She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 354 - Sheng Xiao: She's Worth It  

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Chapter 354: Sheng Xiao: She’s Worth It

Xuanyuan Jing remained silent.

“Xuanyuan Jing, are you really going to attend their wedding?” Xuanyuan Sisi felt sorry for her Xuanyuan Jing when she thought about that scene.

On the other side, the two brothers from the Xuanyuan family gloated. “The young master of the Sheng family personally wrote the invitation and sent a trusted aide to Xuanyuan Jing. If Xuanyuan Jing doesn’t go, won’t he be embarrassing Supreme Master Sheng?”

The Xuanyuan Clan had to show them, the head of the Hundred Great Cultivation True Clans, respect.

Xuanyuan Jing also knew the pros and cons. He took a deep breath and felt the tension in the air. His throat and chest hurt.

“I’ll be there.”

How could he not go when Sheng Xiao invited him personally?

Xuanyuan Sisi had bullied Anna Tao during the Beast Tamer Selection Competition back then. She was sent to the sixth floor of the Beast Tamer Prison by Sheng Xiao for three months and two years.

Because of this, Xuanyuan Sisi’s fear of Sheng Xiao was ingrained in her bones. She didn’t dare to look at Sheng Xiao’s face in the live stream. She felt extremely scared.

Thus, when she saw that Xuanyuan Jing had to attend Sheng Xiao’s wedding, she didn’t dare to express anything other than sympathy.

At that moment, Sheng Xiao had finished stir-frying the second lotus root tip under Yu Huang’s instructions.

He used his chopsticks to pick up a lotus root tip and fed it to Yu Huang. Yu Huang took a bite and evaluated, “It’s crisp and refreshing. It’s not bad.”

Sheng Xiao finally smiled.

When he smiled, the live-stream went crazy again.

Yu Huang left the kitchen with the lotus root tip and ran to the courtyard to eat supper. Sheng Xiao washed his hands and said to Butler Sheng Kai, “Uncle Kai, give me your phone.”


Sheng Xiao took his phone and went to the backyard. There was a swimming pool in the backyard. Sheng Xiao sat on the reclining chair beside the pool. His face was facing the camera. It was magnified and looked more exquisite and flawless than from afar.

The audience stared into Sheng Xiao’s soul-stirring eyes.

Sheng Xiao didn’t read the comments. He pondered for a moment and said, “The news that Yu Huang and I are getting married is true.”

Upon hearing this, the netizens exploded.

Some people were leaving messages to ask Sheng Xiao why he didn’t want someone worthy of him but a slut like Yu Huang. Some were asking Sheng Xiao why he liked Yu Huang.

Anti-fans were in the minority. Most netizens were rational and gave them their blessings.

Sheng Xiao frowned when he saw the word ‘slut’. His expression darkened. “I don’t agree with you on her being a slut.”

“Yu Huang is not a promiscuous woman. She’s just a girl who has given her heart to someone else. She treated him sincerely, but in the end, she was betrayed by the man. How did she become a promiscuous woman?”

Seeing that everyone’s animosity had subsided a little, Sheng Xiao said, “I don’t want to see rumors like Yu Huang being materialistic anymore. I’m the one who interacts with her the most, and I’m the one who spent the rest of my life with her. Who are you guys when compared to me?”

“You guys don’t know anything about her, so don’t pretend to be knowledgeable and maliciously speculate and slander her. Do you really think creating rumors doesn’t have any consequences?”

Sheng Xiao looked at his watch. It had been forty minutes since the live broadcast. He wanted to end it.

Before it ended, he said, “My lawyer has recorded the entire live broadcast tonight. All the netizens who are spreading rumors and slandering Yu Huang’s reputation in my live-stream, please be prepared to receive a court transmission.”

Rows of shocked exclamation marks appeared on the screen.

So, Sheng Xiao didn’t prohibit the netizens from scolding people earlier because he had something up his sleeve.

He was going to settle scores with them later!

Someone commented boldly: “Isn’t Supreme Master Sheng too narrow-minded? Is it worth going to court over such a small matter? There are so many people in this world who slander Yu Huang, but can you find all of them? You can’t bully others just because you’re the young master of the Sheng family.”

