She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 222 - Can’t Wait For You to Be My Fiancee

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Chapter 222 Can’t Wait For You to Be My Fiancee

Yu Huang was displeased.

She pursed her lips and muttered, “I’m a girl. I have to be more reserved.”

Sheng Xiao carried her into the elevator. He looked down at the girl’s mirthful eyes and asked, “Do you have that thing?”

Yu Huang’s gaze became dangerous. “Sheng Xiao, you’re so sharp-tongued. Do you still want me to stay?”

Sheng Xiao shut up immediately.

When they got out of the elevator, Yu Huang walked beside Sheng Xiao. Both of them were quiet. They were nervous and excited about what would happen next. After they entered the dormitory, Sheng Xiao turned on the light. He looked down at Yu Huang for a moment before saying in a hoarse voice, “I’ll take a shower first.”


Sheng Xiao turned on the air-conditioner and went into the bathroom.

Yu Huang sat on the small sofa in the living room of her dorm. Her expression was serious as she pondered, should she take the initiative later? How should she take the initiative? How far should she go?

Time always passed quickly when one was deep in thought. Before Yu Huang could come up with an answer, Sheng Xiao finished showering

He walked out of the bathroom in a thin ink-blue bathrobe. The design of the deep V neckline revealed a large portion of his muscular chest and the mole beside his Adam’s apple.

Yu Huang raised her head and stared at him. Her gaze landed on his open chest and she suddenly smiled.

She had lived two hundred years longer than Sheng Xiao. Sheng Xiao was handsome and young. She was the one who got the better end of the bargain.

She had to pamper the little kid a little.

Yu Huang pretended to be calm and patted the sofa. “Come and sit.”

Her aura suddenly became that of a queen. Sheng Xiao was a little stunned. Shouldn’t she feel shy at this time?

Sheng Xiao walked over hesitantly and sat down beside Yu Huang.

As soon as Sheng Xiao sat down, Yu Huang smelled the cold scent of mint. Yu Huang tried hard to stay calm and composed. She crossed her legs and placed her round right foot on Sheng Xiao’s calf as she moved upwards.

Sheng Xiao lowered his eyes and stared at her naughty foot. When he saw that the corner of the bathrobe was lifted by the big toe, he grabbed Yu Huang’s foot instinctively.

What a slender ankle.

Yu Huang’s heart skipped a beat, but her expression was calm.

At that moment, she really wanted to smoke. She would pretend to be mature and take a puff. Then, she would blow smoke at Sheng Xiao’s face. She would act mature as she asked him, “Boy, do you want to have sex?”

But she didn’t have a cigarette.

Yu Huang’s toes curled up in Sheng Xiao’s hand. She blinked and asked in a dry tone, “Little…” Yu Huang could not say the word.

Sheng Xiao gave her a puzzled look. His handsome face suddenly leaned close to Yu Huang. He asked in confusion, “What?”

His handsome face suddenly got closer. Yu Huang was mesmerized by his looks. Her mind went blank and she started to blurt out, “Small?”

Sheng Xiao was stunned.

The next second, his gaze suddenly became ambiguous. He pushed Yu Huang onto the sofa’s armrest. “You’ll know the answer soon.”

After that, Sheng Xiao leaned against the sofa while panting. He did not move. His gaze was dazed and lazy.


Yu Huang washed her hands in the bathroom. She scrubbed her hands over and over again before putting them in front of her nose to smell them. The senses of a Purifying Spirit Master were stronger than those of a Beast Tamer. After washing them a few times, she could still smell the scent that made her heart race.

She wiped her hands and walked out of the bathroom to see Sheng Xiao smoking.

Yu Huang turned her head and was a little shocked. “You smoke?”

Sheng Xiao took off the cigarette in his mouth and threw it to Yu Huang. “Try it.”

Yu Huang had the intention to give it a try. She bit the cigarette and took a puff. Immediately, a rich peppermint smell entered her body and rushed to the top of her head.

Yu Huang shuddered and felt uncomfortable. “What is this?” This was definitely not cigarettes.

Sheng Xiao said with a complicated look on his face, “This is a candy made of Ice Spirit Grass. It calms people down when they eat it.” He pressed his temples with his thumb and said with reddened eyes, “I’m a little agitated. I have to calm down.”

Yu Huang was speechless.

She threw the candy into the trash can and walked into the room. Sheng Xiao quickly stood up and followed her. He hugged her waist from behind and the two of them entered the room like conjoined twins.

Sheng Xiao asked Yu Huang, “Is your hand sore?”

How could Yu Huang admit that her fingers were sore? She said, “What a joke. I’m a cultivator. This is no big deal. What’s there to be sore about?”

