Scholar’s Advanced Technological System - Chapter 1339 - Simply Amazing!

Chapter 1339: Simply Amazing!

After being poked by a finger from his colleague on his back, the researcher named Sun Yueda immediately nodded.

“No problem! Please, follow me.”

He immediately walked to the front and stood in front of the laboratory door.

Lu Zhou didn’t follow him immediately. Instead, he glanced at Brother Qian and spoke with a smile.

“Want to go together?”

Qian Zhongming smiled and spoke.

“If Academician Lu wants to show off his skills, wouldn’t it be a pity if I missed the show?”

Lu Zhou said with a dry cough, “You don’t have to kiss my a*s.”

“How is this a*s kissing?” Qian Zhongming shook his head seriously and said, “One of the founders of computational materials science, the first scholar to win the Nobel Prize in this field… These are not my titles.”

The group followed the researcher named Sun Yueda from the laboratory to the office upstairs.

Professor Wang Qingping stood at the door. He looked at the messy office and awkwardly explained to Lu Zhou beside him, “Um… We are a little messy when we work, so the office space gets a little untidy. If you told us you were coming, we would have cleaned up in advance.”

“It’s fine. I stay at home for days at a time, and my study room is much messier than this. Scientific research is not a performance show. You don’t need to be constrained to any rules. Do as you see best.”

Seeing how Lu Zhou didn’t seem to care, Professor Wang Qingping finally began to realize that he was overthinking about Academician Lu.

He remembered what Deputy Director Qian said before, and he couldn’t help but gradually feel ashamed. He shut his mouth and stopped talking.

Lu Zhou followed researcher Sun Yueda and walked straight to the computer.

“Your mathematical model is in the computer… This is the experimental procedure I designed.”

“Open it.”

“Ok… Oh, yeah, do you want to look at the mathematical model or the experimental procedure?”

“I mean turn on the computer. I’ll open whichever one I need.”

Sun Yueda smiled awkwardly and immediately pressed the power-on button. He then offered the seat.

Lu Zhou smiled and said “thank you”, then sat in the office chair. He glanced at the screen while holding the mouse, then opened the folder containing the experiment related materials on the desktop, and clicked on the mathematical model he designed a while ago.

Sun Yueda looked at Academician Lu, who was staring at the mathematical model on the screen. He suddenly thought of a rumor about Academician Lu, so he quietly spoke.

“Sir, do you need me to help you prepare a cup of coffee?”

“Coffee?” Without thinking about it, Lu Zhou nodded his head casually. “Sure, instant is fine.”

“Okay… By the way, sir, do you need a whiteboard? We have them here.”

“Whiteboard? No need, just give me a few pieces of draft paper.”

The coffee and the draft paper were soon delivered together, but Lu Zhou did not touch either immediately. Instead, he stared at a series of data on the screen, such as the mathematical model, the experimental procedure, and the electron micrograph of the final product. It was like he was analyzing something in his brain.

Five minutes went by.

Lu Zhou finally loosened his eyebrows slightly. He reached out and picked up the cup on the table. He then gently blew on the surface and took a sip.

“The model needs some modifications.”

Professor Wang Qingping finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Zhou undoubtedly meant that the responsibility was not on them.

“Then, sir… How should we change it?”

“It’s actually very simple, just give me half an hour.”

Lu Zhou put down the cup and picked up a ballpoint pen from the table. He scribbled a few lines of calculations on the draft paper.

Deputy Director Qian Zhongming and the group of researchers noticed Academician Lu’s actions. They immediately became energetic as they stared at the pen writing on the draft paper intently, waiting for his next move.

However, Lu Zhou’s actions were faster than they had expected.

Less than ten minutes later, the two pieces of draft papers had been densely filled with calculations. Even scholars such as Qian Zhongming, who was engaged in the research of computational materials, couldn’t keep up with the calculations.

Lu Zhou put down the pen in his hand. He held the mouse in his right hand and placed his left hand on the keyboard. He used the calculation results on the draft papers to quickly modify the mathematical model software.

After the whole process was over, he let go of the mouse and got up from the chair.

He looked back at the dumbfounded researchers standing behind him and spoke concisely.

“Computational materials science is only a reference tool. No model can be directly applied without repeated testing and correction.

“The model I gave you isn’t for you to copy it directly in real life; it’s for you to make changes using the framework I provided…”

Lu Zhou saw everyone’s dumbfounded expression. He knew that they didn’t understand what he was saying, so he sighed and spoke.

“Forget about it, I will talk about these things later. I have adjusted the model.

“Use the revised model and try again.

“If it doesn’t work, come find me again.”

After that, he left the office and the people behind.

“That’s… it?”

Sun Yueda looked at the mathematical model left on the screen in disbelief. He blinked and cast a bewildered look to Professor Wang Qingping, who was standing next to him. He asked in a quiet voice, “Boss, what should we do??”

Professor Wang Qingping was in a similar state. He quickly snapped back to reality from the shock.

He pondered for a while before saying, “Follow this revised model and try again.”

“Okay… I’m going to design the experimental procedure.”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

The mathematical model was done.

The experimental procedure didn’t need to be completely redesigned; it only needed to be slightly modified to accommodate for the changes.

If they worked fast, they could get it done tonight.

Qian Zhongming was watching everything unravel when he suddenly asked, “Is there anything I can help with?”

Professor Wang Qingping waved his hand quickly and said, “No need, we can handle this trivial matter ourselves.”

Qian Zhongming nodded and said, “Okay then, if you need help, tell me… By the way, if the experiment yields results, please be sure to notify me.”

Professor Wang Qingping patted his chest and spoke.

“No problem! We should be able to get it done by tonight!”

The modification of the experimental procedure had begun.

Professor Wang Qingping’s project team had returned to work. Qian Zhongming didn’t have a reason to stay here any longer. He followed Lu Zhou’s footsteps and left.

After a busy morning, Sun Yueda and other researchers finally finished the modification of the experimental procedure before their lunch break.

A new round of experiments soon began.

After a series of complicated laboratory processes, the substance appeared in the chemical vapor deposition device. The researchers surrounding the device were stunned by what they saw.

The experiment was successful!

Lu Zhou only changed a few numbers…

This is magical!