SPELLBOUND - Chapter 348 - You Cannot Stop Me

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 "You seem to be so full of yourself. Whoever the queen was that had successfully imprisoned you inside this dark crystal deserved to be complimented. I'd even give her an award!" Evie gently mocked that so called ancient king.

Galleous snorted. "Are you certain about that, queen? Because she wasn't strong enough to kill me. That was why she had chosen to trap me like this. And I'm certain you know what happens to the magic of every creature that had been trapped inside these dark crystals. And don't you forget, little queen… I've been here for many millennia, and I am sure you can tell how strong I am right now."

"That is true, however, no matter how strong you are, you can never free yourself." Evie smirked at him.

"That's why you are needed here, queen. I've been waiting for thousands of years until the queen of the light faes is finally born.. And now that you're right here before my face, do you think I will ever let you slip through my hands?" The earth shook as his voice thundered loudly. The crystal was pulsating with such thick magic that it was being sucked by his vessel's body. "I will finally be freed! Hahaha."

As the sardonic laugh echoed, something totally unexpected happened.

Gavrael suddenly disappeared before Evie. He had taken the opportunity while Galleous was distracted and attacked his vessel and he was slammed right against the walls of the ancient dungeon.

The earth shook due to the impact again. Evie could see that Gav had seemed to have suddenly become even stronger if that was even possible.

But she did not have much time to even go help him out as orcs suddenly emerged from behind the barrier. Evie could see that they were also under the control of the dark fae inside this crystal.

They all came and attacked Evie, obviously trying to catch her alive. But there was no way she would ever let them touch even a single strand of her hair.

She fought them using her magic. Not letting them get near her. They were strong. Stronger than the normal variety of orcs. But come hell or high water, there was no way she was going to lose to an orc. Never!

As Evie fought off the orcs, Gavrael was hellbent on killing Galleous' vessel – which was Thundrann. This was the only way to foil his plan. But as he had expected, it was not going to be easy. It was nearly impossible as Thundrann was like an undead being, always rising back up no matter how many times Gavrael struck him down. He kept receiving an endless and tremendous stream of magic which came from the crystal as its source. He must find a way to stop the flow of the strong magic sustaining Thundrann endlessly if he wanted to kill him. But how?

"I told you, Gavrael. You are weak." Galleous taunted, in a seemingly blithe manner.

"Shut up." Gavrael growled in frustration before his fists slammed down and right into Thundrann's nose, breaking his facial bones. But that hardly made the man fall back. 'Does the guy not feel any pain?!' Gavrael muttered to himself.

"You're gonna die here, Gavrael. I was planning to keep you alive to be my audience when your lover's life and blood will free me. But I have changed my mind. I'm going to kill you now!" Thundrann shouted and a strong wave of magic swiftly attacked Gavrael again.

As Gavrael dodged the attacks, the wave of magic seemed to have stopped. Something bright suddenly blasted out and Gavrael saw that Evie had now launched her own attacks on Thundrann while he was being occupied with him.

Thundrann was thrown like a ragdoll and hit the walls and then rolled down on the ground due to receiving a direct hit from Evie's strong magic.

Gavrael took that opportunity and jumped on Thundrann, preparing to slaughter him with his sword. But Galleous was just that little bit faster and he managed to surround Thundrann's body with a protection barrier just before Gavrael could deliver the final blow.

A curse escaped from Gavrael's mouth, and he pushed back, knowing that it would be futile for him to try to break the barrier.

"He's giving him time to recuperate!" Evie immediately approached Gav. And she lifted her hand over his chest. "You need to take this opportunity to heal as well!"

Gavrael was stunned at her quick response. Her healing magic was already spread out in a thick blanket all over him. Looking down, he could see his wounds literally closing and healing before his very eyes.

"I can heal myself, Evie." He told Evie gently, but she just glared unhappily at him, telling him to shut up and just accept her help. She was still upset that he had decided to put up the barrier and forcefully kept her back in Crescia on his own without even discussing it with her.

"Your magic can heal but can't protect. Mine can."

He grabbed her shoulders tightly and bent over. His eyes so incredibly fierce and intense. "Listen to me, Evie. I think I have no choice now but to succumb to my darkness. It's the only way for me to defeat him."

Evie's stubborn act immediately vapourised and her eyes circled with shock. "No… you can't… that's… didn't he say he will turn you into his vessel once that happens?"

"That's only if I end up being inferior to him. And that's something I'll never let happen. I will definitely be stronger than him."

Evie shook her head. "No. Don't. We can defeat him. Both of us. Let's work together. I'm not going to let you lose yourself! I came here to fight alongside you, you dummy. Not to watch you succumb yourself to darkness."

When Gavrael lifted his face and looked at the still recuperating Thundrann, Evie caught his face to make him look at her.

"Are you listening to me? Gav!" Evie pleaded and insisted.

"No, Evie!" he hissed, his eyes bleeding red with anger now. "You shouldn't be here in the first place!!! Why must you come over to –"

Suddenly, a slap landed across Gavrael's face. The sharp sting caused him to pause and look at her in shock.

"I know you've imprisoned me there to protect me but I'm still angry regardless of your intentions. I'm angry that you don't have enough trust in me. I'm no longer the damsel in distress that you always like to hide away like a little helpless child when trouble comes. I am a queen now! I am no longer a powerless little lady! I will fight when I want. You cannot stop me from wanting to fight with you. For fighting for the ones I love! I refuse to run away and hide, while my loved ones are fighting to their deaths!" She screamed and ranted at him.


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