Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 864 - Hide, Wake Up

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Chapter 864 Hide, Wake Up

Ah Cai’s family was the farthest one in the entire village. He was near the foot of the mountain, and there was no land around him other than gravel. Therefore, he was considered the worst family in the village.

This was also the reason why Nang Kohua did not want to marry Ah Cai.

However, Ah Cai was very skilled in martial arts. He hunted the most when he went up the mountain to hunt. Actually, food and clothing were not a problem at all. It was just that Nang Kohua did not know about it. She always thought that if she married Ah Cai, she would definitely suffer, and she would not have enough to eat, so she did not want to marry


Although Ah Cai lived in a remote place, he was very loyal and honest. Ah Gen’s family, who also lived far away, had a very good relationship with him.

The two families were not well-liked by the people in the village, so they were naturally very close.

Ah Cai was almost 20 this year. He originally thought that the wedding would be held before spring plowing. He did not expect Nang Kohua to do such a thing. She was proud to be the chief’s wife and concubine, and was not willing to marry him. He was naturally extremely disappointed in his heart. What he could not accept the most was Nang Kohua’s actions in order to marry the chief.

It was really extremely chilling. She actually sold out her benefactor, Ah Gen’s family. If it was not for the two ‘evil children’ who used spirit medicine to save Nang Kokang, Nang Kokang would have already died.

That kid, Nang Kokang, was also a coward. Ah Tawa was so good to him, but he actually did not care about Ah Tawa’s accident. Although their family usually had a very good relationship with Ah Gen, in front of the chief and Ah Gen… the balance beam naturally leaned towards the chief.


Fortunately, the marriage hadn’t been decided yet, or Ah Tawa would have become a laughingstock in the village.

Because he was very close to Ah Gen, and their relationship was very good, Ah Cai knew where Ah Gen’s family’s cellar was. Because this cellar was dug out by him and Ah Gen in case of emergency.

They were far away from the village, so they were naturally less affected by the village. In particular, Ah Gen’s resentment towards the chief and elders, Ah Cai also felt that their leader was not as good as everyone thought. The wild beasts in the mountains would not share their wives and concubines with others, let alone humans.

Therefore, Ah Cai, who had lost his parents since he was young, had very little affection towards the villagers who had not helped him much in this village. Ah Gen, who had taken care of him since he was young, was better than them.

Ah Cai looked at the entrance blocked by the firewood. He slowly turned around and pretended to be searching carefully.

The leader glanced at Ah Cai, who was still quite obedient. He knew that Ah Cai and Ah Gen had a very good relationship. He was afraid that Ah Cai would not pay attention and that Ah Cai would be punished.

After a while, everyone gathered in the kitchen. There were only a few rooms and a small courtyard in the back room of Ah Gen’s house, so it was impossible to hide anyone. The so-called hidden compartment was also found by one of them on the surface, but there was nothing in it except for some food.

“Nothing? No hidden compartment?”

“No. It seems that the two evil children only took food and ran away.”

The leader looked at the kitchen again. Although he didn’t look here, he had been looking at Ah Cai. Ah Cai had looked very carefully. He had even looked at the stove, but there was no secret compartment.

For a moment, the leader didn’t know what to do.

Ah Cai rolled his eyes. His brain was flexible. He often hunted in the mountains. If his brain was not flexible, he would have been eaten by some wild beasts many times. He said to the leader:

“I think that evil children must have run to the back of the mountain. Isn’t this place very close to the back of the mountain? We know that the back of the mountain is a forbidden area, but the evil children don’t know. I’m worried that evil children might have entered

we’ll be in trouble. Do you want to discuss with the clan leader?”

The leader was also in a difficult position at this moment. It was indeed the case. The entire village was about to be turned over. Every household had been checked, but they really could not find any traces. He was also worried that evil children had really barged into the forbidden area of the back of the mountain. If that was really the case, then things would really be bad. If they angered the prophets and gods, then their days wouldn’t be easy.

“I’ll go look for the clan leader. The rest of you continue to search at the periphery of the back of the mountain. Some of their people are searching along the river. Our mountain roads and waterways have been blocked by them. Let’s see where they can run to.”

The leader looked at everyone. After assigning the tasks, he took the lead and walked out of Ah Gen’s house.

Ah Cai did not dare to look back. He was afraid that his actions would arouse suspicion. After everyone left Ah Gen’s house, Da Bao and Little Treasure heaved a sigh of relief.

They heard it very clearly. These people thought that they had run to the back of the mountain. Fortunately, they were smart enough to know that the most dangerous place was the safest place. Moreover, this place had already been searched, there would definitely be no more people coming over. At this moment, the two children were truly relieved.

“They won’t come again, right?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then how long do we have to hide?”

“When Uncle Gen and Sister Tawa come back, we will be able to leave.”

“Then when will they come back? Those people just said that they will deal with them tomorrow. Are they going to be punished?”

Da Bao’s worried words made Little Treasure feel uncomfortable. Whenever he saw someone being punished because of him, he would feel uncomfortable.

However, Little Treasure thought about it carefully and asked Da Bao, “Open the medicine box and see if there are any anti-inflammatory and fever medicine inside. I heard that those people are going to whip them. If there are wounds, they will easily get infected. Let’s prepare the medicine so that they won’t get hurt.”

“But didn’t you that we can’t use these medicines?”

“Silly, it’s true that we can’t give them to others, but Uncle Gen and the others saved us in the first place. We must not repay kindness with enmity.”

“Alright, Little Treasure, I’ll listen to you. Do as you say.”

After the two children finished discussing, they sat steadily on the bed. They did not dare to go out, so they could only wait until nighttime to go out and exercise. Tomorrow, Uncle Gen and the others would come back. They would definitely be fine.

Yan Kuan was not at all bewitched by the smoke. Even Shen Xiaoxiao held her breath at the first moment. There was not much smoke and dust inhaled.

However, the way they were taken away made Yan Kuan feel even more strange. He had heard clearly just now that Shen Guoan had personally told everyone how to deal with them, “Bring the Young Miss back to her room and lock her up.”

However, after hearing that he and Shen Xiaoxiao’s hands were tied tightly together with iron chains, Shen Guoan spoke in an extremely furious manner and asked them to be locked up in the back mountain prison cell and be separated from the other secret guards.

It should be true that Shen Guoan wanted to treat Shen Xiaoxiao well. However, he strongly objected to them being together and even wanted to take the life of one of his children.

What exactly was Shen Guoan planning?

After waking Shen Xiaoxiao up, Yan Kuan fished out a bottle of medicine from his pocket and handed it to Shen Xiaoxiao, asking her to quickly take it. This was something that he had specially asked Old Man Yao to prepare before coming. It was something that he carried with him.

Those people took away their backpacks and eight trigram wheel, but no one searched their pants, clothes, and bags. Naturally, they did not take away the medicine and the blue gemstone ball that they had found earlier.

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