Refining the Mountains and Rivers - Chapter 634B – Raising a God

Chapter 634B – Raising a God

In the palace square, at the fountain –

Looking around, numerous walking corpses flooded one’s line of sight. They stared ‘eagerly’ at the fountain. The mist that should have come out by now didn’t appear at all.

This caused the corpses to become anxious. Their howls constantly reverberated through the square, making the entire area seem like a volcano that would erupt at any moment.

At this time, a cultivator appeared at the edge of the square. He obviously carried some treasure that concealed his aura. Without making a sound, he was no different from a shadow.

Hearing the noise of howling corpses coming from the square, the cultivator stiffened before panic rose in his eyes.

He finally understood why the number of walking corpses had drastically reduced – it was because they had all gathered here. Just what was happening?

After some hesitation, the cultivator dispelled any thought of entering the square. His mission was to search for someone. He shouldn’t take unnecessary risks, otherwise if an incident occurred, just thinking about the consequences of that left his scalp tingling.

As this person turned to leave, loud roars suddenly came from the square. These roars were different from before – they were filled with fear.

The cultivator’s complexion changed. He took out a crystal ball and crushed it without hesitation!

Hum –

His entire body was like an image being wiped away, quickly disappearing.

Soon, a figure ran out from the square. Completely by coincidence, this was the direction he departed towards.

Qin Yu hurried over. Originally, he didn’t sense anything. But, his appearance was beyond someone’s expectations, causing that person’s aura to fluctuate.

Pausing his step, Qin Yu lifted his hand and grasped forward. The fog violently collapsed and a cultivator screamed out loud before appearing.

Qin Yu’s icy eyes swept around, “Three United Trade Association!”

Things were just as he expected. These people definitely wouldn’t give up on what they lost.

But, he didn’t think that the Three United Trade Association would chase him all the way here.

Qin Yu never imagined that he would become the ‘delicious cake’ that was suddenly high in demand!

His thoughts raced. He pulled the cultivator over and growled, “Speak. How many people came from the Three United Trade Association?”

The Three United Trade Association cultivator had a ferocious expression, “You want to find out information from me? Dream on!”

“Is that so?” Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly shined. He stared straight into the man’s eyes, a potent will piercing straight into his mind, “Tell me everything you know!”

The Three United Trade Association cultivator’s eyes glazed over. He dully said, “There are a total of 64 people. They are all experts from the trade association. Our mission is to find you and bring you back.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “Find me? Not to kill me?”

The cultivator said, “They don’t want to kill you, because the trade association wants to know how you managed to survive in the Sea of Bewildering Fog.”

Qin Yu blinked before realizing what was happening. “No wonder they invested so much…” His eyes flashed. He looked at the square behind him as a thought suddenly came to mind.

After rapidly calculating things and ensuring that nothing was wrong, Qin Yu’s lips curved up in a cold smile. He said, “Now tell them all that you have already found me and have everyone from the Three United Trade Association gather in this square.”

The cultivator said, “Alright.”

He took out a jade card and placed it between his eyebrows. Then, he poured in his divine sense.

In that instant, a message was sent out.

He put down the jade card and said, “I have informed them.”

Qin Yu nodded, “Very good. Come with me.”

He turned and walked back into the square. The cultivator from the Three United Trade Association followed behind. Soon, the two of them reached the fountain.

“You stay here and wait for them to come!”

Qin Yu opened the passage to the mirror world and stepped inside.

Within the towering divine palace, all cultivators from the Three United Trade association lit up with joy as they received the message. If they had a choice they simply didn’t hope to linger here any longer. Although the trade association gave them treasures that concealed their auras, these treasures didn’t ensure their safety with absolute certainty.

In these last several days, seven trade association experts had vanished without a trace. It was unknown what they had experienced. but their fates could be imagined.

Now, this suffering could come to an end. Once they caught this person they could leave the Sea of Bewildering Fog and also obtain rewards from the trade association.

Shua –

Shua –

The cultivators from the Three United Trade Association began to head towards the signal point from the message.

Within the thick fog, the white-bandaged Mantuo slowly made her way forward. Her eyes, the only thing revealed of her body, were filled with hate and loathing. Although the trade association wanted a living person, she still had methods that could take back some interest from this person first.

Just you wait. I will make you understand that sometimes, living in this world is the greatest pain the world!

Whoosh –

Mantuo picked up her pace.

The place she had been searching was far away from the square. By the time she arrived, half a day had passed.

Outside the square, almost all of the cultivators from the Three United Trade Association had arrived. They all turned to see her quickly approaching them.

Mantuo furrowed her eyebrows, “Where is he?”

A cultivator said, “The signaling location is here. We have already probed the area. Wei Xin is in the square but we don’t know what the situation is so we don’t dare to casually enter.”

