Reborn Girl’s New Life - Chapter 64 - Ruin Gu Changge’s reputation

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Chapter 64 Ruin Gu Changge’s reputation

When Shao Xue finishes dinner and wants to go back, it is already ten o’clock at night.

Shao Tianze has already made three calls.

The last call was made ten minutes ago. Shao Xue drinks some wine and she feels dizzy.

Shesteps outside supported by people. Xiao Hong does not drink too much. Seeing that Shao Xue is staggering, Xiao Hong pats her face: “Shao Xue, wake up.”

Shao Xue waves her hand: “I can drink more!”

Someone says: “Mrs. Xiao, Shao Xue is drunk.It is better to find someone to send her home. It’s too late now andnot safe for her to go back alone.”

When they are talking, there is a sound of car horn comes from the front.

Shao Xue notices the car and turns to look at it, only to find that the car is a bit familiar.

When she looks at it again, she sees a handsome man in a black long coat with gold-rimmed glasses getting out from the driver’s seat.

Then he frowns and rushes towards her.

Xiao Hong is a little shocked and immediately says: “Mr. Shao, why do you come here?”

“I called ShaoXue, but she has not been answering.”

While he is speaking to others, he reaches out to support Shao Xue who is going to stumble.

Xiao Hong smiles awkwardly: “I don’t know why, Shao Xue can’t stop drinking tonight from the beginning. We originallywant to celebrate her move to a new home. However, she has been drunkunexpectedly.”

Shao Tianze nods politely: “Thank you for taking care of her, I will send her home now. Be careful on your way home.”

Xiao Hong nods and watches Shao Tianze holding Shao Xue who is staggering get on the Mercedes-Benz car and then leave.

The female employees in the back are all green-eyed: “Why did we see so many golden bachelors tonight?”

“And they all have girlfriends.”

Xiao Hong listens to the discussion of these young people and sighs.


Shao Xue does drink a lot. She used to drink a little before, but this time she can’t help drinking a few more cups.

When Shao Tianze holds her out of the car, Shao Xue bends and starts to vomit, probably because of the jolt in the car which causes the motion sickness.

Shao Tianze frowns, and there is some coldness and helplessness on his handsome face.

After wiping her lips with tissue, he holds her to the house.

However, Shao Xue hasn’t calmed down yet. When she walks, she reaches out and shouts: “Come on! Let’s toast to invite the moon!

Sheis reaching out to the sky when she says that.

Shao Tianze is impatient and is going to pull her hand back. In the next second, Shao Xue cries: “Dad, Mom! I’d like to propose a toast to you! In the heaven, please bless me and my brother Tianze.”

Shao Tianze stops his hands for a little while. His eyes are gloomy: “Shao Xue, you are drunk. Be quiet. I will hold you upstairs.”

Hearing him talking and turning her head, she acts like she has just found him. She throws herself into his arms and cries like a childwho has been deserted: “Brother! Brother! Where have you been these years? Do you know that I have been looking for you for many years? Mom and Dad are dead! I am so scared… I am so scared!”

She cries heartbreakingly, and her voice almost penetrates the five-story building.

Hearing the sound, the servants at home come over to see what is happening.

Shao Tianze holds Shao Xue and gently pats her back: “Well, I am back.”

“Do you know? Do you know?” Shao Xue is patted by him, but she grabs the clothes on his chest. Her eyes are full of tears and she asks: “Brother, do you know? My parents are dead. They are dead, you know?”

Shao Tianze thinks that Shao Xue is drunk heavily.

Waving his hand, he lets the servants who come over go back first.

One of them refuses to go and asks him with concern: “Mr. Shao, Miss Shao Xue has begun to speak drunken talks. Please let me send her back to the room to rest.You go to see Miss Changle.”

Shao Tianze responds casually: “Shao Xue is drunk and you don’t know how to take care of her. I’ll take care of her on my own.”

The servant seeing that Shao Tianze is insistent, stops talking and goes out.

However, the servant doesn’t return to her room, but goes to Gu Changle’s room.

The servant says to her softly: “Mr. Shao insisted on taking care of Miss Shao Xue on his own, I…” Seeing her awkward appearance, Gu Changle frowns with a scary look and sweeps the hot milk to the ground.

The servant is shocked.

Gu Changle’s chest is undulating and her eyes are squinting. With a wicked look, she says: “Don’t be muzzy! Clean up the debris on the ground.”

Hearing her words, the servant stoops to pick up the pieces. But she accidentally breaks her fingers while tidying up and makes a low cry.

Gu Changle says coldly: “You are such a useless person.”

After saying that, she walks out with a sweater draping over her shoulders.

Shao Xue is heavily drunk. Supported by Shao Tianze, she refuses to go to bed after getting in the room. Instead, she grasps Shao Tianze’s sleeves tightly with her hands, and looks at Shao Tianze with eyes open. She asks him: “Brother. Brother, do you know how did my parents die?”

