Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1384 - The Start of Glory

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Chapter 1384: The Start of Glory

“I cannot show mercy. Commander Liu and Commissar Yan said that they want to test if I’m qualified to be your boyfriend. Little Fox, I’m trying my best to prove to them that I am.”

Xia Jinyuan was no longer sleepy. He turned his body and looked at the girl he loved with a gentle gaze. When he saw that she was smiling because of what he said, he couldn’t help but smile too. “I can’t show mercy in yesterday’s competition. If I lose, Commander Liu and Commissar Yan will definitely call you. They will advise you to carefully consider becoming my wife or not.”

“Captain Xia, where did Brother Zi say he was waiting for us?” Ye Jian didn’t want to know the results. She only knew that if she continued, the thick-skinned Xia Jinyuan would say more things that would make her blush. She forcefully changed the topic, making Xia Jinyuan raise his eyebrows and laugh.

Ye Jian couldn’t help but blush when she heard his low laughter.

During the six-hour drive from Shuikou Village to Anyang City, the laughter in the car never stopped.

He accompanied her all the way. On the 31st, she reached school. The smile on Ye Jian’s face never ceased. With someone who was wholeheartedly good to her, someone who was willing to coax, pamper, and love her, no matter how cold Ye Jian’s heart was, it was slowly warmed up.

“I can report in on my own. You don’t have to accompany me.” When they reached the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was even more solemn than other universities, Ye Jian whispered to Xia Jinyuan, “You should go back and report in too. Don’t always get distracted because of me.”

Xia Jinyuan didn’t mind rushing back for one or two hours. He changed into his military uniform and pointed at the entrance. He smiled and said, “It’s the cadet military training period now. If you go in like this, the sentinels won’t let you in.”

At the mention of the sentinels, a young man in a military uniform walked over and saluted Xia Jinyuan. “Hello, teacher. How can I help you?”

“It’s alright. I’ll bring her to complete her registration.” Xia Jinyuan returned the student’s salute and asked, “Where is the registration place for the new students? Just tell me.”

After checking the relevant documents and confirming Ye Jian’s identity as a new student, the strict security of the Chinese Academy of Sciences allowed Ye Jian to enter the school.

One step, two steps. As she walked past the school gate with the national emblem on it, Ye Jian finally started her military school career.

This was a new page of her life. It would push Ye Jian into glory step by step!

“Congratulations, Little Fox. You’re one step closer to your goal.” Xia Jinyuan handed the training uniform to Ye Jian personally. He focused on the girl that set him as her goal. “I spent four years here. Now, you will be spending four years here too. Little Fox, see you in the military unit four years later.”

His little fox has finally grown into a pine tree that could withstand wind and snow. And he would wait for her return four years later!

“New student, Ye Jian, reporting!” The late new student, Ye Jian, finally arrived in front of the 45 new students and recruits. As a girl and one of the only three girls in the class, Ye Jian’s appearance was like a breeze in the scorching summer, blowing away the heat from the 42 boys.

The ones in charge of the military training were the seniors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was an old rule in this school. The new students were all trained by the outstanding seniors.

Although the students in charge of the military training were in their fourth year, Ye Jian could see the qualities that a military officer should have in them. They had cold expressions and sharp eyes. Ye Jian straightened her back and accepted the gazes.

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