Spirit Vessel - Chapter 941: War Monarch

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Chapter 941: War Monarch

The contribution division was overfilled with people, comparable to the scene when a corpse from a demon monarch showed up.

The examiner couldn’t believe it either because he didn’t notice Xue Shuang’s demonic energy. She was actually an entire level higher than him.

“He must be a spy, that’s the only explanation!”

“Yes, there are half-demons there too, he must be trying to infiltrate!”

“Rumor has it that the white spiders are furious that Aquamoon Saintess took away their saint artifact. This must be another attempt at getting it back!”

Feng Qingqing’s eyes had a dark glint as she shouted: “I will rip your tongue out if you don’t shut up!”

“Little girl, you’re quite cute when angry.” A short, bearded man teased her.

She shot out two rays from her eyes and pierced the man’s chest, sending him flying while blood gushed out from the wounds.

“Bitch, you dare to attack me?!” The man screamed and tried to get up, wanting to tell his men to capture Qingqing.

Feiyun frowned and glared at him: “I will kill you if you dare to say another word.”

“Boom!” His eyes turned red and murderous. A monstrous aura sent the short man flying again.

“The fourth level?! Impossible, how can a young half-demon be at the fourth level!” The man coughed out blood continuously while being overwhelmed with disbelief. This might be the most shocking thing he had ever seen in his life.

The geniuses nearby couldn’t believe it either. Being at the fourth level meant being qualified to reach Heaven’s Emergence. This was rare even for the ancestors of the ancient clans.

Moreover, a fourth-level half-demon was even rarer. He must be someone important and heavily guarded of the half-demon alliance.

“He must be a supreme genius secretly roomed there. They want him to compete against the rest of the world to gain more status.”

“I’ve never heard anything like this before. It’s usually only the members of the medial clans who come out to compete, not a half-demon.”

“It happened before but their geniuses always lost in a humiliating fashion. They stopped afterward to save themselves from further embarrassment.”

Feiyun gazed at the crowd and declared: “I’m ready to fight all challengers. So what if I’m a half-demon? Half-demons can be unbeatable against those from the same generation.”

A few medial geniuses were offended by this, wanting to teach this half-demon a lesson.

“Stop!” The commotion finally alerted an old man named Chen Yun inside the division.

He wore a scholarly robe and a feathered crest. A “War Monarch” badge was hanging on his waist. He was one of the strongest cultivators in this camp. His powerful aura successfully intimidated the crowd.

Feiyun also staggered backward and shuddered, thinking that this old man was far stronger than Xue Shuang. Space itself was being affected by the man’s aura.

He grabbed Feiyun’s badge to take a look before glancing at him and Xue Shuang: “Really the royal bloodline. You’re that Feng Feiyun?”

“You know me, Senior?” Feiyun asked.

“I am a member of the Chen from Grand Firmament Territory, I’ve heard about your exploit before.” Chen Yun said.

How could a young half-demon be noticed by this big shot - the crowd wondered.

Feiyun had a bad feeling about this.

Someone else suddenly remembered something and interjected: “I remember now! Back during the grave expedition, the young lord of Firmament died to a half-demon named Feng Feiyun. Twelve more domain successors and twenty prodigies were killed too!”

This left everyone from the twelve southwest territories speechless.

One year ago, it caused quite a stir at Firmament City. It nearly caused a war to break out between this city and the half-demon alliance.

When everyone heard Feng Feiyun’s name at first, they didn’t connect him to this story at all. Most never believed it in the first place. How could a half-demon kill the young lord along with his companions?

However, the war monarch’s attitude made them remember this story.

“He killed Xiao Tianyue?”

“It can’t be.”

“If he did, then he should be able to capture this royal spider too.”

Everyone started talking about Feiyun. The look in their eyes changed - respect, schadenfreude, confusion…

‘Xuanyuan Yiyi still revealed this.’ Feiyun thought.

Though Chen Yun brought this up, it had nothing to do with him so he stopped inquiring.

“This demoness is at the peak fifth level, redeemable for 400 points. However, since she’s a royal member, it’ll be 900 points. Congratulations, young one, you are the second war monarch of the half-demon alliance.”

Feiyun’s badge automatically turned into the war monarch’s version since he had 10,766.6 points.

Thus, he was on the same level as Chen Yun right now.

He’s a war monarch now? Others found this astonishing.

There were very few members of the young generation capable of achieving this feat. In fact, only six in the entire twelve territories in the southwest. Other geniuses from the medial clan only had a few thousand or so contribution points.

In fact, some of these great powers wanted to decide their next successor by using the contribution point system.

A half-demon managed to beat all of their geniuses and got there first.

Meanwhile, the demon corpses were marked in order to prevent someone else from redeeming them for the second time.

Xue Shuang’s body was marked too, all the way down to her bone. This would prevent her from escaping as well as stop Feiyun from redeeming her again for points.

Now, the corpses and Xue Shuang belonged to Feiyun. He could do whatever he wanted with them after returning to the dynasty.

“He might be able to act cool now but he’ll taste bitterness after returning.” Someone was jealous of his contribution points.

“Firmament City will not spare him, the same with the domain lords. He’s gonna get it back at Crimson Leaf.”

“Will the half-demon alliance be able to save him?”

“I think he won’t dare to return. He won’t be greeted as a hero by the half-demons, only death awaits.”

Feiyun ignored them and brought the group to the portal in order to return to Crimson Leaf.

He thought that the big shots from the half-demon alliance would stand up for him against the older members of Firmament City. What he did was just a contest between the young generation.

The half-demon alliance spanned across the human dynasties; they should be enough to fight against Firmament.

Plus, there was no way Firmament would dare to go overboard or use despicable means against a war monarch.

Feiyun didn’t want to retreat because that would only make the old men in the alliance think less of him.

Once the group of five got close enough to the portal, something dug out of the mud - a white and gray shadow.

The portal started flashing; no one had an idea that a turtle and a fruit had joined the group.

“Fuck, I’ve been waiting here an entire year for you, where have you been?!” The turtle wore the red ship on its head and lay down on Feiyun’s shoulder.

Cultivators have been looking for it so it couldn’t use the portal by itself. It waited for Feiyun so that it could tag along.

The fruit landed on the other shoulder and said: “If it wasn’t for grandpa’s red hat hiding our auras, we would have been captured.”

“Red hat, I see.” Feiyun’s expression changed slightly. He stared at the red ship and smiled: “Old turtle, let me take a look at your hat, I’ll tell you what it is.”

“No way, I risked my life for it, don’t even think about it.” The turtle held onto the ship with both hands, not wanting to lose it to Feiyun.

Feiyun didn’t push the issue since there was plenty of time later.

The portal started shaking again, meaning that Crimson Leaf was on the other side.

Feiyun said: “Once we’re out, you two need to run and hide right away.”

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