Reborn: Super God of War

Chapter 575 - Angry Cunning Fox

Chapter 575: Angry Cunning Fox

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The second wave’s leader was one of the six Bosses the game’s official website mentioned before, Void Summoner•Cunning Fox!

Falcon was killed earlier by Lin Jie, and thus they stayed low for some time.

After Lin Jie sabotaged their plan to teleport, there had been a system maintenance that provided players their names so that they could be hunted. However, they hid well, and even Lin Jie could not get any information on them. It turned out that they had joined the Dark Shrine.

The six of them had been under the impression that they could teleport to The New Age and thrash everyone else there with their skills. They had planned to take control of the Heritage weapon, Broken Blade, and made all the major guilds work for them. They would then get all the treasures in the game and escape. But Lin Jie had not given them a chance. He had messed with their plan, and they were now treated as Bosses by the system.

They had tried to join the NPC force, but the NPCs were too stubborn to let these mysterious guys join! In the end, they could only go to the Dark Shrine. That was the time when Baili Xuanyuan and Eighteen Massacres put in all their effort in it!

The six of them found out their plan and negotiated with their higher-ups. They agreed to help Eighteen Massacres, but secretly, they were carrying out their own mission and trying to climb the social ladder in the Dark Shrine. Although it sounded difficult, it was not impossible.

Now, it was one of the missions: Attack the City of Light with troops from the Blood Sub-Shrine.

Cunning Fox rode on a Felsteed and stood in the middle of his army. He looked at all the monsters around him and sighed. “What a bad day to attack. Damn this Eighteen Massacres. All my plans are screwed! Who would have known he is just a retard too hasty to succeed!”

The monsters got the order to attack and started moving towards the City of Light.

“Anyway, the mission comes first.” Cunning Fox stopped complaining. Suddenly, he turned stern and looked like a cold-blooded assassin!

He opened his hands, and glimmering light came out of them—it was thousands of fine lines! These lines circled around his hand and connected to the Liches.

“Nine Great Techniques! Puppeting! Enjoy the dance of Cunning Fox…”

At the East Gate.

The formation was ready. Warriors and Paladins stood at the front, Shamans and Bandits stood at the back. Spellcasters, Ice Mages, Druids, and Dark Priests were staggered in between. On the city wall, Watch Tower, Magic Tower, and Archer Tower, everything was ready for the battle.

Lin Jie stood in front together with a group of Berserkers. They looked at Lin Jie with excitement and curiosity.

Lin Jie felt very awkward by all the staring, so he decided to focus on the battle instead. This wave consisted of Liches and magical monsters. They had low health points but extremely high Magic Damage. They could fly 4 yards above the ground and had a 15% chance to dodge an attack.

The sky gradually got dark, and there were at least 10,000 Liches on the way!

“Paladins, use Holy Defend and go against them!” yelled Lin Jie.

All the Paladins followed the command and used the skill that increased their Dark Resistance. Paladins were best suited for such an opponent. They were tanks and could heal themselves. Their high resistance also gave them a damage reduction of more than 50%.

Liches did not have much Intelligence and just spammed the skills they got. It landed on many different targets, and the Paladins could easily handle that with their healing.

“Not good! The Liches have extra skills!”

“Damn, the skeletons revived!”

Suddenly, the situation changed! When the Liches’ health points fell below 50, they used a Death Summon! The first wave of skeletons revived and started to attack the players again!

Lin Jie was about to launch his attack when he felt something amiss. He looked around and realized more than 10 Liches had aimed and fired a dark magic ball at him! Lin Jie quickly used a Forward Charge and dodged the attack. The blast gave Lin Jie a chill on the back.

Lin Jie would be a goner if all the dark magic balls hit him despite having very high health points!

“Who’s there? Show yourself! Keen Sight!” A red beam appeared in Lin Jie’s eyes.

“I’m here.” A calmed voice spoke. A boy with thousands of white threads on his hand appeared from thin air. His hands were fair and bony— even a girl would not have such a skinny hand.

Void Summoner•Cunning Fox!

Cunning Fox smiled and said, “Leader Lone Wolf, I’ve heard a lot about you. Maybe… just let me go this time?”

“Nope,” replied Lin Jie.

“Ah, what a pity. Nevermind then. Guess I’ll need to take your life,” said Cunning Fox.

The moment he finished his sentence, Cunning Fox raised his hands, and another dozen of Liches leaped out and aimed a dark magic ball at Lin Jie.


The battle began!

“Nukitsuke!” Lin Jie quickly spotted Cunning Fox’s weakness. He used thin threads to control his puppets. It required very skillful control, which normal people could not achieve. But when mastered, Cunning Fox could control the Liches without even giving out commands.


The Blade Aura flew towards Cunning Fox, and the threads tangled on Cunning Fox’s fingers were cut off! All his puppets fell down like a kite losing its wind. That was the weakness of Marionest. As long as the threads were broken, he could not control his puppets anymore!


In a blink of an eye, Lin Jie’s Broken Blade was against Cunning Fox’s throat.

Cunning Fox was shocked but said smilingly, “You are good, indeed. Timing, control, and judgment are very on point!”

“Thanks,” replied Lin Jie. “You are Void Summoner•Cunning Fox? If you want to live, answer my question. Your land—”

“Can I refuse to answer?”

Hearing the weak response, Lin Jie scoffed and said, “No! Don’t forget, you are just a Player Boss. Your HP is not even 20k. I can instakill you anytime I want!”

“Oh? Really?” Cunning Fox smirked.


—Battle prompt message: ‘Cunning Fox used the skill [Summon Void Deceiver].’

Cunning Fox shape-shifted into a pool of shadow and appeared in human form again with four faces! This was Cunning Fox’s escape skill. It was much better than Shadowers’ [Shadow Clone]. At the same time, 20 Void Deceivers appeared and changed into Cunning Fox! Lin Jie could not tell which one was the real one!

Void Deceiver Stat: Middle-Grade Void Creature

Hp: 100

Mana 100.

All Stats 10.

Movement Speed is very low. Attack Speed is normal. Deceive (skill).

[Deceive]: Change into an allied unit with 20% of the target’s stats. Void Deceiver acts like the main ally, with all their skills and attacks.

Cunning Fox was hiding amongst them, but there was no way to tell them apart. They could all use Puppeting too! In an instant, hundreds of Liches jumped at Lin Jie! This was the benefit of the Void Deceiver. The Marionest could be weak, but all he needed was the Liches to be strong!

“Darn it!” Lin Jie was taken by surprise. He did not expect for Cunning Fox to be hiding such a powerful skill. Everyone from that land was a real piece of work!

The situation was very dangerous for Lin Jie now!

Lin Jie scanned around. Although it was very hard, it was not impossible for him to get out of the situation. He even had multiple plans in mind. However, he did not want to expose his full power. It was only the second wave!

‘Should I just use Devour and force Cunning Fox out?’ Lin Jie thought to himself.

At that moment, dark mist filled the air. The mist surrounded a radius of 60 yards like night, and even the sunlight was blocked.

—Battle prompt message: You are under the effect of [Phantom Mist]. Your Accuracy decreases by 80%. It will be counted every second. If you miss your attack, Accuracy regains 10%.

“This…” Lin Jie was shocked. Who could have set this Phantom Mist? It was the advanced version of Dark Fog, and only Dark Priests could use it. Judging from the area it covered, it must be Level 5 and above! A shadow walked out from the darkness and stopped in front of Lin Jie.

She took off her hood and smiled. “Hey, long time no see.”