Sheng Xiao saw the message. He smiled and replied coldly, “She’s worth it!”

With that, he ended the live broadcast.

Downstairs, Yu Huang was eating lotus roots. She didn’t watch the live-stream and didn’t know that Sheng Xiao had sued all the netizens who had scolded her in the live-stream. After she finished eating, she picked up her phone and saw that her phone and WeChat were being flooded with comments again.

Su Qianqian: “He’s more reliable than the last man.”

Yin Rong: “Professor Sheng is so cool!”

Anna: “Wow, Professor Sheng is so cool!”

Jiang Shangfeng: “Yu Huang, your husband is a man.”

After Yu Huang sorted out the situation on Weibo, she realized that Sheng Xiao had sued the rumor makers.

Good job!

Sheng Xiao’s actions made all the anti-fans on Weibo shut up. No one dared to fabricate rumors and slander Yu Huang anymore.

It was getting closer and closer to the 5th of April. The entire Divine Moon Empire and even the cultivation world were focused on Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang’s wedding.

All the people who had received the Sheng family’s invitation arrived in Jingdu on April 4. They were arranged to stay in the Jingdu Hotel and the Jingdu Pearl Hotel.

On the night of the 4th of April, Yu Huang was sent to the headquarters of the Purifying Spirit Academy by Lin Jiansheng. She would get married tomorrow at the main entrance of the Purifying Spirit Academy.

The Purifying Spirit Academy was decorated with lanterns and streamers. Everyone was looking forward to the wedding.

At the same time, Yufu City looked brand new. There were lanterns and colored banners everywhere. In the central square of Yufu City, the wedding platform had been built.

In order to prevent anyone from destroying the scene, the square was surrounded by guards.

The wedding ceremony was set to be at 10 am tomorrow morning. Sheng Xiao would go to the Purifying Spirit Academy to welcome the bride before dawn. As the bride, Yu Huang had to start preparing for the wedding at 2 am.

She put on a face mask and fell asleep at nine o’clock in the evening.

At two in the morning, the professional wedding team arrived at the Purifying Spirit Academy. They knocked on Yu Huang’s door and pulled her out of bed.

Yu Huang sat in front of the dressing table and allowed the makeup artist to do her makeup. Then, the makeup artist drew a phoenix-shaped hairpin on her forehead.

The stylist coiled up Yu Huang’s black hair and carefully placed a gorgeous golden Sun Crown on her head. The moment she put it on, Yu Huang immediately felt her head become heavy.

The crown was clearly very expensive. When the stylist put it on Yu Huang, her hands were trembling.

Yu Huang asked her, “Why are your hands trembling?”

The stylist pursed her lips and smiled. She told Yu Huang, “This Sun Crown is the Sheng Clan’s heirloom. Every woman marrying into the Sheng Clan will wear it on their wedding day. This thing is too precious. I’m afraid it will be broken.”

“It won’t.”

Yu Huang finished her hair and changed into her wedding clothes with their help.

It was almost five o’clock when they were ready.

Staring at the noble and beautiful bride in front of them, the stylist and makeup artist didn’t dare to look into her eyes.

They had a nagging feeling that the pressure in Yu Huang’s gaze was too strong for them to withstand.

“Ah Huang!”

Lin Jiansheng and Yu Donghai pushed the door open and walked in. Yu Donghai said nervously, “Sheng Xiao and the others have already entered Jingdu. They will be here in ten minutes. Are you ready?”


“That’s good.” Yu Donghai sized up Yu Huang’s appearance in the wedding dress and suddenly cried.

Before his daughter even left the house, he had already started to wipe his tears. Lin Jiansheng handed him a handkerchief in disdain. “Wipe your face. How embarrassing!”

Yu Donghai hurriedly wiped his tears. He walked to the bedside table and opened a box with the word “Happy” on it. He took out a golden umbrella.

When he went out later, Yu Donghai had to hold an umbrella for Yu Huang. This meant that he was Yu Huang’s family member and Yu Huang’s protective umbrella.

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