She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 353 - Flaunting Their Love  

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Chapter 353: Flaunting Their Love

[So Supreme Master Sheng is so handsome!]

Everyone in the Holy Spirit Continent knew Sheng Xiao’s name. However, no one knew what he looked like.

In the past, Sheng Xiao’s photos were revealed occasionally and were quickly deleted.

The netizens were very curious about Sheng Xiao.

They had only heard rumors that Sheng Xiao was very handsome and that he was a true dragon, but seeing him in person was better than hearing a hundred rumors. After seeing him today and discovering that he was actually so handsome, the girls went crazy.

[Ahhh, Supreme Master Sheng’s legs are 2.8 meters long and his fingers look so nice. I think even his hair smells good.]

Miss Yin: “You have to ask Yu Huang if Supreme Master Sheng’s hair smells good.”


[Person above, shut up. Don’t group that slut with Supreme Master Sheng.]

Miss Yin: “Stop talking nonsense!”

The live-stream soon became noisy, but as the host of the live-stream, Sheng Xiao didn’t even look at the live-stream. He was focused on preparing food and cutting every lotus root into thin and thick slices.

After Yu Huang showered, she wore her nightgown and sat down on the small balcony outside the master bedroom. She looked at the time and saw that it was already ten o’clock.

Sheng Xiao’s live-stream should have started.

Yu Huang opened her Weibo account and entered Sheng Xiao’s live-stream. Sheng Xiao’s live-stream had only been open for five minutes, but the number of people there had already exceeded 50 million. All of Weibo’s programmers were working late for him.

Yu Huang tried four times before successfully entering the live-stream.

She used the Host’s main account. The moment she entered the live-stream, Sheng Xiao’s live-stream page had a notification.

Ding dong! Your friend, Yu Huang, has entered the live-stream!

Upon seeing this news, the fifty million audience members fell silent.

Butler Sheng Kai noticed that the Young Madam had entered the room. He quickly reminded Sheng Xiao, “Young Master, the Young Madam has entered the live-stream.”

Hearing this, the man who had been facing the camera from the start of the live broadcast finally turned around. His dark eyes were gentle as he stared at the camera, as if he was looking at his lover through the camera.

He put down the knife and asked in a clear and gentle voice, “You’re here? You’re done showering?”

The next second, the live-stream was flooded with comments from fans again: “You’re done showering??”

[You’re done showering??]

[Judging from his doting tone, Supreme Master Sheng and Yu Huang are really a couple!]

[Damn! This is…]

Miss Yin: “Ahhh, I’m going crazy!”

Yu Huang moved her fingers and her reply appeared on the live-stream screen: “I’m done. What are you doing?”

Sheng Xiao walked closer to the camera and bent down. “Don’t you want to eat lotus root tips? I was about to make it for you. It’s my first time making it. If it doesn’t taste good, please forgive me.”

Yu Huang: “If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t eat it.”

Seeing Yu Huang’s reply, the female fans were instantly jealous.

Cutie Duo: “Ahhh, Supreme Master Sheng, if she doesn’t want it, give it to me! I’ll eat it! I’ll eat anything! I won’t mind!”

Yu Huang: “Do you want to eat shit?”

997: “Hahaha, well done!”

Sheng Xiao didn’t look at the camera again. He returned to the kitchen and continued cutting the vegetables. “Come down quickly. You can supervise me. I can definitely do better.”

Yu Huang said, “I’m coming.”

Then, Sheng Xiao stopped talking.

However, the live-stream audience obtained deeper information from their short conversation.

[Come down quickly… So, is Supreme Master Sheng living with Yu Huang?]

[Oh my god, is the news of their marriage true?]

In the camera, Sheng Xiao started cooking.

Yu Huang was doing something and didn’t come down.

Sheng Xiao quickly finished stir-frying the first lotus root tip. He tried it with his chopsticks and found that it didn’t taste good. He threw the lotus root tip into the trash can without hesitation.

Seeing this, the female fans were jealous of Yu Huang.

When Sheng Xiao was about to stir-fry the second lotus root tip, Yu Huang came downstairs.

Sheng Xiao heard footsteps and turned to look at the living room. He realized that Yu Huang was wearing his shirt. The audience noticed that Supreme Master Sheng’s eyes lit up.

[Damn, Supreme Master Sheng’s eyes are shining!]

Miss Yin: “Supreme Master Sheng saw his light!”

Sheng Xiao suddenly walked out of the kitchen and disappeared from the camera. He walked to Yu Huang and asked her in a low voice, “Are you wearing pants?”

He didn’t want the audience to see Yu Huang wearing only a shirt and not pants.

Yu Huang pulled up the corner of her shirt to reveal her short jeans. Sheng Xiao was relieved. “What are you doing?”

Yu Huang sneered. “Aren’t those women jealous over you? Then I’ll let them see that not only can I eat the dishes you cook personally, but I can also live in your house, sleep in your bed, and wear your shirt. I’ll give them a harsh beating and let them know who’s the real wife.”

How dare those women try to hit on him?

Sheng Xiao suppressed his laughter and scratched Yu Huang’s nose. Then, he held her hand and walked into the kitchen.

When they saw Sheng Xiao holding Yu Huang’s hand and returning to the kitchen, the female fans were jealous. The male fans stared at Yu Huang’s legs.

Male fans: “Gorgeous legs!”

[Ah, Little Phoenix, long time no see!]

[Little Phoenix, you must be happy with Supreme Master Sheng!]

[Little Phoenix, I wish you two happiness and that you two grow old together!]

When they saw Yu Huang appear, the Little Phoenix fans who had been diving all along appeared together and crazily flooded the screen to bless the two of them.

Yu Huang seemed to have sensed something. She turned her head to look at the live broadcast camera and realized that the fans’ comments were flooding the screen. Yu Huang smiled and said, “Long time no see, Little Phoenixes.”

When they saw Yu Huang’s face, the live-stream fell silent again.

Immediately after, the little Phoenixes flooded the screen again—

[Yu Huang, have you recovered your looks?]

[Ahhh, Yu Huang, your face is finally healed!]

[In my lifetime!]

Su Qianqian stared at Yu Huang’s face, which was even more beautiful than before she was disfigured. She was shocked and angry.


Why was it that when others were disfigured, they would never be able to recover and would wallow in degeneration?

When it came to Yu Huang, apart from letting her see the true colors of a jerk, she didn’t suffer any loss. She awakened her beast form and entered the Divine Realm Academy. She even had Sheng Xiao’s support!

Why was this woman so annoying?!

This live broadcast attracted the attention of the commoners and many Beast Tamers.

Xuanyuan Jing received the wedding invitation personally written by Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang in the afternoon. He was feeling gloomy when rumors started spreading online.

After knowing that Sheng Xiao would be live-streaming at night, Xuanyuan Jing had been waiting.

Xuanyuan Jing stared at Yu Huang’s flawless and beautiful face in the live broadcast camera and felt jealous.

Xuanyuan Sisi was also sitting beside Xuanyuan Jing and watching the live broadcast. When she saw Yu Huang’s completely recovered face, she said bitterly, “This woman is really lucky!”

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