Shao Tianze sighs. There is no impatience, pity or mercy on his face.

ShaoXue glares at him, and he tries to appease her: “Lie down and have a rest. Your parents will rest in peace seeing that you live a good life.”

Shao Xue cries and shakes her head: “No, no. they won’t rest in peace. You don’t know. You haven’t seen it. When they died, their eyes were wide open. I helped them close but they didn’t want to.”

Shao Tianze stares fixedly at Shao Xue without saying a word. It seems that he wants to find something from Shao Xue’s eyes.

Being stared by him, Shao Xue’s eyes are filled with tears, and she stops speaking.

But the atmosphere becomes dangerous and serious.

Just like a leopard staring at a lamb, as long as it finds a loophole, it will tear the lamb into pieces.

When they are looking at each other, Shao Xue seems to have been fixed by Shao Tianze.

In the silence, ShaoXue’s phone suddenly rings.

Shao Tianze frowns and looks at the mobile phone of Shao Xue.

The light on the screen flashes. Shao Xue is shocked for a while and she looks at the phone.

But she just looks at it and seems to be anesthetized by alcohol. Even if the ring keeps ringing, she doesn’t want to answer it.

Shao Tianze picks up the phone, and soon there is a familiar female voice: “Shao Xue?”

Shao Tianze identifies the voice easily: “Shao Xue is drunk and has already rested. I am Shao Xue’s brother Shao Tianze.”

“Mr. Shao,” Song Yunxuan smiles slightly and apologizes, “I left a little early so I couldn’t take care of Shao Xue. Is she drunk?”

Shao Tianze looks at Shao Xue’s vacant eyes: “she is just a little dazed and is talking gibberish.”

Song Yunxuan asks him again: “Do you need me to visit her? She has been seeming unhappy recently.”

Shao Tianze declines: “No, Shao Xue has fallen asleep. After she wakes up, I will ask her to call you back.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Sorry to trouble you to take care of Shao Xue.”

Shao Tianze nods and wishes her good night before putting the phone on the bedside table.

Shao Xueis still shedding tears without saying a word. Shao Tianze looks at her and touches her hair, comforting her: “Don’t cry. Although your parents are dead, I will take good care of you.”

Shao Xue looks up at him with tears and can’t say a word.

Outside the door, there is a slight footstep.

The tears in Shao Xue’s eyes continue to flow down. Shao Tianze tries to wipe the tears on her face. However, Shao Xue suddenly plunges into his arms and hugs his waist.

This action comes too suddenly, so Shao Tianze is shocked a little.

Gu Changle is standing outside the room. Her eyelids convulse and her hands can’t help clenching.

When Shao Tianze goes back to rest, it is already 11 o’clock in the evening. He is stained with smell of wine from Shao Xue.

Gu Changle sniffs, looks up and smiles softly in his arms. “Fortunately, you are carrying the smell of wine. If you are carrying a woman’s perfume, I will be crazy.”

Shao Tianze looks at her thoughtfully: “You ruined Han Rujia’s face because of this?”

GuChangle frowns and straightens up from his arms: “Are you blaming me?”

Shao Tianze shakes his head: “No.”

Gu Changle softens and snuggles up to his arms: “I haven’t been with any man for more than ten years. I only want to be with you, do you know how I feel?”

“I don’t like Han Rujia at all, so you don’t need to worry.”

Gu Changle whispers: “Ruining Han Rujia’s face was not worthless. At the very least, it let Gu Changge defeat Venus.”

“But now we have been bitten back because of things at that time.”

Gu Changle’s eyes are beautiful but a bit vicious: “Tianze, think about it. Everyone thinks that Gu Changge is a good woman, a legend in the commercial world, a good helper of her husband and a good mother. She is a perfect person when she comes into the public notice. However, today Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia jointly testify against Gu’s. That will show the public that Gu Changge is actually a vicious woman with a good appearance.”

Shao Tianze gives a stare at GuChangle, who is smiling in his arms.

Gu Changle continues: “You can use this opportunity to expose the flipside of Gu Changge to everyone, so that the old shareholders of Gu’s will not use her to suppress you. Am I right?”

Shao Tianze grabs Gu Changge’s chin and forces her to look at him: “You want to ruin her reputation?”

Gu Changle says softly: “She is already dead. Once people are dead, there is nothing left. Reputation is useless to her.”

Shao Tianze loosens his fingers one by one, and Gu Changle hugs his waist: “Think carefully, Gu Changge has always been a selfish person. She has never thought about your feelings. Now you have taken over Gu’s. You can only get the position by completely overthrowing Gu Changge. You see, Yi Xiaoning and Han Rujia have showed up.It is a good opportunity to ruin the reputation of Gu Changge and let others see how venomous she is.”

Gu Changle says this and can’t help smiling. There is a lasting vicious light in her eyes.

Gu Changge was full of glory when she was alive. However, Gu Changle wants her to be notorious and despised by the public when she was dead!

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