Scholar’s Advanced Technological System - Chapter 1639 - Self Defeated

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Chapter 1639: Self Defeated

“Stop! This is a military restricted zone, no traffic ahead, leave immediately!”

Without any words of nonsense, Wang Peng raised the gun in his hand and pulled the trigger cleanly. With two quick gunshots, the guard standing next to the checkpoint fell back on his back.

“What were you saying?”

Wang Peng looked at the man next to him, who was squatting down on the ground in fear. The guard threw away his weapon while shivering. Wang Peng didn’t say a word. He walked across the checkpoint, heading towards the town hall.

The defensive force of Tiangong City was concentrated in the Eastern District. It was currently fighting with the Third Orbital Airborne Brigade for control of street 23.

That was the main road leading to the town hall. It was also a transportation hub connecting the residential area and the industrial area. Once the control of street 23 was lost, the fortifications advantage of Tiangong City’s militia organization would be completely lost.

Not only that, but they would also have to fight hand-to-hand with the Third Orbital Airborne Brigade in small alleys that were difficult to maneuver with heavy weapons.

And this was what Regimental Commander Yang Hailong didn’t want to see.

After all, if the fight was in an open field, the pros and cons of the two sides’ equipment would not be reflected. Once the battlefield was pulled from the open area to the alleyways, their exoskeleton armor would be no different than a fake cosplay.

“The frontline battle is in crisis! Tell Mayor Xiao that if his reinforcements don’t arrive within 30 minutes, we can only continue to shrink the line of defense and move the battlefield from street 23 to the square at the entrance of the town hall!”

Outside the temporary command post, the roaring of guns made him increase the volume of his speech, only by shouting could his words be heard by the other end of the communication line.

Regimental Commander Yang angrily hung up the phone, he swiped the holographic screen with his index finger, walked to the side of the command table, and saw the reinforcements who were still ten kilometers away. He smashed on the table several times with his fists.

“This group of useless rubbish… At this critical moment, except for hiding and being dramatic, they are useless!”

Suddenly, he began to feel regret.

In the beginning, he swore an oath to join the Alliance Army, first out of passion, and second, to seek support in his career. He thought that this was an extremely correct and bright path, but after seeing the pig teammates he had, he felt like his hard work was wasted!

There was neither a war mobilization nor a press conference. Without any preparation in advance, they suddenly declared war on the sovereign state.

Where are the brains of these idiots?

Up until now, the war had only lasted less than 20 hours, yet they were missing more than 2,000 non-combat personnel. Among these 2000 people, at least 80% escaped from this war!

The lower right corner of the holographic screen suddenly flashed a communication request prompt.

Yang Hailong quickly glanced over. Seeing that it was a request from the mayor’s office, he finally pressed the connection button. The communication channel was connected. Before he had time to speak, Mayor Xiao, who was standing opposite the video window, said in an eager tone.

“Reinforcements are coming soon! You must maintain on your side! Listen, you must guard street 23 at all costs. As long as our reinforcements arrive, we can trap the Third Orbital Airborne Brigade in Tiangong City!”

“How long!” Yang Hailong yelled in an angry voice, “If we continue fighting to the death, I am afraid that all of my people will—”

“Then let them fight to the death!” Interrupting Yang Hailong’s words, Xiao Hong raised his own voice and said solemnly, “We can recruit again, but if we lose the line of defense, damn it, what is that sound.”

The holographic video window shook suddenly.

Yang Hailong looked at Mayor Xiao in the window, who seemed to turn his head. Then the communication was suddenly cut off.

The command post was quiet for about five minutes.

Seeing that the call hadn’t come back, Yang Hailong gulped, and a bad premonition gradually developed in his heart.

As if confirming his premonition, an officer suddenly ran in from outside in a hurry.

“Sir! Gunshots were heard in the direction of the town hall! The guards are suspected of having an exchange of fire with unknown armed forces!”

“How is that possible!” Yang Hailong’s eyes turned red in an instant. He couldn’t help but step forward and grabbed the officer’s collar as he said, “We have blocked everyone from going to the city center. How could the Third Orbital Airborne Brigade walk under our noses!”

Although he didn’t like Xiao Hong very much, they were still on the same side after all. Once the town hall was taken down, his situation would become quite dangerous.

Especially now that the morale of the Alliance Army itself was sluggish, if the soldiers knew that even their hometown had been taken, there would be even more deserters.

Looking at the angry Regimental Commander Yang, the officer hesitated for a long time and didn’t say anything.

In fact, he didn’t know what was going on. When his subordinates reported the situation to him, he was so scared that he almost passed out.

“Let the people from battalion 2 rush to the town hall from the defense zone immediately!”


“No buts, go!”

Yang Hailong violently released his hand and pushed the officer to the door of the command post. However, before the officer could leave the door, a strong shock came from his feet.

He reached out his hand to grab the table next to him as he waited for the shock to fade. Yang Hailong muttered to himself in a daze, “Is it an earthquake? No, it’s impossible. Earthquakes don’t come from Mars! What the hell was that just now…”

“Probably the Qinling naval gun.” The officer looked at the ceiling with trepidation. Holding on to the door frame, he continued nervously, “They fired at least five rounds…”

“Fired at the city?! Are they crazy?!”

“No, it’s not in the city…” The officer gulped and continued, “If it was fired at the city, we wouldn’t be here… Judging from the tremors, the shell fell about ten kilometers away.”

10 kilometers away…

Yang Hailong was taken aback for a moment, then his pupils suddenly shrank to a point.


It was our reinforcements that were bombed!

He slumped down on the chair. His hair turned white, as if he had aged ten years in an instant.

Looking at his superior in a daze, the officer gulped and spoke.


“Leave me alone for a while.”

The officer hesitated, but he obeyed the order and retreated from the room.

Seeing the door of the temporary command post close, Yang Hailong silently took off the officer hat and placed it on his knees. He stared at the badge for a long time, and a bitter smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Everything is over…”

He reached his trembling hand to his waist.

Not long after, a gunshot sounded from the command post.

The shoulders of the officer standing outside the door trembled, and he walked away without looking back.

Without reinforcements, the firepower of the Third Orbital Airborne Brigade was no match for anyone, and the defense line of street 23 was disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At the same time, the town hall was also full of smoke.

Under the attack of unidentified armed forces, the guards stationed here were beaten and confused. They could only try and hide with Mayor Xiao and his staff in the huge building.

Just as the battle in Tiangong City was coming to an end, someone tens of kilometers underground suddenly stopped controlling the holographic modeling system.

“Is this the warp speed technique of advanced civilization… I see.”

General Reinhardt, who was standing next to him, glanced at him.

“Scholar of a lower civilization, please don’t tell me this technology is simple.”

“I didn’t mean that. In fact, it’s the opposite… It’s really eye-opening to see something like this.”

Lu Zhou’s meticulous face finally stretched out a smile. Looking at the complicated holographic model lying quietly in his hand, Lu Zhou said softly with a pleasant voice, “It’s finally done!”

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