Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 968 - Stalactite Milk  

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Chapter 968: Stalactite Milk

“Alright, Da Bao, this is a secret between men. You’re not a man. You can also have secrets with Mommy. I won’t be jealous.”


“Da Bao, look, that’s the apple tree.”

Diverting attention was always the best way for Little Treasure to deal with Da Bao. He had seen this apple tree yesterday, but he didn’t say anything. He just wanted to give Da Bao a surprise.

As expected, Da Bao’s attention was diverted. When she saw the apple tree, she cried out in surprise:

“Ah —— my favorite apples.”

Seeing that Da Bao had indeed run to the side of the fruit tree, Little Treasure secretly let out a sigh of relief.

Something in the lake looked speechlessly at the two brats by the shore. Why was his wife so simple and gullible? That human kid was indeed not a good bird. He actually bullied his baby like this… As expected, he was a guy who couldn’t grow a big bird.

This wild apple tree was not far from the lake. It was because the big white dragon was by the lake. No wild beasts came here. Other than some small birds that were not aggressive… There was not even a wild rabbit.

Therefore, this apple tree was full of fruits at the moment. However, this tree was also very tall. Of course, this was for the two children who were not even five years old.

But since Da Bao wanted to eat wild fruit, Little Treasure had to help her achieve it.

Climbing the tree was not too easy for the two children, but in order to avoid trouble, Little Treasure still climbed the tree, and Da Bao took it from below.

When Little Treasure climbed up the tree, he was surprised to find a bird’s nest. He directly took two bird eggs, took a few apples, and climbed down the tree. Later, he fried the bird eggs to eat.

Although the breakfast was not rich, it was nutritious. The bird eggs, the apples, and the children’s small stomach were not bad.

If they were a little bigger, then the food would not be enough.

“After we’re full, we’ll go find a place to live. We still need to prepare some things.”

The two of them held hands and searched the surroundings. The lake was huge, but no other wild beasts had entered. Therefore, it was quiet. However, it was also because of this that there were almost no caves here… The only depression was behind a large rock at the foot of the mountain. If one were to describe it as a cave, then it would not be called a cave. It could only be called a depression.

However, the two children were too small after all. This place could easily accommodate the two of them. Moreover, they could even put down some spare items. If it rained, they could even start a fire at the entrance of the cave… However, if it were two adults, this environment would definitely not work.

The large rock at the entrance could still block the wind, but this cave was an excellent living environment. It was dry, and the ground was filled with sand and stone. The texture was exquisite, and it did not make people uncomfortable.

When the time came, it would be a very good living environment to spread the rabbit skin that they had sewn inside.

“Little Treasure, there’s a leak here.”

Da Bao lay in the cave to inspect their new living space. Little Treasure stood outside the cave to see if the big rock was solid. When he heard Da Bao say that, he was curious.

There was such a big mountain above the cave. How could there be a leak?

Da Bao was talking nonsense again.

When Da Bao saw that Little Treasure ignored her, she was not angry. She looked at the small crack in the stone wall. There was really a water stain inside.

Da Bao curiously stuck her finger in and touched something. It was wet. She reached out and saw that there was a milky-white, milk-like water droplet on the tip of her finger, but it did not look like a water droplet. Although it felt similar, it was more like jelly.

Da Bao did not know what she was thinking. For some reason, she put it into her mouth. Just as it touched her lips, the white paste slid into her mouth. It was ice-cold and sweet. It slid into her stomach in an instant. Da Bao’s whole body shook, and then her body felt warm and comfortable.

Da Bao looked at her fingers, which had nothing left, and reached into the crack. Sure enough, there was another drop in her hand.

Da Bao shouted at Little Treasure happily:

“Little Treasure, come here, come here.”

Little Treasure had confirmed that the rock was solid. Hearing Da Bao shout again, he could only walk into the cave.

“What’s wrong?”

“Open your mouth.”

According to Da Bao’s usual practice, when she asked Little Treasure to open his mouth, it was usually for food. Little Treasure had already formed a conditioned reflex and opened his mouth as soon as she asked him to open it.

It was cold and sweet. Before he could spit it out, he felt something being swallowed into his stomach.

“Da Bao, what did you give me to eat?”

Little Treasure felt a strange heat in his body and looked at Da Bao in puzzlement.

Da Bao smiled mysteriously and said to Little Treasure,”Look, use your hand to touch the crack.”

Little Treasure looked at Da Bao in confusion, but he still obediently reached out to touch the crack. However, no matter how much he touched it, he didn’t touch anything. What exactly did Da Bao want him to touch?

“What? There’s nothing.”

Little Treasure retracted his finger and placed it in front of Da Bao’s eyes. Da Bao was very confused and looked at the crack, but it was too dark inside and he couldn’t see anything. She didn’t give up and reached out to touch it, but she really couldn’t find anything.

Da Bao said in a strange manner, “How could it be? There was a water drop just now. It was white, like jelly. I ate one drop, and I gave you one drop. Didn’t you eat anything sweet just now?”

“Yes, it was sweet, and my body was warm.”

“See, I found it through this crack. But what is that? My stomach is so warm now. I’m so full.”

“Yeah, I feel very warm too. Could it be stalactite milk? It’s easy to find stalactite milk in these caves. If it’s stalactite milk, it’s not a bad thing. It’s similar to mountain spring water. There’s no harm in eating it.”

“I think it’s probably the same. It’s the same as the plot in the Adventures of the Earth’s Core.”

Little Treasure thought about it and still didn’t strike a blow to Da Bao. How could this place be the Adventures of the Earth’s Core? This place was much scarier than the Adventures of the Earth’s Core. This place was clearly Jurassic Park.

Alright, two children, you’ve both gone off-topic.

However, when it came to the food they ate just now, it was indeed stalactite milk. However, it wasn’t an ordinary stalactite milk. Instead, it was this stalactite milk that was at least a thousand years old and close to a lake. The two children’s luck couldn’t be described as heaven-defying. It was simply too good to be true.

“Little Treasure, I want to poop.”

“I want to, too. Let’s go.”

Although the two children’s stomachs were warm, they also wanted to poop. The two of them had never been separated before, so they walked out one after the other. They found a place that was quite far from the cave, dug two pits, and began to solve the problem.


“Is this monkey stupid? It keeps following us. We can’t shake it off.”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked sullenly at the golden monkey that had been following them all this while. It wasn’t big, but its movements were extremely agile. It didn’t have any ill intentions toward them, which made Shen Xiaoxiao want to attack it, she couldn’t bear it. Sometimes, this monkey would even look at them with its big innocent eyes. Shen Xiaoxiao had no idea why there was such a strange monkey in the forest.

“It’s not stupid. It’s smart. It wants us to take it to the second zone of the forest.”


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