Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 528 - 24th Street, Western District

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Chapter 528: 24th Street, Western District

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Shen Xiaoxiao’s attack on Eastern Europe shocked both the black and white factions. No one expected that a woman had really taken down the financial wolf of Eastern Europe.

For a time, those who were ready to make a move were all waiting to see if the Dark Empire that had taken down Eastern Europe would make a move again. If they could also take down Street 24, then the new leader of the Dark Empire really could not be underestimated.

The difference between Western District 24th Street and Eastern Europe was that one was expanding its territory in a low-key manner, while the other was plundering in a high-key manner.

Western District 24th Street had a lot of people and a wide territory, but their boss had never taken the initiative to provoke the Dark Empire. It had always been peaceful, but when Yan Kuan was in trouble, the first to make a move was the most obedient 24th Street of the Western District, which everyone thought was the most obedient.

Unlike the ostentatious movements of Eastern Europe, the 24th Street of the Western District had always been a small affair, but such a fly was even more annoying, wasn’t it?

Shen Xiaoxiao had originally thought that sending someone as ruthless as Reger would be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort, but she had not expected that Reger would actually be captured alive, and it was even by a Korean man.

What was the meaning of this? Someone had taken a liking to Western District 24th Street before them? And who was this Korean who had suddenly appeared? Their Dark Empire actually did not manage to find out his background?

“Who is that Korean?”

Shen Xiaoxiao asked Dark 1 who was behind her.

Dark 1 frowned and shook his head as he said, “Indeed, we did not manage to find out his identity. However, our people came back and said that that person seemed to have lost three fingers on his left hand. He was wearing finger gloves.”

“Missing fingers? Are you sure?”

“He was only wearing finger gloves. We can’t be sure that he’s disabled. Moreover, his marksmanship is very good. He can shoot without missing a shot. He’s even more amazing when he reaches out his hand. Therefore, we speculate that this person is not similar and has lost a finger. Perhaps he’s hiding something.”

Shen Xiaoxiao stood there thoughtfully. If he was disabled, she could guess whether he was related to the person in black. If he wasn’t, then who was this Korean?

“Don’t act rashly for the time being. I want to see what they want to do after swallowing 24th Street.”

“By the way, Madam, there’s a woman beside that Korean man. That woman looks very similar to the Lin Keren we saw before.”

“What? Very similar? Isn’t it her? It could be makeup. Did you see it clearly?”

“Yes, we saw it clearly. It’s really just a resemblance, because that woman has six fingers and is also Korean. As for her name, is it Han Jia?”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart was in a mess at that moment. She could not make sense of it at all. What was going on? Was the sudden appearance of this similar woman related to that Lin Keren?

That Lin Keren was the person in black’s right-hand man. Then what about this Han Jia? Who was it?

“Don’t make a move first.”

Dark 1 knew that this was the only thing he could do now. After reporting the news, he left respectfully. After a while, Shen Xiaoxiao slowly turned around and walked out of the room. She didn’t know why, but she had a feeling that maybe that Korean had some relationship with Yan Kuan.

Shen Xiaoxiao had a guess in her heart. She couldn’t wait to go over and see the Korean with her own eyes.

This place was not far from the 24th Street of the Western District, and it was only a two-hour drive. Shen Xiaoxiao had never been so eager to see Yan Kuan as she was now.

She thought that she hated him. No, not really hate him, but the kind that was very resentful. After all, Yan Kuan had wanted to kill her personally back then, and this kind of ruthlessness had never stopped in the past three years… Every moment filled her mind without leaving.

However, Yan Kuan was a man. His overbearing and deep love would never allow you to ignore him. He even used his own way to show his love. She didn’t know how to describe her feelings at this moment. She only knew that Yan Kuan was an extremely special existence to her. She couldn’t let go, forget, or leave him.

“Miss, are you going out?”

“I’ll be back after daybreak.”

19 looked at the person who was about to leave. Without thinking, he walked forward and took the key from her hand. He said to her, “I’ll drive you there.”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at 19. After a long while, she smiled faintly. He understood her.

“Let’s go. While the children are asleep.”

Dark 1 watched the two of them leave. He touched the communicator on his wrist and seemed to be deep in thought. Should he tell Madam something or not? Perhaps he should wait until they came back.

The two-hour journey was neither long nor short. Because they were afraid of being discovered, they did not openly use their private plane.

Polenken County was the location of 24th Street in the Western District. It was known as the Nightless County in the entire Western District of M Country. It was also the most chaotic place. It was filled with violence and sin.

“I’ve been here before.”

“Huh? You’ve been here before?”

19 did not expect Shen Xiaoxiao to suddenly say this when she arrived here. 19 had long forgotten Shen Xiaoxiao’s past. Naturally, he did not remember that she had been a boxer since she was young. Of course, Shen Xiaoxiao still revealed some things to him.

“When you were young?”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the unfamiliar place on the street that could not be erased from her memory. This was not the place where she had been when she was a boxer. This was the place where she had stayed for a month when she was a prostitute.

However, this experience would not be known by anyone in this life, including Yan Kuan. She would never tell her secret to anyone.

“No, I came here by chance later.”

“Oh, where are we going now? I’ve asked around and found out that their lair is behind the bar at the corner of the street.”


Shen Xiaoxiao’s expression was a little messy when she heard the word bar. She remembered that there was a small boxing arena behind the bar, and those prostitutes were the targets of the auction. Of course, there were also people who gambled, dabbled in drugs, dabbled in p*rnography… There were all kinds of people in there.

“Yes, the bar. When Western District’s 24th Street was there, it wasn’t very clean.”

After saying that, 19 looked at Shen Xiaoxiao. The meaning was obvious. It wasn’t very clean. Miss was so smart, so she should understand what he meant.

Shen Xiaoxiao was still wearing her black outfit tonight. The only difference was that the killing intent had weakened a lot. After all, the purpose of coming here tonight wasn’t to kill people.

“I’ve stayed in even the dirtiest places, let alone here. You, on the other hand, better disguise yourself. You’re so handsome. I’m afraid that you’ll be targeted. They don’t mind both men and women don’t mind here.”

Hearing Shen Xiaoxiao’s words, 19 lowered his head to look at his black t-shirt and casual pants. Wasn’t this enough?

“Don’t look at the clothes. The key is your face and figure. Forget about your figure. You can’t change that. But your face… Come here, I’ll help you do it.”

Shen Xiaoxiao took out the makeup bag that she had brought with her in the car and started to fiddle with 19’s face. After more than ten minutes, she finally finished packing. 19 looked at himself in the mirror. It was no wonder that Da Bao liked to disguise herself.. It was genetic.

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