Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 378 - Relying On a Woman To Decide

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Chapter 378: Relying On a Woman To Decide

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Pei Li was a little dumbfounded. He had never thought that the blood in the bowl would fuse together? It seemed that this drop of blood was really unreliable. However, this old granny had such a high status in the Ouyang family. Moreover, when she took the child’s blood from Shen Xiaoxiao’s stomach, she was so skilled and did not harm the child at all. No matter how Pei Li looked at it, he felt that it was very strange. Could it be that his father and Ouyang Le had done something to her?

Pei Li deliberately looked at Ouyang Jinming’s expression. The surprise on his face was almost the same as Huo Wanting’s. Could it be that it was not his father?

He then looked at Ouyang Le. Her expression was also not right. What was going on?

How could the child in Shen Xiaoxiao’s belly be his?

It was absolutely impossible.

Could it be that this Shen Xiaoxiao was fake? However, her attachment to him and the way she looked at him were so obvious. This was clearly love.

Moreover, when she touched the gun with her own hands. He saw the Gu worm enter her body with his own eyes. This could not be faked. The man in black had said that to undo this Gu worm, he needed some Black Ganoderma mushroom. However, this so-called Black Ganoderma mushroom had disappeared for decades. It was completely extinct. Therefore, this Gu worm was almost incurable. Then, what was going on with the child in Shen Xiaoxiao’s stomach?

“I didn’t expect that the child in Liu Yufei’s stomach was Pei Li’s. Her luck is really good!”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s words were a little sour. She did not expect that the child in Liu Yufei’s stomach was Pei Li’s. She had thought that it was Bureau Chief Liu’s child.

“Don’t you think that it’s a good thing that she’s pregnant with Pei Li’s child? Just wait and see. There will be a good show in the future.”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Yan Kuan’s confident expression and did not say anything. She turned her head to look at the courtyard once again.

Huo Wanting was so shocked that she could not speak. Everyone in the large house looked at Huo Wanting with an extremely ugly expression, not knowing what to do.

Huo Wanting was like an arrow at the end of its flight. She didn’t know what else she could do. Thinking about how she had suffered all her life for the Ouyang family, but in the end, she ended up doing it for others. How could she not vomit? How could she swallow this?

Wait, her whole life?

She didn’t lose, she hadn’t lost yet!

“She’s your lover?”

Pei Li’s expression changed. Lover? There was an explicit rule in the Ouyang family. After the establishment of the state of China, the state policy of the state of China was strictly enforced. The men of the Ouyang family were absolutely not allowed to have illegitimate children before the age of 30. Once they violated this rule, they would immediately be expelled from the Ouyang family.

Pei Li almost forgot about this piece of news. However, now that Huo Wanting had asked this question, she must have guessed that Shen Xiaoxiao couldn’t be his wife. It was obvious that she wouldn’t let him go.

“Has Aunt forgotten what she said just now? If this is my child, Aunt doesn’t need to pester her anymore. Does Aunt want to go back on her words in front of everyone?”

Huo Wanting was not afraid of Pei Li. In her eyes, Pei Li was just a young clown.

“Even if I admit your identity, if your morals are at a disadvantage. According to the rules, the position of the head of the family is probably not suitable for you!”

Pei Li frowned and thought for a while before saying, “She’s not my lover, she’s my fiancée.”

Pei Li didn’t know that Ouyang Le and Ouyang Jinguo’s faces were extremely ugly when he said that. No matter how much Ouyang Le liked Pei Li, no one could accept the fact that her position was going to be swapped with that of a concubine. Furthermore, she had even lectured this concubine last night.

In fact, she was very clear that her identity couldn’t possibly be together with Pei Li openly. However, Pei Li had promised her that he wouldn’t take a wife and would only let the two of them accompany him. Why did he change his mind so quickly?

Although it was to deal with Huo Wanting’s difficulties, it was too sudden and too cruel for Ouyang Le.

Liu Yufei was confused because she realized that she had fallen asleep last night. Why was there another memory in her mind that made her feel extremely unfamiliar? She prayed for blessings and protective amulets? Anyway, she always felt that this was not something she would do.

Now that she saw her own flesh and blood actually merge with Pei Li, she could not tell how she felt. What was going on? This child was obviously not his. How could it suddenly become Pei Li’s? Although Pei Li had said that he would treat her child as if he was his own, now that things had turned out this way, she still felt that she did not know what to do.

“Fiancée? Hahaha, Ah Li, you probably don’t know that you haven’t grown up in the Ouyang family since you were young. As the family head, the wife that you are going to marry must have a special trait. I believe that the few Great Elders should be clear about this, right?”

As soon as Huo Wanting’s words fell, the people below started to whisper among themselves. Some people who didn’t know were even curious as to what traits the head of the family must have. Some people who knew looked at Shen Xiaoxiao and Pei Li with pity in their eyes.

All the elders looked at Pei Li with pity in their eyes as well. In the end, one of the elders said, “Ah Li, as the head of the family, you must have a tattoo of a Suoyin flower. If this is your fiancée, then she must have a Suoyin flower. However, if she isn’t your fiancée, then she will definitely be at a disadvantage. Ah Li, you have lost this round…”

Pei Li did not expect Huo Wanting to be waiting for him here. So that was what she meant. So Huo Wanting had dug a hole for him to jump into. However, his woman knew very well that Shen Xiaoxiao did not have a Suoyin flower. She had a different kind of flower. In order to please him, Ouyang Le had even tattooed some flowers on it a few days ago. However, no matter how she tattooed it, that was not a Suoyin flower.

Pei Li had planned everything, but he had only forgotten about the existence of the Suoyin flower. He did not know why the family head had to have the Suoyin flower. However, he could vaguely guess that after enjoying the Suoyin flower, his body was indeed strong. It had been a long time since he fell ill.

Now, what was he going to do? Could it be that everything he was about to obtain was about to fly away?

“The old man had already made preparations. As for our eldest daughter-in-law, not only me, but also my second daughter-in-law, they are all people with the tattoo of the Suoyin flower. In other words, the old man had already made preparations. We are the chosen heirs.”

Ouyang Lie stood at the side, clenching his fists tightly. Second daughter-in-law? What Second daughter-in-law? It should have been his, it should have been his, but it was actually given to the second son. D*mn it, d*mn it!

But now was definitely not the time for internal strife. Mother’s words were also to fight for the last chance for the big house. He absolutely could not cause trouble at this time.

Ouyang Lie’s expression was not worried. Ouyang Rui’s expression was extremely good. Huo Wanting had said this in public, which meant that he, Ouyang Rui, was the best candidate to inherit the position of the family head in the future.

No one expected that the position of the family head of the Ouyang family would be decided by a woman. Just when everyone thought that the big house was sure to win, Nanny Dong, who had yet to open her mouth, suddenly interrupted:

“On her body, there are traces of the Suoyin flower.”

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