Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class - Chapter 478 - Ancient Forbidden Technique  

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Chapter 478: Ancient Forbidden Technique

The blood-red zombie turned Dan Yangzi’s understanding upside down.

It was not afraid of the flames, and it could even absorb them.

This made Dan Yangzi extremely surprised.

After absorbing some flames, the blood-red zombie’s body was covered in a layer of flames, and its aura had doubled.

Judging from its aura, it already had the combat power of a Mahayana cultivator.

“Old Dan, this zombie is not ordinary,” reminded Qin Chuan.

“I understand.”

Then, he said, “Old Qin, don’t interfere. I can handle it.”

“Sure!” replied Qin Chuan casually.

He still had some understanding of Dan Yangzi’s strength. It shouldn’t be a problem for him to deal with this zombie alone.

Dan Yangzi became serious. A square fan appeared in his hand.

This was his magical artifact, called the Square Fan.

Its name was ordinary, but its ability was extraordinary.

With a casual flap, the wind that blew out could increase the power of fire-elemental spells or divine arts by several folds.

At the same time, the Square Fan could be used as a weapon or armor.

This magical artifact was exchanged using a large amount of sect contribution points he obtained from participating in the operation to exterminate the zombie virus.

In terms of quality and effects, the Square Fan was considered above average.

Dan Yangzi swung the square fan downwards forcefully.

With a whoosh, the flames burned even more vigorously, as if gasoline had been poured onto them.

The temperature of the flames had also increased by several folds.

In this sealed space, the temperature was so high that it felt like one was in a furnace.

In an instant, the thick flames engulfed the blood-red zombie.

At the same time, Dan Yangzi formed a seal and chanted a spell. Golden runes flew out of his mouth.

These runes burrowed into the sea of fire below.

The raging flames instantly calmed down like a calm lake.

He waited for a moment.

Large amounts of runes appeared on the surface of the sea of fire and soon covered it.

Dan Yangzi’s expression was solemn. His hands kept gesturing towards the sea of fire below. From afar, he looked like a performer.

Qin Chuan knew what Dan Yangzi was doing.

This was Dan Yangzi’s alchemy technique.

His alchemy skills came from the Disarray Star Sea.

According to Dan Yangzi, this alchemy of his did not require any materials. It could refine the heavens and earth, refine all living things. It was an ancient forbidden technique.

As it was too abnormal, it had been lost to time.

What he had obtained in the Disarray Star Sea was only an incomplete copy.

Yet it earned him the title of Alchemy Saint.

From this, one could tell how powerful this forbidden technique was.

The blood-red zombie’s roar came from the sea of fire.

As time passed, the roars became softer and softer until there was no more sound.

At this moment, a small ball emitting a dark green glow emerged from the sea of fire.

This little ball was the pill that Dan Yangzi had refined using the blood-red zombie.

This alchemy technique of his could refine everything into pure spirit pills with no attributes.

As the saying goes, medicine has its toxicity.

However, there were no side effects after consuming such a spirit pill. It could be absorbed 100% without any waste.

In ancient times, in order to increase one’s strength, the might figures who mastered this alchemy technique had once used the living creatures in a region to refine spirit pills.

After this matter was spread, it enraged all parties. They felt that this alchemy technique shouldn’t exist, so they immediately exterminated everyone who mastered it.

At this point, this technique was lost.

However, there were no absolutes in everything, and it was still passed down.

Dan Yangzi obtained it.

This alchemy technique was too powerful and inhumane.

After obtaining the title of Alchemy Saint, Dan Yangzi decided to wash his hands off it and never use it again.

However, the current situation was special. Zombies were inhumane. By refining them into pills, Dan Yangzi didn’t feel guilty at all.

This was the first time Qin Chuan had seen Dan Yangzi use this alchemy technique, and he was very surprised.

If he could master this alchemy technique, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to raise his realm.

“Hmph! A mere zombie dares to swallow my flames? I’ll refine you to death.” Dan Yangzi raised his voice and said in a very imposing manner.

“This spirit pill is for you.” Dan Yangzi was very magnanimous and tossed this spirit pill in front of Qin Chuan.

“Don’t be too touched. I’ve sworn that I won’t take the pills obtained from this forbidden technique,” added Dan Yangzi.

“Thank you!” Qin Chuan chuckled. He did not dawdle and took it.

After refining the blood-red zombie, the space fell into momentary silence.

Before long, there was another commotion underground.

This time, a large number of blood-red zombies jumped out.

Like the previous one, they also had the ability to ignore the flames and absorb them.

Seeing this, Dan Yangzi executed the alchemy technique again.

In less than a few minutes, these blood-red zombies turned into spirit pills filled with pure energy.

Dan Yangzi also gave these spirit pills to Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan calculated for a moment. If another batch were to come, he could raise the cultivation level of his clone by a small margin.

What happened next was as he had expected.

Batches of these blood-red zombies came one after another, and they all turned into spirit pills.

Qin Chuan was happy.

Dan Yangzi was about to die from exhaustion.

This alchemy technique also expended a lot of stamina and spirit.

He didn’t have much dharmic power left, and it wasn’t enough for him to use it again.

Seeing this, Qin Chuan said, “Old Dan, you can rest at the side! Leave the rest to me.”

Panting, Dan Yangzi said stubbornly, “If not for the fact that I don’t have the energy left, I would have refined every single one of them.”

Qin Chuan only smiled without saying anything.

Logically speaking, it was already great that Dan Yangzi could do this.

Ordinary Mahayana cultivators were no match for this blood-red zombie.

Besides, there were so many of them.

Qin Chuan gave Dan Yangzi a few spirit pills to aid his recovery.

At this moment, there was still movement below the ground. It was unknown how many zombies were hidden there.

If these zombies were transported to Mega Planet through a spatial passageway, it would undoubtedly be an apocalypse.

As the commotion underground grew louder, a few more shadows stirred beneath the sea of fire.

This time, a huge monster with a green face and long fangs appeared.

This monster was more than five meters tall. Its muscles were like large rocks, and its mouth was like an octopus—it had many tentacles.

Qin Chuan had never seen such a creature before, but judging from its aura, it was equivalent to a peak Mahayana cultivator.

If it were to become a zombie, Qin Chuan believed that if an Immortal was injured by it, they would also be infected by the zombie virus and turn into a zombie.

Qin Chuan didn’t dare to be careless. He immediately used the Law of Gravity to increase the gravity of the area where the zombie was by ten thousand times.

There was a thud.

The zombie immediately turned into a mist of blood.

According to their usual style, these types of zombies would appear one after another.

Qin Chuan simply increased the gravity by ten thousand times.

These zombies turned into blood mist before they even emerged.

The efficiency of eliminating them this way was much faster than Dan Yangzi’s.

Had it not been for the fact that he was wary of the dangers below, Qin Chuan would have long dived underground and wiped them out.

On the other side.

Xu Longfei and the others were also in a sealed space.

There were also zombies in the sealed space.

However, their way of dealing with zombies was much simpler than Qin Chuan’s.

They were Immortal Kings with terrifying strength. Every move they made could destroy the world.

No matter how many zombies were hidden below, as long as their strength was not in the Immortal King realm, they would instantly disappear.

“The zombies in this space have been dealt with. There are still four spaces remaining.”

Before leaving, Xu Longfei carefully checked many times.

After confirming that everything was clean, he led the group of Immortal King elders to another space.

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