Shock! The Spell Is In English! - Chapter 640 - The Conflict Intensified!

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Chapter 640: The Conflict Intensified!


When Han Lin did not issue the next order, no one dared to continue with their next move.

These guards only drew their weapons and were ready to be ordered at any time.

Among them, the most excited one was Duo Hong. In his heart, when he had been bullied by the guards just now, he had wanted Duo Long to come back to life for a moment to help him.

One could imagine how humiliated Duo Hong felt at that moment.

Fortunately, Duo Hong’s big brother, whom he had just acknowledged, stood up and helped him teach that hateful guard a lesson!

After calming down, Duo Hong carefully thought about it. If it had been Duo Long, without the protection of his family, he would have been alone.

In the face of the overwhelming numbers of the Frost family, would Duo Long stand up for him?

The answer in Duo Hong’s heart was no.

Thinking about it, it made sense. Would a brother who wanted to kill him care about his own feelings?

In comparison, Duo Hong knew who was the one who was truly good to him.

After a period of silence, Han Lin felt that this wasn’t a good situation. With so many people still watching, as the current leader of the Frost clan, he had to do something.

“I’m afraid it’s not good for you to beat up a member of my Frost family like this, right?”

Han Lin’s tone was very calm, but a layer of frost gradually appeared on his body, as if he was going to burst out and hurt someone in the next second.

The guards of the Frost family behind him were also prepared.

At this moment, Lugh laughed out loud.

“Why didn’t you come out and tell me just now when your guard pushed you?”

Han Lin frowned. “This is different, alright? My guard only pushed him a little, but you knocked him out.”

Hearing this, Lugh understood a little. So no matter what the members of the Frost family did, it was always right!

In this world where strength reigned supreme, being weak was the greatest sin!

And without the support of the family, Duo Hong became the weaker party. and the Frost family, as the strong party, naturally could bully you however they wanted!

Thinking of this, Lugh nodded his head. “I understand.”

The Frost family saw Lugh nodding his head and thought that he was going to give in. They immediately let out a sigh of relief.

‘I told you, no one in Green Kingdom would dare to provoke our Frost family!’ Many of the Frost family’s guards thought this in their hearts.

Seeing this, Han Lin didn’t waste any more words.

Lugh quickly pulled out his accompanying bone blade and swung it forward. Immediately, a large amount of sword aura storms appeared in the air.

The storm formed by the sword aura blew away the crowd in front of Lugh. Immediately, a large empty space appeared in front of the stone door.

Lugh’s sword aura came out very quickly. The crowd had yet to react.

It took less than a second for Lugh to draw his blade and put it away. The members of the Frost family also did not expect that the person who had just bowed his head to Han Lin would suddenly attack.

Lugh’s sword aura had never intended to kill anyone. He had only wanted to disperse the group of people who had blocked the stone door so that he could take out the key and open the stone door so that he could enter.

However, the members of the Frost family did not think so. In Han Lin’s eyes, this person called Lugh had repeatedly provoked the Frost family’s dignity! Did he really think that their people were easy to bully?

Han Lin’s actions were also very fast. Immediately, the Frost Flood Dragon source beast possessed his body. An ice palm struck Lugh’s chest.

However, Lugh wasn’t stupid. When he saw Han Lin’s actions, he immediately became vigilant. He took out his large blade and blocked it in front of his chest.


A clear sound came from Lugh’s large blade.

Lugh felt the vibration coming from his saber. The huge force made Lugh involuntarily take a few steps back.

Seeing that his blade was slowly covered with white ice marks, he cursed in his heart, ‘Not good!’

Lugh immediately used his sword skills, and with a shake of his right hand, a powerful force shook the frost from Han Lin to the ground!

The frost that fell from the blade, as soon as it landed on the ground, immediately formed into two people standing side by side in an area of ice! Furthermore, the ice formation continued to expand!

Han Lin was not surprised by this change.

The guard beside him exclaimed, “This is Young Master’s signature move!”

“As long as Young Master Han Lin’s ice palm hits it, the ice will slowly expand until the person dies!”

When Lugh heard this, he cursed inwardly, ‘How troublesome!’

Just as Lugh was thinking of a countermeasure, the little Wyvern in his arms suddenly woke up.

The moment the little Wyvern woke up, it squirmed uneasily from Lugh’s arms. First, it crawled from his chest to his back. Then, it crawled into his pants.

It made Lugh’s body itch.

“Stop, stop, stop! You can’t touch just anywhere!”

Just as the little Wyvern was playing hide-and-seek in Lugh’s clothes, it touched Lugh’s unspeakable place…

Lugh really couldn’t stand it anymore, so he grabbed the little Wyvern out.

“Twin Wind! You can’t be naughty! Do you understand?”

Lugh still remembered that when the Wyvern couple left, they repeatedly stressed that he had to teach the little Wyvern well so that he wouldn’t let the little Wyvern learn badly.

Lugh also had a headache in his heart. He didn’t expect this little Wyvern to be so naughty. He actually wanted to play with his key parts the moment he woke up.

Hence, Lugh brought the little Wyvern out. He raised the little Wyvern with both hands and looked him in the eye:

“You have to be obedient! Otherwise, your parents will be sad!”

The little Wyvern nodded his head as if he did not understand and licked Lugh’s face.

Little did he know that the little Wyvern that Lugh took out from his bosom was a shocking scene in the eyes of outsiders.


“Am I seeing things? That’s a young Wyvern?!”

“Looking at this appearance, it must be a real Wyvern!”

“Looking at this color, it must be a wind-attributed giant Wyvern!”

“But I’ve never seen such a transparent green Wyvern from head to toe!”

“Then there’s only one explanation! This little Wyvern… It’s very likely to have an extremely talented royal bloodline! That’s the only way its color can be so transparent!”

Everyone in the crowd was discussing fervently, but everyone had a common understanding, and that was that whoever obtained this young Wyvern would have the chance to become a top expert!

Thus, everyone used a greedy gaze to stare at the little Wyvern in Lugh’s hands!

Han Lin also looked at the little Wyvern in Lugh’s hands with envy. As the young master of the Frost family, he did not even have such a true giant Wyvern as a companion source beast!

He had chosen a flood dragon that was many times weaker than it. As his source beast, how could a kid who appeared out of nowhere possess a true royal bloodline dragon?

Of course, he knew how valuable this little Wyvern was!

Han Lin had made up his mind. He would definitely get his hands on this little Wyvern!

Thus, Han Lin waved his hand and numerous guards surrounded Lugh.

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