Shock! The Spell Is In English! - Chapter 639 - Duo Hong Humiliated! Lugh Stood Up For Him!

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Chapter 639: Duo Hong Humiliated! Lugh Stood Up For Him!

In this silent environment, Lugh’s words were like a stone, fiercely smashing into the still surface of the lake, causing waves of ripples.

The crowd was discussing animatedly.

“Who is this person?”

“I’ve never seen him before!”

There were also sharp-eyed people who noticed Duo Hong beside Lugh and said in surprise,

“Eh, is the person beside him the Second Young Master of the Duo Feng Family, Duo Hong?”

“It’s him! I’ve been to the Duo Feng family and seen him before!”

“But who is the person beside Duo Hong? Why isn’t he following the Duo Feng family?”

Han Lin also noticed Duo Hong, so he asked, “Duo Hong, why are you here alone? Where’s your big brother?”

From Han Lin’s point of view, among his peers in the Duo Feng family, only Duo Long could talk to him. He didn’t care about others like Duo Hong at all. What right did a second generation prodigal son who relied on his family to make a living have to be on equal footing with him?

Duo Hong didn’t know that Han Lin looked down on him in his heart, but when he heard the name that made him feel a little nauseous. He still said fiercely, “Duo Long is already dead!”


Duo Hong’s words shocked everyone. The dignified number one successor of the Duo Feng family had actually died here?

Duo Long had brought most of the elites of the Duo Feng family over. Yet, Duo Long had still died just like that!?

Moreover, it seemed that this batch of people from the Duo Feng family had all died. Otherwise, Duo Hong’s situation would not have appeared alone!

Although the Duo Feng clan wasn’t the most elite clan in the capital, it was still second only to the Four Great Families!

Other than these four clans, the Duo Feng clan was the strongest! Just like that, Duo Long, the number one successor of the clan, had actually died here.

This news was unbelievable! But it was said by Duo Hong. One couldn’t help but believe this fact!

Han Lin was also shocked by this news. He stood rooted to the ground in a daze and did not make a sound for a long time.

Duo Long was a level 25 young master, and there were so many level 30 guards protecting him!

Under such circumstances, Duo Long and the Duo Feng clan were all dead, leaving only Duo Hong alone…

‘However, is the fourth level so dangerous? Our Frost clan has been on the fourth level for so long, yet we haven’t encountered any danger. Was the Duo Feng clan that weak?’ Han Lin thought silently.

Suddenly, Han Lin seemed to have thought of something as he cried out in alarm:

“Could it be the level 40 Wyvern?”

Before coming back, the clansmen had already told Han Lin about the dangers of the fourth level.

On the fourth level, other than the two level 40 Wyverns, there was basically no danger.


Duo Hong nodded. Although he had provoked Lugh first, and then Lugh welcomed the Wyverns, which caused the tragedy of the Duo Feng family.

Duo Long and most of the guards were indeed killed by the Wyverns.

However, Han Lin and the others clearly didn’t know this. They thought that Duo Long and the others were unlucky and encountered a level 40 Wyvern, which led to their deaths.

They were completely unaware that the destruction of the Duo Feng family was the work of this young man who no one had noticed.

“I say, can you make way?”

Lugh saw that this group of people who did not have a key and loved to watch the show was blocking the keyhole of the stone door, preventing him, who really had a key, from opening the door. He felt a little helpless.

Han Lin finally saw Lugh. He frowned and did not speak.

But the Frost family’s guard couldn’t take it anymore

Pointing at Lugh’s nose, he scolded, “Do you know who the person in front of you is?”

Lugh didn’t even look at the guard. He said indifferently, “Do I need to know who he is?”

As soon as Lugh said this, the Frost family was immediately displeased.

The Frost family’s guard was about to go up and teach this person a lesson when Duo Hong stopped them.

“What are you doing?”

These guards didn’t care about Duo Hong. If the members of the Duo Feng family were still around, these guards might have restrained themselves.

However, the problem was that Duo Hong was the only member of the Duo Feng family who was still alive.

Hence, the current Frost family didn’t need to give any face to Duo Hong.

Duo Hong was about to say something, but the guards of the Frost family didn’t care. They pushed Duo Hong away.

Duo Hong wasn’t paying attention and was thrown by the guards.


Duo Hong cried out in shock. The intense pain made him cry out.

“You dare to treat me like this?”

Duo Hong found it hard to believe. ‘I’m the Second Young Master of the Duo Feng family after all. Don’t you people of the Frost family give me any face at all?’

‘A mere guard dares to treat me like this? Does he really think that my Duo Feng family has no one?’

Duo Hong thought viciously in his heart. When he returned this time, he would definitely have a good talk with his father. His father was also level 38, and had already stepped into the threshold of level 39! He wouldn’t be afraid of the clan leader of this Frost clan.

But now, his influence was stronger than his people, and Duo Hong had no choice but to lower his head.

At this moment, Duo Hong, who was lying on the ground, felt incomparable resentment in his heart. If only his elder brother was still here. Even if he wanted to kill him, Duo Long wouldn’t just watch as a member of the Duo Feng clan was humiliated by a guard!

At this moment, Lugh’s voice was like that of a savior, causing a glimmer of light to rise in Duo Hong’s heart.


Lugh’s tone was calm as he spoke to the guard who had pushed Duo Hong to the ground.

“What did you say? You want me to apologize?”

The guard seemed to have heard a very funny joke as he laughed out loud:

“Haha… Did I hear wrongly? You actually want me to apologize?”

“Yes! You didn’t hear wrongly! Apologize!”

Lugh’s calm words interrupted the guard’s laughter.

And this citizen guard also stopped smiling. “What if I don’t?”

“Trash who doesn’t have the support of his family! You can make me apologize?”

“He is worthy? If he is weak, he should be a good person for me. He offended someone he shouldn’t have offended!”

Hearing this, Lugh nodded.

“I understand!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lugh pulled out his bone saber and slammed the back of the saber fiercely at the guard.


A loud sound came from the guard’s face. The huge force sent him flying.

Then, he fell on a stone pillar. The stone pillar couldn’t withstand the impact. With a crack, the stone pillar broke.

The guard fell to the ground. He spat out a row of teeth, and an obvious scar appeared on his face.


Before he could finish his words, the guard fainted.

Lugh’s movements were very fast. Before everyone could react, he had already put away his broadsword.

Han Lin also could not react. With his level 26 strength, he could not see Lugh’s movements clearly at such a close distance.

‘This is an expert!’ Han Lin was on alert.

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