Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 591 - Captain Lan Xuanyu

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591 – Captain Lan Xuanyu

They were still only in their teens! If they were given another 10 years to grow, Shrek Academy would undoubtedly have a new batch of little monsters.

While familiarizing himself with the warship controls and various functions, he asked Deng Bo for guidance whenever he had any questions or doubts.

Deng Bo was merely observing from the sidelines and answering their questions. He was very cooperative. He wanted to see if these little guys could really pilot the warship back to Shrek Academy.

“Get ready to take off.” Lan Xuanyu put on the helmet from the main pilot’s seat and connected his spiritual power to the main system of the warship. He once again felt that the warship was a part of his body.

Accompanied by a low rumble, the warship began to light up. Amidst the slight tremors, the warship slowly floated up from the ground and spewed out flames from its tail as it suddenly accelerated.

“It’s taking off!” Qian Lei yelled excitedly while the others revealed excited expressions. The Tang Sect’s reconnaissance spaceship finally left the ground and flew straight into the sky.

Lan Xuanyu had already set the GPS’ destination. As long as everything was normal, they would head straight for Douluo Planet.

After passing through the atmosphere, the outside world trembled slightly and a faint red color seemed to have applied a layer of rouge on the surface of the warship.

Not long after, the warship shook and Lan Xuanyu felt much more relaxed. They had already charged out of the atmosphere of Heaven Planet and entered space.

The management of this evil planet was extremely lax. If it was any other planet in the Douluo Federation with warships or spacecraft taking off, they would have to go through a special procedure to report their route and other such procedures. But there was no need for that here. There were so many pirate fleets that they could fly as they wished. They just had to pay for their return.

Sensing the space outside, Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but feel excited. They were flying, and under their control, the warship was flying. This was his first flight as a captain, and this would be his first time piloting a space warship. This step made him feel as though he had entered another world.

Although he couldn’t control it, Deng Bo could still see the series of data on the window.

These young people didn’t have any problems with operating a warship. In addition, the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship was simply too simple. Relying on his intuition, Lan Xuanyu controlled the warship to fly very steadily. He mainly focused on navigation and gradually left Sin City.

Deng Bo’s state of mind had completely calmed down. At this moment, there was only praise in his heart.

This was a group of 12 to 13-year-olds! When he was at this age, even attempting to drive a soul car was already out of reach. But they were already piloting a space warship, and they really did it.

Even he had to admit that Lan Xuanyu’s plan to kidnap him had succeeded. It seemed like this was the only way to complete their seemingly impossible final exam.

Amazing! These young people are truly amazing!

The spacecraft flew steadily while Lan Xuanyu relied on his connection with the main system to sense the various functions of this Tang Sect reconnaissance spaceship.

During the first trip, everyone had taken turns to test it out and he didn’t have a deep understanding of it yet. Now that he was the captain, he spared no effort in sensing the marvel of this warship through the main system. This allowed him to understand how outstanding this Tang Sect reconnaissance warship was and how complete its functions were.

Their initial nervousness gradually turned into familiarity. Gradually, they began to feel the joy of piloting a warship.

The universe was boundless. Traveling in such a vast universe made them excited and at the same time, they gradually developed a sense of reverence towards the universe.

If not for the advancement of modern technology, how could humans fly in the universe? How could they even cross planets to experience the mysteries of another world? So many predecessors had worked hard to produce this technology!

All of this was simply too wonderful. It was simply unimaginable.

Although everything seemed to be going smoothly at the moment, Lan Xuanyu knew that they still had one more hurdle to overcome. Only by overcoming this hurdle would they be truly safe, and that was crossing the wormhole. After crossing the wormhole, they still had to pass through the checkpoint of Sin Planet*. After passing that hurdle, they would be able to return home directly.

“Team leader, is there anything we need to pay attention to when crossing a wormhole?” Lan Xuanyu asked Deng Bo. They were getting closer to the wormhole and he was starting to get nervous.

Deng Bo said, “As the captain, you must always maintain the connection between your spiritual power and the main system when crossing a wormhole. A wormhole is actually a peculiar astronomical phenomenon of space folding. While crossing it, the warship cannot deviate from the route at all. As this process will cause a lot of energy interference, you need to help the main system. Don’t deviate from the route and perform semi-automatic control. You must focus on whether the warship follows the route. As soon as there are any signs of deviation, you must adjust it manually.”

Lan Xuanyu nodded. “Understood.”

Deng Bo couldn’t help but ask, “You have spiritual power above the Spirit Sea realm, right?”

Lan Xuanyu glanced at him and said, “Don’t worry, my spiritual power has exceeded 4,000. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

‘More than 4,000?’ Deng Bo was stunned. Then, the corners of his mouth twitched and he shut up. He didn’t want to talk to them anymore, really!

When they finally arrived at the wormhole, a faint distorted shadow was already in front of them. Lan Xuanyu said in a low voice, “Activate the first level defensive barrier. Everyone, get ready. Focus.” As he spoke, he focused all his attention on the connection with the main system.

It was time to cross the wormhole and they could not afford to be careless. If they were careless, they might encounter a fatal danger.

The defensive barrier of the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship was activated and they entered the wormhole without a sound.

This time, as the main pilot of the warship, Lan Xuanyu could clearly feel the intense spatial fluctuation in the outside world. It was an extremely rapid spatial change. These spatial changes were like all sorts of strange energies that were constantly shuttling through, and their warship was shuttling through the violent fluctuations of these energies as though it was passing through doors. And every door that it passed through would be akin to a leap.

So this was space travel?

Lan Xuanyu suddenly understood. Nana being able to teleport from a distance was equivalent to creating a small wormhole, or rather, the simplest kind of wormhole. She was able to travel by folding space and cross half a continent in such a short time.

Comprehending the space attribute would definitely be very helpful to him.

Just as Deng Bo had said, due to space interference, although there was a protective shield, the warship still showed signs of deviation. He carefully adjusted and controlled the warship with both hands, allowing it to move steadily in the navigation track.

Deng Bo was actually more nervous than him as he kept paying attention to the data. Once there was a deviation, he would immediately rush to Lan Xuanyu’s side and request for a change of control. At that time, Lan Xuanyu would definitely agree.

But facts proved that Lan Xuanyu had sufficient spiritual power to do this. The warship was moving very smoothly, and even if there was a slight deviation, Lan Xuanyu would quickly adjust it.

Deng Bo’s nervous heart gradually relaxed as he secretly gave Lan Xuanyu a thumbs up. This wormhole crossing experience was an indispensable process for Lan Xuanyu to pilot a warship. This was also a process that every warship commander had to go through. It was just that for Lan Xuanyu to experience this at his age, he might have already broken the Federation’s age record.

* We will change Sin City to Sin Planet starting from now on

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