarriage and almost cost her her life, was also Wen Haowen.

The one who chose not to listen to advice and still decided to hold a press conference, causing things to escalate, was also Wen Haowen.

The one that ignored the words of the board of directors and shareholders and created a scene with Ning Shuqian, was also Wen Haowen,

Wen Haowen got angrier as he spoke, showing no remorse as he furiously shouted, “You were the one that ruined the name of the Wen Family. You were also the one who caused the Wen Corporation to experience great losses. You also caused me to lose my reputation because you wanted to have the entire company to yourself while your Grandpa was in the hospital. You are scheming and manipulative, you are a beast.”

Wen Haowen had never been so angry and verbally abusive.

During this time, the entertainment city project had been completed and the old man was in the hospital, which meant that the company was fully under his control. Although Ning Shuqian was in this mix of events, he still felt that this was the most exciting period of his life.

Just when he thought that all of this was in the bag permanently and he was about to enjoy the power and luxuries that money could bring, he lost to Wen Xinya.

“Is this the pot calling the kettle black? I’m the heir of the Wen Family. All of the assets of the Wen Family will be mine sooner or later, why would I have to cause so much trouble? From the start to the end, the one who truly coveted the Wen Company and the one that is truly selfish and greedy is you!”

Wen Xinya smiled coldly.

Wen Haowen’s ability to shift blame was truly amazing. Even till now, he still refused to admit his greed and was still trying to shift the blame to her.

Wen Haowen was extremely agitated and shouted, “Shut up, do you really think I would believe you just because you are saying it like that. You have fooled everyone, and you have all the shareholders and directors wrapped around your finger. You led them to believe that you saved the Wen Corporation in a time of crisis. You led them to believe that only you are able to take charge of the company. You are the selfish and self-serving one, without care and concern for the good of the shareholders and directors.”

At this time, Wen Haowen had lost all sense of rationality.

Now, he understood everything.

These few years, Wen Xinya did not participate in the operations of the company and did not interfere at all, but this was not because he had suppressed her.

Rather, it was because his daughter was clever and did not reveal her true intentions.

Actually, she had been planning all this time. She was only waiting for the right time to give him the fatal final blow, to completely defeat him and take over his role.

All this time, he had underestimated Wen Xinya.

Wen Xinya slowly stood up from her seat and stared at Wen Haowen. She said, “It’s up to you to think whatever you want. However, I must remind you. Your scandal with Ning Shuqian barely ended, you had better not try to put on another show about us father and daughter fighting over assets. Otherwise, it will really be the end of you.”

This was her final warning towards Wen Haowen.

Whether he listened to her or not was not within her consideration anymore. She simply could not control him and his actions.

She only hoped that he would not be so stupid and dig his own grave.

Wen Haowen responded with anger, “Wen Xinya you rascal, I will not let you off.”

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