Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1385 - Ready to Fight at Any Time!

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Chapter 1385: Ready to Fight at Any Time!

The military training for the cadets was an order issued by the general political department. Their enrollment day was a month earlier than the new students in other universities.

The new cadets must follow the rules stated in the notification letter and end their holiday one month earlier to complete their military training that was much harsher than other universities’.

The freshmen cannot be excused from the military training. This was because they could only wear their glorious military uniforms and become a member of the military school after going through brutal and strict military training.

From formation, internal affairs, disciplinary education, general knowledge of the military, basic tactics, use of light weapons to knowledge of services and arms, they have to go through all these during the freshmen military training period

To get all the freshmen to completely transform from local youths to qualified soldiers as soon as possible. They would get used to life in the military unit in advance. They would follow all the rules and regulations and obey orders unconditionally.

All the new students followed the rules strictly. Even if they were so tired that they could only crawl back to their dormitory the first day, they still gritted their teeth and persevered the next day.

Someone couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to drop out of school in a fit of anger. On the same day, he was called over by the political instructor for a talk. The next day, he was seen on the training ground again.

“Since you chose to enter the military school, you should know that this is not a place where you can come and go as you please! No one is special and no one can escape the orders from the government. No matter how good your results are, you will not be special here! Persistence is your only choice!”

No one was special. No one could escape the military training. Then… why didn’t this new student, Ye Jian, participate in the military training in advance?

Being stared at by her senior brothers and the other 45 students in the class, Ye Jian maintained her posture and accepted the gazes.

Only the school leaders knew that Ye Jian went to the skerry to complete her frogmen training. The senior-year student in charge of the military training didn’t have the right to know. Thus, when Ye Jian suddenly appeared, he was stunned for three seconds. In a breath’s time, he reacted and said in a low voice, “Fall in!”

He didn’t know what was going on but Ye Jian was able to complete her enrolment without participating in the military training. She was able to collect her uniform to participate in the last day of the military training assessment. It was evident that she had already submitted relevant files to the military district and the school and they agreed to waive her military training.

Since she had made it to the final physical fitness test, she would have to complete the test like all the new students.

The squad leader only took three seconds to realize the crux of the matter. He didn’t question Ye Jian and asked her to return to the team immediately.

“Eighth horizontal bar exercise, you pass if you complete the third exercise. Seventh parallel bars exercise, you pass if you complete the third exercise ” In the afternoon, there was a comprehensive physical test for the military training. It was also to test the results of training after a month. The instructor announced the subjects that needed to be tested in the afternoon. “1500 meters of lightweight, fully armed running, 800 meters of running, and sit-up test. ”

“All tests will be carried out according to the ‘Physical Test Scoring Standards’. Single-unit percentile scoring will be implemented.”

After the leader finished talking about the physical fitness test, a smile suddenly appeared on his serious face. “Junior Brothers and Sisters, I wish you all the best in passing the test and getting your own military uniform.”

His gaze gradually shifted to Ye Jian, who was standing in the first row. “New student Ye Jian, are you ready?”

“I am ready for the test at any time!” Ye Jian replied calmly. This was her journey. Why wasn’t she ready?

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