Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1350 - 1350: Left Behind

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Long Chen and Gu Chen entered the Training Tower. 

Gu Chen placed a badge on the wall. "A room for seven hours."

A number started shining on the door. 

"Room number three if available, it seems," he muttered. He pushed the door open and stepped inside the tower. 

On the group floor, there were the rooms and a staircase that was going upstairs. Each of the rooms has a number from over to ten. 

Gu Chen walked to the room which had the number three. He pushed the door open, which appeared to be unlocked. 

He stepped inside the room with Long Chen. 

"No one handles this place?" Long Chen asked. 

"Didn't that guy tell you about this? Heavenly Warriors don't handle anything. All the businesses here are run by prisoners in exchange for points."

"I heard that. What I meant is that there is no prisoner here either. Who will take the points?" Long Chen asked. 

"Well, you don't need to worry about that. The points were already deducted from my badge at the entrance when I placed my badge on the door. It was only after that when the door was unlocked," Gu Chen answered. 

"Without that, the door won't even open. Moreover, this room would also remain locked without that. Moreover, after seven hours, an alarm will start ringing since our time will be up. If we don't leave within ten minutes, more than double the credits will be deducted every minute that we spend here," he added. 

"So everything's automated," Long Chen muttered. "Will seven hours be enough?"

"Hah, even seven lifetimes won't be enough to learn what I'm about to tell you if you're not talented, let alone seven hours. On the contrary, if you're a Heavenly Genius who has an affinity with Buddha, you might comprehend his gaze in an hour," Gu Chen replied, smiling. 

"So don't waste the time and sit down."

The room was called the practice room, but it was completely empty. It was no different than an ordinary room which was making Long Chen wonder why people preferred to train here by paying points. 

"Is there something special about this place? Why do people pay to train here?" he asked, sitting before the man. 

"Of course, this room is special. This room was made by Lord Genso. He made this place keeping comprehension in mind. That's why he left some of his own comprehension behind in the core of this tower for the lucky person. Unfortunately, I think it's impossible to get that."

"But leaving that aside, even being in close proximity to his comprehension is good for people who are trying to comprehend new skills," Gu Chen explained.

"His Comprehension? What do you mean? Who is Lord Genso?" Long Chen asked, frowning.

"He is a legend in this place," Gu Chen explained, smiling. "Not only here, but he was also a great legend outside. He was the best Artificer who used to make treasures for the Emperor."

"The Emperor sent him here to create this tower?"

"Not really. Actually, he once made a mistake and destroyed the precious treasure of the Emperor, which he was given to repair. Since it was a treasure that belonged to the Heavenly Emperor's wife who was dead, it was a remnant for him to remember her by."

"When it was destroyed, he became engaged and declared the Punishment for Lord Genso to be sent here to be trapped forever;." 

"Trapped just for that? Heavenly Emperor sounds harsh."

"Hah, you think?" Gu Chen chuckled. "Anyway, when Lord Genso came here, he realized that this place was really bad. It was nothing like it is now. It didn't have any of the infrastructure. All it had were the cells."

"Prisoners were allowed to leave the cells in the day, but they could only roam in the huge area inside the barrier before going back at night. They couldn't do anything like now. There were no businesses; there were no towers; there was no Inner Prison either."

"You mean it was like a real prison before?"

"I guess you can say that. This place was like a real prison with none of its charms," Gu Chen nodded. "And that's why he decided to change it."

"At night, he was inside the cell. But when he was out during the day, he was working. He was planning, designing, and improving the sect."

"He made the training arena where people could train by fighting each other. He's also the person who used the Spatial Formation inside because of which the space inside is so big."

"Next, he created the library and asked the Prisoners to write the skills they wanted to share with the future generations and leave there."

"The library is filled with books written by Prisoners?" Long Chen asked, surprised. He had thought it was my Heavenly Warriors?

"That's right. The first Generation of prisoners wrote them. They are long dead by now, but those prisoners were really knowledgeable. Anyway, as the library was made, it was filled with books about baby skills and regarding many topics."

"It is said that Lord Genso also left some books regarding his Art of Artificer and his other skills there, but I'm not sure. I can't check higher floors since I'm an Outer Prisoner. If anyone can have access to that, it must be the Inner Prisoners."

"Lord Genso also created this Training Tower where people could come to comprehend their skills. Moreover, as I already said, he also left his own Comprehension under this tower. I've come here many times, but I don't think there's a way to get that."

"Maybe that's just a rumor, who knows. By the way, Lord Genso is also the one who made the Inner Prisoner system."

"He set the Inner Prisoner system and set certain rewards for them so the other Prisoners could have a better life if they worked hard. It was also to motivate the Outer Prisoners so they could have something to work hard for."

"Life was boring before, and prisoners had almost given up even trying to progress, but this system worked miracles. People learned, trained, and fought so they could be promoted. The Annual Competition was set for a small number of promotions."

"The Dark Tower was also made by him to test the skills of people to see if they were worthy of going to the higher tower. All in all, Lord Genso was a visionary. You can say he is the father of this Modern Heavenly Prison."

"Where is he now? Did he die here?" Long Chen asked, wondering if the man had perished. 

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