Mantuo nodded, “It’s good to be careful. With so many of us here, as long as we find him then he won’t be able to escape even if he has wings!”

She turned and coldly shouted, “Now follow me inside! Remember, no matter what happens, we cannot allow him to escape!”


The group of cultivators hurtled into the square.

“Mm?” Mantuo’s complexion changed when she saw Wei Xin standing beside the fountain. She glanced around and coldly asked, “Where is he?”

Wei Xin looked up, startled. The blank expression on his face rapidly disappeared. He looked at Mantuo and the others in front of him, horror and panic rising in his eyes.

“Hurry and flee, this is a trap!”

Within the mirror world, Qin Yu lightly said, “It’s too late.” The jade box in his hand was already open as he intentionally sent out the aura of the green liquid through the fountain.

The fog around the square fiercely tumbled and deep roars came from all around. The complexions of the experts from the Three United Trade Association quickly paled.

After being excited by the sudden loss and reappearance of the ‘god water’, the walking corpses fell into a berserk state. When they saw the gathered cultivators from the Three United Trade Association, slaughter was inevitable.

Yes, this was slaughter!

Even if the people gathered here were tyrannical elites from the Three United Trade Association, when compared to the walking corpses they were still far too weak.

Screams of despair and pain filled the air, accompanied by sounds of tearing flesh and cracking bones. The sounds were so disturbing that they filled one’s soul with fear.

The center of the square had become an asura hell. After the walking corpses couldn’t find the ‘god water’, they chose to fill their mouths with bright red flesh and blood instead.

As if they wanted to swallow the life of these people to continue existing.

Within the mirror world, Qin Yu’s expression was light. Even though he was the one who had hand-guided this brutal scene into existence, he didn’t feel anything at all.

The world of cultivators was a dog-eat-dog world to begin with. If one didn’t have vicious methods and a cold heart, they would only harm themselves.

Although the cultivators from the Three United Trade Association didn’t come here to kill him, once he fell into their hands he feared that he would face a life worse than death.

If you wished to kill others, then others could kill you too!

Mantuo screeched out, “Come out! Come out for me!” The white bandages wrapped around her body had long since been ripped apart by the walking corpses. Her horrid appearance was revealed, one that made her look like a dire ghost from hell.

She was well aware that everything occurring around her was a killing plan devised by that damned man.

Taking advantage of the strength of these walking corpses, he was going to send them all to the yellow springs!

One of the most aggrieved things in this world was to be confident in your own revenge but actually becoming a chess piece in the palm of others, even not seeing their face a single time.

This was what Mantuo was feeling right now. The hate and madness in her heart even suppressed her fear of death.

She lifted a hand and thrust forward. Black light erupted and black flower petals appeared, swallowing up the walking corpses around her. The flower petals wriggled and tightened. Loud cracking sounds came from within. Then, Mantuo’s incomparably ugly face filled with a red blush and the aura she emitted became stronger!

“Hahahaha! You want to kill me? It’s not that easy! I will definitely find you and kill you!” Three cultivators from the Three United Trade Association approached her in hopes of being protected by her, but what greeted them was being heartlessly eaten by the black flower petals.

“Die! You should all die!” Mantuo’s eyes were filled with blood. She never once noticed faint traces of fog fusing into her body, adding a trace of gray into her blood red eyes.

The wildly attacking corpses gave up on trying to kill her. Mantuo screamed as she raced around the square. No matter who blocked her way, whether it was walking corpses or Three United Trade Association cultivators, they were directly swallowed up.

“Where are you!? Come out!”

She had already gone insane…or to be more accurate, she had already died…what controlled her body was a singular obsession that hadn’t faded.

Her hate towards Qin Yu crushed all else, causing her to gain her current appearance. More and more black flower petals wildly swallowed everything around her, causing her aura to grow stronger and stronger.

At the same time, the fog that drifted into her body did so faster and faster.

The black flower was named Devil’s Snare. It was rumored to be an evil flower that bloomed in hell. It swallowed the flesh and blood of living beings to become stronger.

What Mantuo summoned was a projection of the Devil’s Snare. By swallowing surrounding life, she could gain a formidable strength for a brief period of time.

But this method was a taboo not allowed by the rules. In a normal state she could only use it once, otherwise she would encounter a backlash that would inevitably destroy her.

But in this place, within this towering divine palace, with the thick fog flowing into her body, Mantuo who was on the border of life and death actually broke the imprisonment of the rules.

Currently, she had an eerie and almost infinite swallowing ability. Whenever she swallowed a cultivator or walking corpse she would be strengthened by a corresponding amount.

The blood red color in her eyes grew increasingly thick. The dark gray color also deepened at the same time, as if gray pupils were appearing in her blood red eyes.