Chapter 574: The Attack

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It was very clear who had initiated the attack.

According to the spy in the Kingdom of Glory from the Supreme Tribe, Eighteen Massacres had accepted the mission from the Dark Shrine to find a place for a group of Hell Dew and Undead—those would be aiding the attack.

Naturally, Eighteen Massacres aimed at the City of Light. He hated Lin Jie and believed in his skill. Also, he wanted revenge for the dungeon’s first clear.

After knowing what happened, Lin Jie smiled. “Eighteen Massacres, you are already dead!”

With his ability, Eighteen Massacres could wait for the opportunity to strike them. Unfortunately, he was too narrow-minded and sought quick success. He had always been trying to find trouble with the Brotherhood.

That was why he never succeeded.

In Lin Jie’s previous life, Eighteen Massacres had been more cunning and composed. But this Eighteen Massacres was nothing compared to him!

Lin Jie got up and said, “Okay, you guys can take a break now. I’ll handle it.”


“Yeah, you guys are tired. Don’t mind such a small thing.” Lin Jie said with confidence, “Get your rest. Too bad you can’t just let your character stay in the City of Light. If not, you might just pick up a few levels for free…”

Lin Jie started to smoke them with his trash talk. They rolled their eyes and went offline. They trusted Lin Jie and believed he could handle it well!

They were indeed tired of all the strategies they had been coming up with for the past few days. After all the trials and errors, their bodies needed the rest.

Lin Jie did not worry about the siege at all. Not only was the City of Light equipped with magic cannons on the wall after it was upgraded, but there were also many major guilds in the City of Light that were enough to thrash the Blood Sub-Shrine.


—World Announcement (Player Codename Lone Wolf): To all brothers of the City of Light, gather at the city gate! We will fight off these arrogant bastards!”

—World Announcement (Player Very Fat): Wow… Lone Wolf spent money on a world announcement? For that, Knight’s Glory will guard the South Gate with our life!

—World Announcement (Player Dark Earl): South Gate is a place good for defending and small battles. What a clever move there. Anyway, West Gate will be guarded by us, Vampire City. We welcome all the casual adventurers to join us! You own your own drops!

Soon, the formation was settled. Knight’s Glory would be guarding the South Gate with some other small guilds. There were five rolls of magic cannons set up on the wall, and there were backups from the Holy Church’s NPCs. It was indeed a hard place to be attacked. Vampire City led a group of average casual adventurers to guard the West Gate. The terrain was like an hourglass, as long as the key spots were guarded properly, it was not hard to defend it.

Steel Allies and Ironwall Empire guarded the North Gate! There were many nobles there, and thus the fighting power was relatively low. It was open terrain, so that it was very prone to attacks.

The East Gate was guarded by the Brotherhood, Supreme Tribe, and some egoistic and confident casual adventurers. This was Lin Jie’s strategy—he trusted that Eighteen Massacres would throw all the fighting force at himself if possible. Thus, the East Gate would be the front line of the battle!

East Gate of the City of Light.

Lin Jie rode on his Iron-Willed Blood Horse and stood in front of the formation. Thousands of players stood there on guard, waiting for the attack to come. However, the team lacked Hunters and Mages! These were the two strongest jobs in terms of big group battles, and yet they were not there.

Sakura Petal was a pretty married woman and the vice guild leader of the Supreme Tribe. She asked Lin Jie a question while playing with her elemental sword, “Leader Lone Wolf, our guild leader, told us to take instructions from you. I would not ask anything normally, but what are you planning by asking all the Hunters and Mages to go away?”

Lin Jie looked at the woman. She had just hit her 30s and looked extremely well-maintained. She looked even hotter than Netherblue in her armor. She was a typical mature woman. Her level was okay, and her equipment was not bad, either. She had a Level 45 Dark Gold [Elemental Guard Set], but that still did not explain why Baili Changcheng had made her the vice guild leader. Was he into this kind of woman?

He recalled how Baili Changcheng reacted when he had met Lin Jie’s sister, Bu Yi, and Qiu Yuan. He was not attracted to them at all. Lin Jie finally understood, his friend was into mature women!

