Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 592 - Attack ! Antimatter Missile

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Chapter 592– Attack ! Antimatter Missile

Lan Xuanyu had already entered a state of complete focus and was constantly adjusting himself and his connection with the warship. At the same time, he was comprehending the mysteries of space folding inside a wormhole.

After an unknown period of time, all the distortions suddenly disappeared. In Lan Xuanyu’s perception, everything seemed to have slowed down.

There were no longer any weird and bizarre distortions outside, and in its place was the boundless cosmos.

They were out. Yes, they were out of the wormhole.

Lan Xuanyu heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed.

“Woah, we’re out.” Lan Mengqin couldn’t help but exclaim, and everyone couldn’t help but cheer.

This was their first time piloting a warship through a wormhole!

But it was also at this time that the warship’s radar alarm sounded. A pitch-black warship with spikes on its surface was slowly approaching them. It was the warship that protected the wormhole on Heaven Planet.

A notification popped up.

Lan Xuanyu picked up the call.

“Please stop the ship immediately and get ready for boarding,” a cold voice came from the other side.

Letting them board the ship? Lan Xuanyu was stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but take off his helmet to look at Deng Bo. According to Deng Bo, when entering the Sin Planet, one had to pay rare metals as entrance fee, but when leaving, there wouldn’t be any checks unless there were special circumstances.

Deng Bo shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe it’s because you guys are wanted. Hand over the command authority to me and I’ll try communicating with them. If they board the ship for inspection, as wanted criminals, you guys will be exposed.”

Lan Xuanyu’s eyes flickered as he looked out of the window.

At this moment, they weren’t the only space warships passing by. There were other space warships as well, and the space warships in charge of patrolling Heaven Planet were inspecting them. This was the only space warship that came to Lan Xuanyu’s side.

‘What should we do? Hand the command over to Deng Bo?’

“Team leader, are you confident that they will not board our warship?” Lan Xuanyu asked Deng Bo.

Deng Bo shook his head and said, “No, there’s a 20 to 30 percent chance they won’t. We can try to bribe him.”

Lan Xuanyu asked, “What if they insist on boarding the warship?”

Deng Bo said, “We’ll just have to charge out. We’re already out of the wormhole anyway. In terms of performance, our warship…”

Just as he said that, he saw that Lan Xuanyu had already put on his helmet and issued a series of orders.

“Activate the protective shield, full power. Speed up at full speed, we’ll break free by charging out. Prepare the invisibility function.” As he spoke, a panel with multiple control buttons popped up on both sides of his seat.

This panel was very similar to the interstellar warship pilot panel, and for a warship, it was all manually operated.

Deng Bo stared at him with his mouth agape. ‘What’s going on? He wants to force his way in just because of a few words ? Isn’t this too decisive? He didn’t even try to communicate?’

Lan Xuanyu’s judgment was actually very simple. If Deng Bo said that he had a 50% chance of convincing the other party to not board the ship, he would have handed the command over to Deng Bo to try negotiating.

But Deng Bo said that it was only 20 to 30 percent, so what was the point of negotiating? Moreover, they had to take the risk to remove Deng Bo’s Sacred Restraining Cuffs. No matter how they looked at it, the situation would become even more uncontrollable. They might as well try to control everything with their own hands, so Lan Xuanyu immediately made a decision.

In Deng Bo’s imagination, what were newborn calves that were not afraid of tigers ? It was exactly this situation. Especially when Deng Bo mentioned that the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance spaceship should be better than the other party, Lan Xuanyu naturally did not hesitate.

On the other hand, the engine nozzles at the tail of the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship were extinguishing as they flew towards Heaven Planet. They slowed down as though they were about to receive the inspection.

What Lan Xuanyu didn’t know was that many times, these fleets from Heaven Planet usually threatened the space pirates here just to ask for some bribes. When Deng Bo said that there was only 20% to 30%, he actually wanted to tease him. He didn’t expect Lan Xuanyu to give him such a direct response.

Both warships gradually got closer and Lan Xuanyu immediately ordered, “Fire the antimatter missiles.”

As the captain, he immediately gave the location. At the same time, at the tail of the warship, the jet that was about to go out suddenly emitted a dazzling light and the warship’s power core increased to its maximum.

An intense light shot out and the warship accelerated almost instantly. At the same time, four dim lights shot out silently.

Not only that, but the main cannons and secondary cannons of the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance warship were fired almost at the same time as soul rays shot towards the approaching Heaven Planet warship.

The other party was obviously shocked by their sudden all-out attack. It was too late to dodge as they quickly activated the warship’s protective cover, but they were still assaulted by the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance ship’s soul rays. In an instant, the protective cover of the warship blossomed with a large brilliance.

Inside the Tang Sect’s reconnaissance spaceship, Deng Bo said in shock and anger, “Are you crazy? How can you attack? If you just run, the other party might not even chase after you! This attack of yours is a death grudge!”

Lan Xuanyu said helplessly, “You didn’t mention it just now! How would I know? How do I break through without attacking?”

Deng Bo realized that he was wrong, really wrong. He had underestimated the courage of these young people…

Although he was surprised when Lan Xuanyu said that he would charge out, he didn’t stop him because warships would often do that. They would turn around and run when they were extorted. If they were fast enough, they wouldn’t be extorted if they weren’t caught.

But what he didn’t expect was that Lan Xuanyu didn’t just pilot the warship and run, but instead took the initiative to attack. Lan Xuanyu wasn’t a member of the Tang Sect, and he didn’t have to think about whether or not the warship would return to Heaven Planet in the future. He only had to think about how to leave the battlefield and quickly return to the Mother Planet.

Hence, in his opinion, the best way to prevent the enemy’s warship from catching up was to attack first, suppress the other party, and even injure the other party’s warship. This way, when they would leave the battlefield, the possibility of being chased would be greatly reduced!

It was a simple and direct thought process, but Deng Bo was taken aback. He realized that he really couldn’t hold back with these little guys. He really should tell them everything in detail.

But it was too late to say anything now. The attack had already been launched, and even the antimatter missiles had been launched! This was the strongest attack of this warship.

Deng Bo quickly shifted his gaze to the window screen and was shocked to discover that Lan Xuanyu had not only launched the antimatter missiles, he had also launched all four of them at once. This was the entire Tang Sect warship’s arsenal and the antimatter missiles were very expensive!

Under the barrage of the soul rays, the other party’s warship could only activate its protective shield and defend passively, but they intercepted everything. The commotion here naturally attracted the attention of the other warships of Heaven Planet. They stopped checking on the other warships and quickly flew over.

Just at this moment, the warship that tried to intercept Lan Xuanyu’s team exploded!

The Tang Sect’s antimatter missiles were the most advanced in the current Douluo Federation. Not only were they extremely powerful, but they also had the latest technology. Phantom missiles with a characteristic similar to invisibility. Even the most advanced radar could only detect their tracks at close range.

Hence, when Lan Xuanyu’s warship went all out, the four antimatter missiles actually flew out according to the position indicated by Lan Xuanyu.

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