Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me-Chapter 867 - The Curse of the Evil Children

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Chapter 867 The Curse of the Evil Children

“Little Treasure, I’m hungry. Can I eat that bug?”

Little Treasure looked at Da Bao’s eyes, which were red from crying. She looked very pitiful, but he looked at the bowl of fried bugs the table. He knew that this girl was greedy. In the afternoon, she had said that she wouldn’t eat, but after eating one, both of them felt that it was simply too good and delicious. They had never eaten such a delicious bug before. The thought that it was disgusting was thrown to the back of their minds.

In order to appease Da Bao, Little Treasure brought the bowl over. “You can only eat a little, or else you’ll be hungry tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll only eat a little.”

In the pitch-dark night, other than lighting a dim kerosene lamp, there was no light at all. The two children held a bowl and stuffed the bugs their mouths. This action made people’s scalps go numb, their whole bodies trembled.

When Yan Kuan and Shen Xiaoxiao found the kitchen, they had just peeled off the pile of materials when there was a sound from outside. Someone was there.

The two looked at each other and immediately jumped out from behind the kitchen and climbed onto the backyard wall.

Because they had avoided their sight, they could not see anything in the kitchen. However, when they heard someone rummaging for something, the sound only lasted for a moment before it disappeared. However, they were even more certain that there was a hidden compartment in the kitchen.

Just as the two of them were about to walk over, flames suddenly shot out in all directions from the west. Almost in an instant, everyone’s line of sight was shifted there. Immediately after, they heard the loud sounds of gongs and drums.

Someone shouted, “Heavenly thunder is coming, heavenly thunder is coming.”

“Come, let’s go and take a look. What heavenly thunder?”

Just as they were about to leave, a person crawled out from the kitchen. As he crawled, he muttered, “This food is really well hidden. If I didn’t know about it, I wouldn’t have been able to steal it.”

The two of them looked at each other and saw disappointment in each other’s eyes. It seemed that it was not a hidden compartment for people, but for food. Since they already knew that there was no one, the two of them ran towards the west.

As soon as they left, Ah Cai looked at the backyard in a daze. He could not help but wipe off his cold sweat and said, “That was close.”

This had to go back to the incident two minutes ago.

Ah Cai took a basket to the kitchen. It was filled with food. He had already predicted that the two children would hide in this hidden compartment, so he ran here in the night.

However, he had personally searched this firewood pile in the morning. He had even deliberately placed a thick piece of wood in the middle. As long as someone touched this firewood pile, he would be the first to know.

Ah Cai was used to making traps in the forest, so he was very familiar with it when he was doing this.

However, when Shen Xiaoxiao and the others were looking for the hidden compartment, they did not pay attention to this small detail. Of course, no one would pay attention to a single piece of firewood. As soon as Ah Cai saw that the thing had moved, he immediately became alert.

However, he was thinking that it might be someone else in the village, so he decided to play along. Otherwise, he would not be able to explain why he came to Ah Gen’s house in the middle of the night. He might as well pretend that he was here to steal food.

He moved the firewood away, opened the secret compartment, and walked in.

Da Bao and Little Treasure were very alert. As soon as they heard the movement from above, they immediately pointed their gun the hole.

Ah Cai was not stupid. As soon as he jumped down and saw the two children pointing their things at him, he left and handed the food in his hands to them:

“I am your Uncle Gen’s friend, Ah Cai. I know you are hiding here and bringing food to you. Don’t run out. The whole village is looking for you. There are still people guarding outside. I will go out to investigate later. I will bring you to my house. It is no longer safe here. Just now, I found that someone touched the firewood.”

“Is it Ah Gen?”

Da Bao and Little Treasure had heard from Ah Gen that Ah Cai lived by the river just like them. He was a very nice person, and was also liked by the people in the village.

The two children looked at each other and relaxed. Moreover, he did bring food over, and he was alone. He did not look like he was trying to harm them.

At this moment, there was a commotion outside. Ah Cai wanted to say a few more words, but he immediately stopped and said in a panic, “Heavenly thunder has struck. Oh no, I have to put out the fire. You guys stay here obediently. I will definitely come back to pick you up before dawn. Don’t go out.”

Ah Cai hurriedly climbed out of the compartment. As he climbed, he said the words that Shen Xiaoxiao and the others had just heard.

Ah Cai’s vigilance was too high. Even two of the world’s leaders had been fooled.

The whole village was superstitious and regarded their children as evil children. One of them, Ah Gen, was an exception. He didn’t think there were so many exceptions.

Therefore, the truth that they were about to find out passed them by.

Ah Cai took out some grain from the vat and walked out just in case.

Heavenly thunder was coming, which meant that there was a fire.

The fire was very big, and it burned the stone platform at the center of the entire village. One had to know that there was nothing on the stone platform except for a tall flag, but there was nothing at all. There was actually a raging fire on the stone platform.

At first, it was still a fiery red flame, but then it turned into the glow of purple. Not only was the fire not extinguished, it even made the fire bigger and bigger.

All the villagers knelt on the ground in fear and prayed when they saw the blue flame. They were inexplicably afraid.

The chief and the elders kept praying for their god to give them divine dew.

Fortunately, the fire on the stone platform was not messy. Other than the stone platform, no one else was burned. The elder, Bai Zha, spoke to the chief:”It’s the curse of the evil children. It’s the punishment of god. This has never happened before. It must be the disaster brought by the evil children.”

“Yes, the evil children brought this disaster upon us.”

When the crowd heard the elder’s words, they were starting to get angry. At this moment, everyone wished they could capture the evil children to console the gods.

“It’s the evil children who brought the god’s punishment upon my thuosand-year-old village. Therefore, we must find them and sacrifice them to the gods.”

“These lunatics actually said that my Little Treasure and Da Bao are the evil children. This is clearly the fire caused by the gasoline and phosphorous. What a bunch of ignorant people.”

“Don’t be angry. We have to find the children as soon as possible before they do. Now that these people are all here, we’ll immediately go look around Ah Gen’s house. Since you heard the sound, it must be around there and somewhere near the river. We have to look for them.”

“Mm, okay. Finding the children is more important. Once we find them, we’ll deal with these people. But I think that these things are most likely Shen Guoan’s doing, fooling these ignorant villagers. It seems that he really can’t wait any longer and won’t even let the two children go.”

“Hmph, we still don’t know who won’t let them go. Wait for your hubby to deal with them properly.”

The two of them took a look at the good show here and slowly turned around to leave. The person who quietly left with them was Ah Cai…