Starting With 3 S-Class Talents - Chapter 562 - The Situation Had Been Reversed, Victory and Defeat Had Been Decided

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Chapter 562: The Situation Had Been Reversed, Victory and Defeat Had Been Decided

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“I really didn’t expect Gajero to have such a crazy plan! The conditions for becoming a god are extremely harsh. Not only does he have the ability to fulfill all the conditions, but he also wants to create the most perfect divine personality and flawless physical body. From then on, it is likely that he would soar to the sky and become the strongest God in the Black Hole World. I really don’t know whether I should admire his ambition or laugh at his greed!”

Justin could not help but sigh.

Vincent shook his head and said softly, “I have never believed in his ambition, and I don’t believe that there is anything that could allow one to soar to the heavens in just one step! Since Gajero wants to become the strongest God, then the ones who need to be wary of him are naturally those high and mighty Protoss. We don’t need to worry about this!”

Justin nodded slightly and said, “That’s true. The only thing we need to worry about now is the final result of the battle and then leave with the information that we have gathered! I believe that no matter who wins, the winner will not be able to find us in a short period of time!”

Vincent let out a long sigh of relief and turned his gaze toward the battlefield outside the space barrier.

The Ultimate Evil Lord was still unaware of what was happening in the capital of Ultimate Evil because his entire attention was focused on the battle in front of him. As the creature who understood Gajero the most, he paid his full attention to Gajero.

So long Gajero was not dead, the Ultimate Evil Lord would never look away.

“Gajero, you don’t have to forcefully resist anymore! Today, you will definitely die. If you continue to resist, it will only increase your own pain!” shouted the Ultimate Evil Lord with a face full of confidence.

Gajero, who remained silent within the purple light pillar suddenly said, “Die? Who gave you such confidence? Although you can destroy my body, you are unable to harm my demon core. With just this bit of strength, you want me to die? Looks like you have been hiding here for too long. Even your brain has degenerated!”

The Ultimate Evil lord took a deep breath when he heard this. He raised his hands and waved them in the air. He condensed the law chains in the sky and extended them into the purple pillar of light. He used the law chains to tie up Gajero’s hands, feet, and head and dragged him out of the pillar of light.

The five chains exerted force in five different directions and hung Gajero in the sky.

Gajero was about to be exhausted, and his healing process had slowed down by a lot. Under the pull of the law chains, cracks gradually appeared on his body. He looked like he could be torn into pieces at any time.

The Ultimate Evil Lord floated in front of Gajero and said with a cold smile, “Today, I’m going to tear you apart alive and study your demon core. How can it withstand so much damage? Let’s see if you are truly undying and indestructible!”

He then controlled the law chains and began to gradually exert force. He was prepared to tear Gajero into pieces.

Gajero, whose body was gradually tearing apart, said with a cold smile, “Haha, it’s too late!”

He suddenly released his left hand that he was clenching tightly. A black ball flew out of his palm and into his mouth.

The Ultimate Evil Lord’s eyes instantly widened and he shouted, “What is that thing? What did you eat?”

He could feel that there was an endless amount of power surging into Gajero’s body.

Following that, Gajero’s injured body began to gradually heal. His shriveled body also began to regain muscles. Even the law chains that contained the power of the world were no longer useful.

Gajero bent his arms slightly. All the muscles in his body exerted force together, directly shattering the law chains that bound his body. He looked at the Ultimate Evil Lord from above.

“Good brother, don’t worry. Today, I will not let you die without knowing why. I will let you understand everything you want to know before you die!”

Gajero’s tone was very gentle as he spoke, but his expression and gaze gradually became ferocious.

The Ultimate Evil Lord had a bad feeling. Gajero was showing his confident expression. It looked as if he knew that he would definitely be victorious.

“I don’t know where you get your confidence from, but you can’t beat me today! I could easily suppress you just now. With just one pill, how can it fill the gap between us?” said the Ultimate Evil Lord nervously.

It did not seem like he was threatening Gajero but more like he was comforting himself.

Gajero’s mouth cracked open, revealing a cruel smile. His voice became increasingly shrill as he said, “Do you think that what I swallowed just now was just a pill to stimulate my potential? That was a divine personality that I had created for myself! Unfortunately, this divine personality has flaws and I am unable to be at my peak after using it. Unless I have no other choice, I don’t want to fuse with it just yet. But today, for you, I can only choose an imperfect self. With the support of the divine personality, I want to see how you can defeat me!”

Gajero then raised a finger and pointed it down at the Ultimate Evil Lord. Immediately after that, a pitch-black ring appeared between his brows, emitting a black light. That black light could devour all light.


The Ultimate Evil Lord shouted as if he had suffered severe pain. He let out a miserable cry. Immediately after that, his body began to age and rot at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, he was completely unrecognizable. He looked similar to a member of the Undead Race and emitted a foul stench.

The Ultimate Evil Lord roared indignantly, “Impossible! In the capital of Ultimate Evil, I am the absolute ruler! On what basis can you control my life and death?”

Gayero said in a cold tone, “Because my divine personality represents corruption and destruction. I have the ability to control life and death anywhere. You don’t have a divine personality, so you have no way to defeat me. Even if you are the ruler of this space, you are still under my control!”

The Ultimate Evil Lord’s limbs were long destroyed. The muscles in his chest had completely rotted, revealing the white bones and his heart that was beating slowly.

His heart began to turn black bit by bit, gradually emitting a foul smell.

“B*stard! Even if you can kill me today, your divine personality is bound to have flaws. You will definitely die in the hands of others in the future! I will wait for you in the kingdom of the dead ahead of time. I will see you fail!”

Before the Ultimate Evil Lord surrendered to death, he used his remaining energy to cast a curse on Gajero.

Gayero sneered and immediately tore open his chest with both hands, revealing the demon core protected by golden light.

“Do you see this layer of golden light? This is a divine artifact I stole from Judge World. It can protect my most vulnerable areas from all kinds of power! From now on, I’m an undying and indestructible existence. Moreover, I’ve prepared a perfect body for myself, which is enough to make up for the flaw in my divine personality. You can rest assured and die. We’ll never meet again!”

Gajero bragged incessantly.. The Ultimate Evil Lord finally collapsed into a pile of foam and floated in the air within the capital of Ultimate Evil.

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