Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me-Chapter 967 - Telepathy

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Chapter 967: Telepathy

“Little Treasure, Little Treasure…”

“What’s wrong with you?”

Shen Xiaoxiao woke up from her dream with sweat all over her head. Yan Kuan was shocked and immediately stood up to ask Shen Xiaoxiao what was wrong.

“I dreamed that Little Treasure was crying. He has never cried so loudly before.”

Even though Shen Xiaoxiao woke up from her dream, she still had lingering fear in her heart. It was too real. She had never had such a dream before.

When Yan Kuan heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief. He had been with the two children for so long, but he had never seen Little Treasure cry out loud. At most, his eyes were red. That child was just as strong as he was.

“Be good. The dreams are reversed. This means that the two of them are definitely fine now. Besides, don’t you know about our son? He never cries out loud. Even if he cries, it’s because he’s hiding and dropping golden beans. He won’t let the two of us see it.”

Hearing what Yan Kuan said, Shen Xiaoxiao knew that he was telling the truth. Little Treasure was really that kind of child. He was extremely strong, unlike Da Bao, who would cry out when she was unhappy. However, the more he was like that… When she dreamed of him crying, Shen Xiaoxiao could not take it anymore. She felt that this dream might be real.

Why was Little Treasure crying? What happened? Where was Da Bao? Why didn’t she dream of Da Bao?

“Is it morning?”

“Yes, it’s about a little past 6 now.”

“Then let’s pack up and leave quickly. I want to find the children as soon as possible.”

Yan Kuan saw Shen Xiaoxiao like this and nodded. He immediately got up and started to pack up…


“I was scared to death. I was scared to death. Fortunately, we didn’t take anything smart away. Even the fire hasn’t been extinguished yet.”

Da Bao patted her chest and sat beside the fire. She started to take off her coat. The coat had only been cleaned in the afternoon. It looked like she needed to wipe it again. Fortunately, there was no blood on her hair. She didn’t need to take another bath.

“Da Bao, how could you be fine just now?”

This was something that Little Treasure had never figured out. How could Da Bao be fine? He had clearly seen how vicious the wolf’s kick was. How could Da Bao be fine?

When Da Bao heard Little Treasure’s question, she immediately said,”Who says I’m fine? Look at my leg. It hurts. That d*mned big wolf actually kicked my leg. But I’m not bad either. Whichever leg it used to kick me, I would stab it with a knife. When its four legs couldn’t move anymore, I would scratch its stomach. Fortunately, I was smart enough to use this shirt to cover my hair. Otherwise, my hair would get dirty again. Mommy said not to wash my hair at night. But Little Treasure, your hair has to be washed. It’s so dirty and disgusting.”

“Ah? It’s that simple? It kicks, and you stab it? It has four legs.”

“Of course I know, but Uncle usually tests our reflexes like this when he trains us. I’m used to it.”

Little Treasure thought about the usual training and it seemed like it was indeed like this. They had even beaten the wooden figure that could move before, and its arms and legs could move. In the beginning, they were beaten until they were in great pain, but later on, they felt better.

“Yeah, why did I forget about this? Da Bao, from tomorrow onwards, we will continue to practice according to what our previous Uncles and Daddy taught us. These things are very useful.”

“Yes, we can fight without the wooden figure, right?”

“Yes, yes. We will temporarily stay by the river. We will only go out when we are stronger.”

“But where are we going to stay? It’s so cold here at night.”

After Da Bao said that, she shrunk her neck and moved closer to the fire. Little Treasure knew that there weren’t any big caves by the river. It wouldn’t be easy to stay here. He thought about it and didn’t expect it. However, the stench on his body was too smelly. He decided to wash up first before discussing it with Da Bao.

“I’ll go wash up first. After washing up, we’ll discuss it again.”

However, after Little Treasure finished washing up, Da Bao had already fallen asleep next to the big rock next to her. Little Treasure looked around. He wouldn’t leave Da Bao alone to inspect the surroundings. The two of them had been here since… Even when they went to the toilet, they would hold their noses and wait by the side. The two of them absolutely couldn’t be separated.

After thinking for a while, Little Treasure moved the bonfire toward Da Bao. He also moved to Da Bao’s side. Da Bao was quite good at choosing a place. There was a big rock that was a little higher behind them to help them block it. This way… the two of them were basically surrounded by the bonfire in a small compartment. They would definitely not be woken up by the cold tonight. As long as it did not rain, they would be fine.

Perhaps it was because they had experienced two battles today and had been scared a few times during that time, the two children calmed down and quickly entered their dreams. In their dreams, it was as if they were sleeping on their big Simmons bed. It was soft and warm.

They had a good night’s sleep.

The sounds of birds chirping and flowers beside their ears were fascinating. The two children woke up one after another, but the first thing they did was to quickly add wood to the fire. They could not let the fire go out. Although there was a lighter… They had to prevent the lighter from running out of gas.

“Little Treasure, when did you sleep yesterday? I don’t even know. Eh, you even wiped your clothes clean?”

“Yes, you slept like a pig. Of course you don’t know. Let’s hurry up and wash up. Today, our main task is to find a place to live. We can’t always sleep in the open air, right? What if it rains?”

“Yeah, you’re right. But didn’t you say that we should settle down by the lake?”

“Yeah, but we still have to look for it. We can’t just stay here and not go anywhere.”

“Oh, okay. What do we eat in the morning? We didn’t even bring our stone nest with us. There’s also our rabbit skin. We made such a big piece. Although it stinks, it’s still very comfortable to use it as a mattress.”

“Those are all in the cave. After we settle down, we’ll quietly go back and see if any animals have appeared.”

“That’s right. What if someone wants to take revenge again? Let’s go and take a look. But Little Treasure, why didn’t the big wolf yesterday have crystals? The smaller wolf at noon had crystals. How could such a big wolf not have crystals?”

This was also the reason why Little Treasure was curious. Previously, he had thought that all the wolves had one.

“I think it must be the same as in the game. Only after reaching the level can one have crystals. Otherwise, why didn’t we see crystals after killing so many rabbits and pheasants? I guess these wild beasts can only have crystals after leveling up.”

Little Treasure thought about the game he had played with his father previously. It was really similar to this crystal, so he told Da Bao about it.

But when he said that, he realized that playing the game was a secret between him and his father. Da Bao didn’t know about it.

Sure enough, Da Bao caught the main point and immediately asked Little Treasure,”What game? Why don’t I know about it? Oh, I know you’re playing Warcraft behind Mommy’s back. I want to tell Mommy.”

“No, I’m not playing Warcraft behind Mommy’s back. Daddy taught me how to play it.”

“Ah? Daddy taught you? Why didn’t Daddy teach me? Daddy is biased.”

Da Bao was unhappy. How could he not teach her? Daddy actually had a secret with Little Treasure.

Yan Kuan, who was walking in the distance, sneezed a few times on the way. Shen Xiaoxiao thought that he had caught a cold and forced him to take the cold medicine before she was relieved.