Sheng Xiao chuckled. “You’re lying.”

Yu Huang was still wearing a dress.

It was uncomfortable to wear the beautiful dress. Yu Huang took Sheng Xiao’s hand away and strode to his wardrobe.

She opened the closet and picked out an ink-blue shirt.

She turned around and saw that Sheng Xiao was still standing at the end of the bed. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Do you want to see me change my clothes?” Sheng Xiao said, “Let’s talk for a while. You can change after I leave. I’ll stay in the study tonight.” Sheng Xiao, afraid that he would not be able to control himself, did not dare to stay in the same room as Yu Huang.

He did not want to take the final step with Yu Huang prematurely.

After all, this was his first love, the woman he was certain would bear a child with. He could only make love to her after they got married.

Yu Huang was naturally surprised to hear this. “You won’t sleep here?”

Sheng Xiao’s eyes were bloodshot. He shook his head. “Yes.”

Yu Huang understood what Sheng Xiao was worried about. She sat down on the bed with the shirt. “What do you want to talk about?”

Sheng Xiao sat down on the small stool opposite the bed. He looked straight at Yu Huang and said, “When I come back from the Central Pagoda, you will come back to Yufu City with me.”

“Didn’t we agree to return to Yufu City after the Cong Lang Mystic Realm contest is over?” This was something they had discussed long ago.

Sheng Xiao said, “I don’t want to wait anymore.”

“Huh?” Yu Huang did not understand what Sheng Xiao meant.

What didn’t he want to wait for?

Sheng Xiao’s gaze was deep. He stared at her face for a moment before explaining, “I can’t wait to make you my fiancée.” He did not want to wait another day.

When Yu Huang heard this, she was somewhat surprised.

Was every young man in love so passionate?


Seeing that Yu Huang had agreed, Sheng Xiao was finally relieved. “Okay. When I come back, we’ll go back to Yufu City together!” “Okay.”

After explaining the important things, Sheng Xiao could finally go to the study without worry. He could not sleep and could not read. So, he sat cross-legged and cultivated the whole night.

The next morning, Yu Huang woke up early and accompanied Sheng Xiao to the canteen for breakfast. Then, she sent Sheng Xiao to the flight deck.

The two of them said goodbye at the flying platform.

Sheng Xiao reminded Yu Huang, “You have to train hard after I leave. I hope that I can see your name in the top 100 when I come back.” A large number of new students would report in September. The group arena that was originally scheduled for September was changed to the end of August.

There was only a month left until the arena match in August.

Yu Huang took Sheng Xiao’s hand away. “Don’t pat me. Only children like to be patted on the head.”

“You’re seven years younger than me. When you were still being breastfed, I already knew the entire alphabet. In front of me, aren’t you a child?”

“Alright.” Whatever.

Sheng Xiao saw that the Bird Rider was here. He had to go. He could not bear to leave Yu Huang, so he dawdled and refused to board the bird. “I’m leaving.” He looked at her suggestively.

Yu Huang waved her hand with a cold expression. “Go, go.”

Sheng Xiao was a little angry. He pressed Yu Huang’s shoulder and lowered his head to kiss her. Then, he turned around and left on the flying bird.

Yu Huang stood on the flying platform and watched him leave before returning to school alone.


Now that Sheng Xiao was gone, it was time for her to focus on her cultivation. Yu Huang took Sheng Xiao’s point card and went to the Cultivation Hall. She went straight to the 18th floor and used Sheng Xiao’s card to get 30 days worth of points.

It felt great to swipe the point card without restraint.

Yu Huang was focused on her cultivation while Sheng Xiao embarked on a new journey.

After leaving the Divine Realm Academy, Sheng Xiao went to the nearest airport in Qiang City. He bought a plane ticket to Tanzan City.

The Central Pagoda was located in the extreme north of the Holy Spirit Continent. It was also the loneliest continent on the Holy Spirit Continent.

There was no airport or station there, only a spatial teleportation tunnel. The origin of this tunnel was not the Divine Moon Empire, but the center of a city called Tanzan City, between the Divine Realm Continent and the Ice Domain Continent.

Just like the Rakshasa Empire, Tanzan City was also a no man’s land. The difference between Tanzan City and the Rakshasa Empire was that the people there were law-abiding citizens and the security was good. It was hailed as the Holy Spirit Continent’s paradise.

Twenty years ago, the door of th Time Gate had not been sealed. After every Beast Tamer who returned from the Upper World left the far north, they had to stay in Tanzan City for a night.

Because Beast Tamers frequently came and went to this town, it brought business opportunities to this city.

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