Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class - Chapter 477 - Zombie Breeding Ground  

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Chapter 477: Zombie Breeding Ground

“That should be the exit!” Dan Yangzi looked at the light ahead with anticipation in his eyes.

“Let’s go take a look first!” said Qin Chuan casually.

They sped up.

In a few minutes, they arrived at the illuminated area.

Qin Chuan observed for a while and said, “If I’m not mistaken, it should be the exit.”

“Then we…” Dan Yangzi winked.

“Let’s recover our strength first. Who knows if there’s danger outside.”

“I think the same,” said Dan Yangzi unyieldingly.

The two of them sat down to meditate and circulate their energy to recover.

When they were full of energy and spirit, Qin Chuan used the Law of Space to open the exit.

The moment they stepped out, the stench of rotting flesh hit them.

The ground beneath their feet was dark green, like swamp or sand. It was especially soft, and they could not stand in it.

Qin Chuan and Dan Yangzi were immortal cultivators, so that wouldn’t be a problem for them.

They stood in the air and surveyed the space.

After spreading their divine consciousnesses, they realized that it could only extend for a few hundred meters. There was also a force underground that repelled their divine consciousnesses.

Qin Chuan and Dan Yangzi wore grave expressions on their faces. The unease in their hearts grew stronger and stronger.

“Old Dan, don’t go too far away from me,” said Qin Chuan in a low voice.

Dan Yangzi’s clone was only in the Mahayana realm. Although he was not weak, no one could guarantee that an enemy with the combat power of an Immortal would appear next.

At this moment, green smoke rose from the ground.

This smoke was a little pungent, similar to the corrosive smell of sulfuric acid.

“Old Dan, the enemy is coming.” Qin Chuan warned.

As soon as he finished speaking, the ground began to move as if something was about to emerge.

After the ground squirmed for a while, it suddenly stopped, as if nothing had happened.

For a moment, the air became quiet again.

This silence sent chills down one’s spine.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

Time passed by slowly. Every second felt like a year.

Just then,


A decayed palm reached out from the ground, and one could vaguely see white bones.

After this one, another rotting palm stretched out from the ground.

One, two, three… Like mushrooms sprouting after the rain.

After seeing this, Qin Chuan already guessed where they were.

There must be many zombies hiding underground.

As expected.

Decayed figures crawled out from the ground.

It was very strange. These zombies could stand on this swamp-like ground without sinking.

These zombies were not only humans but also of other races.

For example, the five to six Giants, people with many heads and arms, half-human half-beasts, and so on.

Judging from their aura, these zombies were much stronger than ordinary people.

Currently, the weakest was equivalent to a Nascent Soul cultivator, while the strongest were only in the Fusion realm.

To Qin Chuan and Dan Yangzi, these zombies were like ants.

However, they weren’t sure if there were stronger zombies underground.

Regardless, they had to get rid of these first.

Like a natural disaster, Dan Yangzi’s fire techniques instantly turned the ground into a sea of fire.

It was unknown whether the cries coming from the mouths of the zombies were out of pain or anger.

In a few seconds, this group of zombies was engulfed by the sea of fire and turned into ashes.

Silence resumed.

But soon, another commotion came from underground.

The commotion this time was much greater than before.

In the next second, another group of zombies climbed up.

These zombies were different from the first batch.

They wore battle armor and held weapons in their hands. Their eyes were not as empty as before. It seemed as if they were sentient.

However, under Dan Yangzi’s fire techniques, even if they were well-equipped and intelligent, they could not withstand the high temperature of the sea of fire.

They were wiped out in less than a minute.

Another batch appeared, but they still failed to resist the sea of flames.

“They’re too weak!” Dan Yangzi teased casually.

Qin Chuan said, “In the beginning, it’ll always be some small monsters used as cannon fodder. The Boss will be the last to come out.

“From the looks of it, these zombies aren’t a threat. Let’s go look elsewhere.”

Dan Yangzi had no objections.

The two of them flew forward.

This space was not as big as he had imagined. They reached the end after walking about five kilometers, and the deeper they went, the darker it became.

Dan Yangzi activated a few balls of flames to light up the interior.

Qin Chuan looked around and found that it was not much different from the outside.

They found that there was no other exit apart from the entrance.

“This seems to be a sealed space. It’s probably man-made.” Qin Chuan concluded.

“Shall we go back now? Find another passage?” asked Dan Yangzi.

Qin Chuan pondered for a moment and said, “There’s no hurry.

“I’m guessing that the other passageways will end up the same as here.”

Dan Yangzi thought that that seemed to be a possibility.

“Old Dan, have you noticed that this place looks more like a breeding ground? For example, being used to raise zombies?” asked Qin Chuan.

“What do you mean?”

“Raising zombies on such a large scale is not simple.

“It’s not just targeted at the Luo Ding Sect. It’s very likely that the entire Immortal realm will be in turmoil.

“Old Dan, think about it carefully. Has anything like a zombie ever happened in the history of the development of the Immortal realm?”

Dan Yangzi recalled seriously for a moment, then slowly shook his head. “I don’t think so. This is really the first time I’ve seen them.”

“Alright! If this is really a place to breed zombies, we definitely have to destroy it,” said Qin Chuan.

Dan Yangzi nodded in agreement.

Then, Dan Yangzi executed his fire technique again.

He spread the flames to the entire ground in this space.

In an instant, the flames lit up the area.

At this moment, the entire ground began to shake violently.

Zombies of various sizes crawled out from the ground.

These zombies were basically below the Mahayana realm, and they couldn’t resist Dan Yangzi’s flames.

However, the commotion was huge. It seemed that all the zombies underground had appeared.

Instantly, a steady stream of zombies crawled out.

Although the flames created by Dan Yangzi were powerful, the number of zombies was beyond imagination.

At the same time, more than 100,000 zombies had crawled out.

So many zombies could not be incinerated in an instant.

Moreover, the zombies that appeared became stronger and stronger. It seemed that the flames wouldn’t last long.

However, Dan Yangzi was no ordinary person either.

He executed the fire spell again, raising the power of the flames by several levels. The temperature of the flames instantly increased by several times.

The high temperatures could instantly vaporize zombies.

After an unknown period of time, the number of zombies that crawled out was no longer as many as before.

Dan Yangzi had also expended a lot of stamina to cast the spell for such a long time.

When he saw the number of zombies fall, he also let down his guard.

But at that moment, a human-shaped zombie with eight arms and a tail suddenly emerged from the ground.

This zombie was about three meters tall. Its entire body was blood-red and half-decayed. One side of its face was white bones, and the other side came with flesh—a blood-red zombie!

The blood-red zombie stood above the sea of fire. Dan Yangzi’s flames were useless against it.

Dan Yangzi was shocked and immediately became nervous.

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