SPELLBOUND - Chapter 347 - Unpalatable

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Gavrael felt like the world came screeching to a full-on halt at the sight of Evie standing there, glowing so bright, like a sun suddenly appearing in the middle of the darkest night. She was like a vision of love for Gavrael which was beyond that of any dream that he could ever conjure. But his heart was in turmoil. It seemed to be feeling emotions that were on both ends of the spectrum. His heart rejoices each time he sees her. But…

Evie!! Why, love? Why are you here? What are you doing here? How… how did you…

Instead of feeling relieved at the blinding light that had shone brilliantly and lit up this abyss of darkness, Gavrael's expression looked as though he was seeing his worst nightmare becoming a reality right before his very eyes. He shook himself out of his shock in seeing her there.


"Leave!" he shouted as he rushed towards Evie in a flash and blocked her from the view of his enemies. "Leave, Evie. NOW!!!" His voice thundered out as she had never heard him speak before. The anger and fear mixing within his eyes were too intense as his body blazed with so much darkness. The jumble of emotions that Evie saw flash through his eyes took her aback and caused a spine-chilling fear to creep into her mind.

Evie could not help but waver a little, right there and then, despite all her resolve she had declared to her companions earlier. That was the first time she ever heard him yell at her with so much anger and urgency. However, she gritted her teeth and steeled her resolve. 

"No!" Evie held her ground as she yelled back at Gavrael stubbornly. "I'm not going to leave you!" 

Before Gavrael could speak again, the dark fae that possessed Thundrann let out a chilling and eerie laugh. 

"It's too late, Gavrael," he called out in a sing-song voice, "she cannot leave anymore and so do you. I've already trapped you both inside the most powerful prison barrier ever created in history." He cackled loudly, sounding for all the world to be totally out of his mind. Evie thought that the voice seemed to sound more like a deranged witch.

Gavrael slowly calmed down from the trembling triggered by his anger and sheer panic when he realised that Evie was suddenly here in this place. The ancient dark fae was right, it was too late now for either of them to escape. And he knew that he could never break this barrier that was created by someone far more powerful than he was. He was only left with one choice now. And that was for him to kill his vessel, Thundrann, before… before…

"So, you are the new queen of the light faes, eh?" The ancient dark fae shifted his attention away from Gav and to Evie this time. "I didn't think you'd actually come over on your own. I was trying to drive Gavrael to give in to his darkness, because once that happens, it will be easier for me to make him into my new vessel." He was suddenly and surprisingly so willing and forthcoming with his explanations as he leisurely walked back and forth before the massive dark crystal that was oozing with dark magic. "And when he finally becomes my new vessel, I will have him go and bring you to me. But… he had been quite stubborn and actually managed to fight and get all the way in here without losing himself –" He then tutted to himself as though showing displeasure to a little kid who had ran off from completing his chores. It seemed to Evie that this dark fae is more wonky than she had thought.

"Gav is not going to lose to anyone, not even to his own dark magic!" Evie bravely cut him off and the dark fae laughed with much mirth.

"How confident. Too bad, little queen… because your confidence in him will all dissolve into thin air very soon –"

"That's not going to happen." Her gaze on him was so fierce and laser sharp as she cut him off for the second time around while he was still in the midst of speaking. This time, he found that he was starting to get irritated at her unwavering and absolute trust in her man. 

"How adorably stubborn. But you are right. It might not happen anymore since I don't need him to give in to his darkness anymore. You know why? Because you are here now, my little queen. Thus, I don't need him anymore." He smiled evilly as he trained those creepy eyes of his on Evie.

Evie's eyes widened. Though she trusted in Gav, she could not help but feel absolutely disgusted at the way he eyed her – as though she was a piece of delicious and juicy steak, ready to be devoured. She wanted to turn to the side and look at Gav, but she dared not take her eyes off their enemy. However, she could see from the corner of her eyes that her husband had remained still. In fact, he did not even seem like he was breathing now. However, she could feel his powers continue building up and becoming heavier and thicker than ever before, as though there were something that kept prompting him to keep going. 

"What do you want from me?" she asked, realizing that he always had the intention to strike, but it was not to kill her. It was only done to take Gav away from her. 

"First of all, I guess I need to introduce myself first. The queen who will be sacrificed to free me deserves to know that much at least." He said in a somewhat gentlemanly manner – though pretentious – and Evie felt Gav's dark magic made a weak pulse-like movement that rippled his heavy calm. "I am Galleous, an ancient king of the dark faes." 

"Galleous…" Evie uttered his name with a flat and disgusted tone. Evie even found that his name sounded so unpalatable! 

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