Starting With 3 S-Class Talents - Chapter 561 - Put the Grudges Aside and Said Goodbye

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Chapter 561: Put the Grudges Aside and Said Goodbye

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As Manfred was dead, the Star Race was instantly at a disadvantage on the battlefield.

Under the joint efforts of Gaia and Benson, all the members of the Star Race were wiped out in an instant. Not even one was left alive.

Adolphus, who had successfully ambushed Manfred, shook off the blood on his hands. He stood quietly on the spot and looked at Vincent, not saying a word.

Justin looked at Vincent blankly, then at Adolphus. He seemed confused by the unexpected situation.

Justin asked with a puzzled expression, “What’s going on? When did the two of you come to an agreement?”

Vincent turned to look at Gaia and Benson behind him. He ordered in a low voice, “Clean up the battlefield and collect all the items that can be used! Then, go to the Star Plaza and empty out all the assets of the Star Race!”

“Yes!” replied the two demons.

Gaia and Benson nodded and began to walk along the streets. They looked through the storage rings on the corpses.

Vincent then turned to look at Adolphus, smiled, and said, “When I discovered that there were no evil spirits around, I could guess what you were thinking. Only then did I remember that you already have the authority to modify. Even if you leave the capital of Ultimate Evil, the evil spirits will quickly develop and grow, surpassing the Feathered Monsters and the Bards. Staying in the capital of Ultimate Evil will not benefit you at all, so I believe you must be here to help me!”

Justin nodded in realization. He finally understood why Vincent reacted that way earlier.

However, Adolphus sneered and shook his head. He said, “If Justin had not appeared in time just now, I would have helped Manfred kill you first. Then, I would have brought my evil spirits and left the capital of Ultimate Evil!”

Justin took a step back. He pretended to be casual and said, “It doesn’t matter. You can also pretend that I don’t exist now. If the two of you fight, I promise that I won’t interfere! But don’t blame me for not reminding you. Although Vincent is only a level 50 creature, you might not be the one who survives in the end!”

Adolphus sighed with a face full of unwillingness and slowly said, “If it were in the past, I would never have believed that the former Vampire Race leader would willingly be used by you. I believe that even in a one-on-one situation now, you can still defeat me. So now you have two choices. Either you take the opportunity to kill me and avoid a big threat in the future, or you let me go. However, I promise that I will seek revenge on you again!”

Vincent moved aside disapprovingly and said softly, “You can leave now! There is no deep hatred between you and me. Moreover, you are the only one who has truly benefited from me. I hope you can think about the benefits I’ve given you in the future again!”

Adolphus did not say anything more. He strode past Vincent and walked directly toward the Black Hole.

As all the troops that were guarding the Black Hole had left with Marcus, the Black Hole was like an open door. Adolphus had made arrangements in advance. The evil spirits were all waiting for his arrival at the Black Hole. Once Adolphus arrives, they would be able to leave immediately.

Vincent was not surprised by Adolphus’s decision. The reason he had chosen to cooperate with Adolphus was that he was smarter than Kaeger and Marcus.

When faced with a choice, smart individuals would often make the more advantageous decision!

Justin looked at the capital of Ultimate Evil, which seemed emptier. He asked Vincent, “Now, the five major races are no longer here. What should we do next?”

Vincent shook his head slightly and said softly, “Actually, other than the Vampire Race, the other races were all deceived by me! Because the one who always had the upper hand was the Ultimate Evil Lord! But I don’t believe that Gajero will die in the capital of Ultimate Evil just like that. Maybe he still has some trump cards that he hasn’t used yet, so I want to stay and watch the battle. No matter who survives today, I can gather more powerful information against the winner!”

Justin nodded and said, “Then we’ll just watch from the space tunnel? Only now did I realize that the modification authority is great for spying!”

Vincent smiled faintly and immediately opened the space door. He brought Justin into the space tunnel together with him. They walked all the way to the center of the battle between Gajero and the Ultimate Evil Lord.

At that moment, the Ultimate Evil Lord in the sky was emitting an incomparably dazzling purple light all over his body. His entire body had completely merged with the capital of Ultimate Evil. His emotions represented the will of the entire world.

On the other hand, Gajero was bearing the weight of the entire world within the purple light pillar!

Gajero was struggling to move. Every inch of his skin and every bone in his body was bearing the crushing pressure. His entire body was being crushed over and over again. He relied on the regenerative ability of the Demon Race to heal himself.

The pain of endless reincarnation made Gajero clench his teeth. All the nerves in his body were tense, but he did not let out a single cry of pain.

Vincent could not help but sigh when he saw this. He said, “I originally thought that a battle between experts would not take long. I did not expect it to be so tragic. Even if Gajero died today, he will suffer endless pain before he dies!”

Justin replied confidently, “You may not know this, but to become an expert like them, talent, experience, and fortuitous encounters required are all the same. Their strength is about the same at this point. Unless one of them has exceptional luck, the battle will carry on indefinitely. Whoever is exhausted first will lose his life!”

Vincent said thoughtfully, “But if Gajero is doomed to die now, why does he have to endure the pain of being smashed to pieces? It seems that he must have a trump card to turn defeat into victory!”

Justin nodded silently. He did not know Gajero very well. He could only wait for time to provide him with the answer.

Justin suddenly looked over to the corner of the space tunnel. He saw Alexia hugging her knees. She had curled up into a ball and was sobbing continuously.

Justin asked curiously, “What did you do to this girl? Why is she crying so sadly? Could it be that you have finally inherited the Immortal bloodline?”

Vincent turned to look at Justin and said with a serious expression, “What are you thinking about? How could a person like me, who possesses exceptional luck, be interested in the power that was obtained through such a wretched method? She only heard some truth about Gajero and could not bear it. She is unwilling to face reality!”

Justin’s gossipy soul was ignited. He asked Vincent excitedly, “Oh? Then tell me, what happened?”

Vincent smiled bitterly and told Justin what Gaia had told him.

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