Sakura Petal was not aware of all the thoughts Lin Jie was having about her. Seeing that he did not reply, she added, “It’s okay if you cannot tell me. You are in command now, many members of our Supreme Tribe are aiming to join the Brotherhood, I guess they have faith in your instruction too.”

“Okay,” answered Lin Jie. Of course, Lin Jie was not paying attention to whatever she was asking.


—’Attack from the Blood Sub-Shrine will soon arrive!’ (Note: There will be six waves of attack. In every wave, a Boss will appear. There is a chance to have 1 to 3 Rare Bosses.)

Lin Jie’s gaze turned cold. “They’re here!”

A huge wave of skeletons appeared on the horizon! They looked like they were ready to engulf the City of Light. With the prompt message: “The attack starts!”, they started charging at the City of Light!


[Elite Skeleton Warrior] (Elite): Level 55 Undead, Health Points: 89,000

The first wave was just a giveaway.

“Paladins, Warriors, charge in and clear them fast. Do not let them come within 50 yards of the City of Light! Bandits go pass the enemy and spy on their main deployment. Take note of any Boss-spawn.” Lin Jie gave off the instructions immediately.

It was just some Level 55 Elite Undead, and he did not even have to use the Brotherhood’s members. Supreme Tribe mainly defended it.

Lin Jie did not move at all. After giving off the command, he just stood still and watched. In order to win a battle, what mattered most was not the fighters, but the commanders. Without the knowledge of Crescent Silver-Feathered Eagle and Crescent Warhorse, Eighteen Massacres would get a nice surprise!


“Bull Power!”


All the Paladins rushed in and fought with the skeletons bravely. Holy Magma was everywhere, blocking the path of the skeletons. Warriors fought enemies hands-on with the Priests healing them from the Magic Watchtower.

Here is the description of some buildings:

Magic Watchtower: Scouting, front line building. Max capacity: 20. Scouting effect increases by 500, healing and buff casting rage increase by 500%.

Archer Tower: Front line attack building. Max capacity: 40. Hunters’ range increase by 100% with additional parabolic effect. When the arrows are shot from Archer Tower, it will deal an additional 10-30% damage depending on the angle of parabolic motion. The tower deals penetrating damage to the enemy within 100 yards. Basic damage 100*number of towers.

Magic Blasting Tower: Strategic front line building. Max capacity:40. When Mages cast a spell in the tower, it will store the energy and blast Ice Rain and Arcane Blast with increased power after it is charged fully.

Other than these, there were Guardian Ballista and Magical Ballista! These were the buildings that caused a siege to be extremely hard. Lin Jie had found an easy way out. If not, it would have taken a huge amount of money and resources to attack the city.

The first wave of monsters did not even reach the range of Archer Tower and Magic Blasting Tower. They were wiped out by the melee fighters! All of them turned into EXP, and there were many equipment drops, gold coins too. It boosted the morale of the army!


—”Congratulation to player Dark Earl for killing [Skeleton Executioner]! He received 5 Dark Gems!”

Everyone was jealous! Who would know that the Boss would drop Dark Gems? After Fallen Abyss was open, Dark Gem was a high-class item normally sold at 300 gold coins. There were only less than 300 such gems in the market after the Fourth Main Plot Dungeon was released. Thus, it was extremely rare! Not to mention, he had gotten five!

“Wow! Dark Gems! Five of them are worth thousands of gold coins! So lucky!”

“I want to kill a Boss too!”

“One gem, and it is enough for me to live comfortably for a month! Let’s go!”

With such alluring profit, everyone looked at the monsters as their cash cows!

However, Lin Jie was confused. He knew it was not so simple. Eighteen Massacres would not just give these goods for free!

After the first wave of monsters was dead, the system prompt message appeared again.

—’System announcement: Void Summoner•Cunning Fox is coming with Phantom Lich!’

“Void Summoner•Cunning Fox!” Lin Jie did not expect that the leader of this wave was a player from that land!

To be more exact, he was not a player anymore. He was truly a Boss, one with intelligence. It was not difficult to imagine that he would help the Dark Shrine to earn a place in it! He might be able to achieve his goal if he made his way to the top in Dark Shrine.

“I was just thinking about how to find you. What a coincidence!” Lin Jie stood up and said, “You choose death over life. I’ll grant you that wish first! Then, it will be Eighteen Massacres!”