Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1185 - Be On Tenterhooks

Chapter 1185: Be On Tenterhooks

Sun Yaozu felt even more agitated when he thought about this. He asked worriedly, “Are you still hiding anything from me?”

“Your brother and I wanted Ye Jian to get kicked out of her school before her university entrance examination starts. We want to make sure that she can’t take her university entrance examination.” Grandma Ye knew that her son-in-law was suspecting her so she sighed and explained, “Once Ye Jian becomes successful, Yaozu, our good life will come to an end.”

She didn’t forget to warn Sun Yaozu as she reminded him.

“Once you start, there’s no turning back. It has already happened so it will be difficult to suppress the issue. Now, we need to think of a way so that Third Master Hou will not blame us for this small matter. As for Ye Jian, we must let the school know that she has a sugar daddy!”

“We have already reached this step. We are so anxious so we can’t let her have her university entrance examination peacefully! I will go to the school and create a fuss. When that wicked girl gets kicked out of school, we will apologize to Third Master Hou together!”

Grandma Ye knew what Sun Yaozu was thinking. As she spoke, she observed him silently. When she noticed that his expression became more gloomy, a calculative look appeared in her eyes.

“We can’t hide this. Mom, I’m worried. However, you’re right. If Ye Jian becomes successful, the Ye family will be the first to take the hit.” Also, he might be the first to get targeted by her. Sun Yaozu squinted. He had his own thoughts too. He said, “We need to find out if she has any relationship with Third Master Hou. If she doesn’t… Nowadays, getting hit by a car isn’t considered big news anymore.”

Grandma Ye’s eyes lit up. That was why they said that the ones who could accomplish big things were normally men. Men had the resolution to accomplish big things! If you wanted to accomplish big things, you needed to be vicious.

Before she could feel happy, she heard Sun Yaozu saying, “As for Third Master Hou… I’m really worried. No one will dare to question him when he threatens them. Mom, we need to deal with Ye Jian but you need to be careful of Third Master Hou too.”

After listening for so long, Ye Zhixiang still didn’t know what Third Master Hou threatened to do. When she saw Grandma Ye’s expression, she couldn’t help but feel scared.

She walked over in confusion and asked in a trembling voice, “What threat did Third Master Hou make?”

Before she could get near, Grandma Ye glanced at her. She used her gaze to signal her to treat the wound on the back of Sun Yaozu’s head.

The person who was treating Sun Yaozu’s wound was his subordinate. Ye Zhixiang glanced at the wound and felt that it wasn’t a big deal. Hence, she didn’t listen to Grandma Ye. She sat down and said in a tense tone, “Mom, what did Third Master Hou say? Why are you so scared?”

“What did he say? I’m afraid that if I tell you, you will pee your pants,” Sun Yaozu replied to her angrily. Then, he said to Grandma Ye, “Mom, this isn’t just your business anymore. Third Master Hou will find me if he wants to find someone.”

He only scraped the skin on the back of his head so he would be fine after he cleaned it with iodine and sprayed some antiphlogistic and hemostatic powder. As his subordinate tidied up the medicine box, Sun Yaozu stood up and furrowed his brows furiously. He suppressed his anger and said, “I will go and ask around for more information. I will think of a way to solve this matter. Mom, talk to your daughter properly. If she continues like this, I won’t bear with her anymore!”

Ye Zhixiang’s expression changed entirely. Grandma Ye pressed her daughter’s hand down forcefully and replied, “Hurry up and go. I will talk to her.”