Spirit Vessel - Chapter 917: Broken World

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Chapter 917: Broken World

A fourth-level demon wielding a mace blocked Feiyun’s path. His domain was named Weapon Grave. The domain consisted of numerous broken weapons.

“Lord Xueshuang wants your life, you’re not getting away.” He had long white hair and an arrogant gaze. His red mace was brimming with explosive power.

A fourth-level Nirvana cultivator was qualified to break through to Heaven’s Emergence or become an ancestor. All were powerful.

“That’s not up to you.” Feiyun gathered flames in his mouth and spewed out an inferno. A phoenix screeched as the inferno took the shape of the great bird.

“Phoenix Sinflame!” This was the special power he gained after reaching the third level.

It was stronger than the Second Dark Underworld Flame since it was an ability unique to phoenixes. If he could have one hundred bones, this flame would be comparable to the Trinity True Flame.

Several thousand miles became engulfed in the inferno, destroying the floating boulders and islands.

Even Weapon Grave was being burned by the flames.

“What the hell is this technique? It looks like a phoenix’s sinflame!” The demon was frightened, thinking that Feiyun had a special technique to replicate a phoenix flame.

He hurriedly ran away because losing his domain would result in serious injuries.

“Whoosh!” Feiyun pierced through the domain and left behind a cut on the demon’s arm. It was nothing due to the demonic runes embedded in his body.

“Asshole!” The demon smashed his mace downward with the force of a mountain range.

Feiyun was in front of Undying Hall now. The ashes in his body lit up as he became ablaze. He turned around and unleashed another thrust at the mace.

“Boom!” The impact released waves of fire. The two staggered backward at the same time.

Feiyun got one foot in the door and smiled at the demon: “See ya.” He then entered the palace.

“His cultivation improved greatly.” Lord Xueshuang landed with a smirk on her face.

“My Lord, he’s still only a third level. That ability is special but I’m sure I can kill him.” The demon who fought Feiyun earlier said.

“He’s cunning and improving rapidly, I myself couldn’t kill him after half a month, and you think you can kill him?” She said: “Come, if there are legacies from our ancestor inside, we can’t let a human take them.”

The intelligent demoness noticed how Feiyun entered and understood the method right away. She led the group of nine into the hall.

“Who was that human earlier? That ability was insane. How come I haven’t heard of him?” The human geniuses gathered.

Only two or three were wounded. One was knocked out by Feiyun.

“He’s a half-demon.” Nie Shuangshuang could see through Feiyun and was slightly surprised.

Xiao Tianyue’s expression soured after hearing the word “half-demon”.

“A half-demon can be this strong?” Many found this unbelievable.

In their eyes, half-demons were wretched and weak, not competitive in the slightest. They didn’t think a third-level half-demon would be able to push back a fourth-level expert.

“One or two top characters will come out from that kind every few generations. They can even compete with immortal city and palace lords during their youth. However, they’ll die in Nirvana.”

“So what if he’s at the third level? He can’t reach the fourth level and absolutely not Heaven’s Ascension.”

“Come, let’s enter.” The humans also joined the fray.


Since the sacred ancestor chose this place to comprehend the dao during his old age, it was considered a holy ground for the demons.

The air was filled with an ancient and saintly aura, the same with the floor and walls.

Feiyun felt as if this was a new world. Everything here might have been touched by a saint. It was nearly the same as traveling back in time to meet one. This was a pleasant yet discomforting sensation.

“Uncle, how come I don’t sense my grandpa?” The fruit followed behind Feiyun.

Senses and spirit energy were suppressed in this palace. This made cultivators nervous.

“We have to stop, my veins are sealed and I can’t channel spirit energy.” Feiyun felt his dantian being restricted.

“What about my grandpa?”

“Your grandpa is lucky and won’t die that easily. You know, turtles live forever…” He suddenly thought about something else.

If spirit energy didn’t work here, it meant that abilities and techniques were useless. Thus, one could only rely on their physical strength.

I have the Myriad Beast and Immortal Phoenix Physique, isn’t this the best scenario for me?

“Come, we have to find your grandpa.” Feiyun took out his weapon essence and strutted forward.


A while later, Lord Xueshuang and the nine demons made it to Feiyun’s previous position.

“If we go any further, our demon jewel will be suppressed.” One expert slightly frowned.

Lord Xueshuang smiled: “That’s perfect. We focus on training our body while the humans focus on their dantian.”

The others started smiling after realizing this.


Next came the human geniuses to the same spot. They noticed this but were confident with their physical-boost talismans and entered without fear.


“Uncle, do we really have to kill?” The fruit whispered.

“They’ll kill me if I don’t do it first. I don’t want to die so they’ll have to die.” Feiyun had a cold expression while touching the tip of his spear.

“Boom!” His body exploded with pure force, allowing him to pierce through a demon ahead.

The weapon essence was extremely sharp while Feiyun’s physical prowess was no slouch. The demon’s armor couldn’t block it and blood gushed everywhere.

However, this demon was resilient and still survived. He shouted: “He’s over here!”

“Shut up!” Feiyun leaped up and struck the guy’s head with his palm before severing his spine with the spear.

The victim’s body fell to the ground and turned back into a white spider. He had no idea how a powerful demon like him couldn’t survive one palm strike from a human.

How could a human be stronger physically than a demon?

Once Lord Xueshuang and the other eight demons ran over, only blood was left.

“Shit, how did he kill Bai Jingyuan so quickly? Is this human that strong?”

“If the Myriad-tribulation Immortal Law didn’t go missing, no one can have a stronger body than us.”

“How interesting, this human is quite interesting.” Lord Xueshuang smiled coldly. She had fought Feiyun and left him mangled each time. She thought that he would die from the injuries yet he kept on living like a cockroach. Thus, she knew that his life force and body were strong.

The space inside the palace was massive. It had several hundred rooms, dried ponds, damaged decoration mountains and waterfalls. Broken cliffs floated above as well. This was a broken world.

The ponds most likely had sacred water capable of bringing people back from the brink of death. They dried up due to the passage of time.

“This fourth-level corpse is 30 points.” Killing a fourth-level demon wasn’t that easy. Feiyun only did it due to the favorable circumstances.

“Uncle, come, there’s a fish in this pond!” The fruit noticed something and shouted at Feiyun.

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