Starting With Contract Pets - Chapter 373 - Miracle Flame

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Chapter 373: Miracle Flame

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Under the management of Du Qiankun and the others, the people on the Sirius Star quickly chose to surrender. Some ordinary Pet Tamers expressed their willingness to return to Blue Planet after witnessing Su Bai’s powerful strength.

Apart from the ordinary people, every faction that had organized the defection was arrested. Several peak gymnasiums and families were annihilated with all their assets confiscated.

Once all of these were done and over, their former members were assigned to different places to help in resisting the invasion of monsters.

Su Bai did not care much about these things. After handing everything to Du Qiankun, he returned to Planet Eye.

“What a bountiful harvest. I was only here to take revenge. I didn’t expect to come across an existence like the Dragon God of Corpses.” Su Bai couldn’t help but comment.

The big orange cat responded excitedly.

“This Dragon God of Corpses is really terrifying. It’s a pity that it still cannot match me—the Lord of Endless Wealth.”

“Initially, you would not have had any hope of prying into the ‘origins’ for the meantime. But this Dragon God of Corpses is simply like handing over a pillow to someone who is about to sleep. It’s simply an opportunity bestowed upon you by the heavens. After all, this Dragon God of Corpses had already condensed the Ancestor Dragon’s origins.”

“After destroying Black Dragon King’s disgusting consciousness, Little Blood Dragon will fuse with it. At that time, it will be able to transcend the eternal grade and reach the origin grade that only a few existences were able to reach.”

Purple Jade also exclaimed at the side.

“Ah Bai, this Dragon God of Corpses is more than what meets the eye! It can actually resist the trajectory of fate.”

“Let’s go in and take a look.”

Su Bai released Starry Omnivore Kraken and brought his pets into its stomach.

There was a huge space inside Starry Omnivore Kraken, who was an upper-level immortal pet.

This space was called the World Destruction Space. Life could not survive in it. It was filled with the power of ‘destruction’.

The most terrifying thing was the fact that the Sea of Destruction also resided here. It even occupied most of the space inside.

It was like the stomach fluids of a human.

This destructive power was akin to the stomach fluids of Starry Omnivore Kraken.

It helped it turn all the food it ate into the purest primal energy.

At the bottom of the endless Sea of Destruction inside the World Destruction Space, Black Dragon King, who had fused with the Dragon God of Corpses, was currently struggling wildly as it cursed non-stop.

“Su Bai, do you think everything will be over after you kill me?

“No, you can’t kill me. I still have the Mother of Despair behind me. Do you know how powerful she is?”

That is a genesis-level existence that can create a world and life at will. One of her fingers can crush you to death!”

As if sensing Su Bai’s arrival, Black Dragon King let out an angry roar.

“Hehehe, do you really think that an existence like that cares about you? Let’s say that they do, do you really think that they can survive until their arrival? With the greatest Lord of Endless Wealth here, you won’t even live for more than 30 minutes!”

The big orange cat glanced at the struggling Black Dragon King in disdain and said proudly.

“You… You are the orange cat that is known as the treasure collector?!”

Black Dragon King let out a cry of disbelief when he saw the big orange cat.

“You actually became Su Bai’s follower, no wonder he became powerful so quickly!”

Black Dragon King could not believe it.

How could he not know the existence known as the Collector of Endless Wealth in the endless void?

The Collector of Endless Wealth was an ancient existence according to the legends. It had witnessed the changes of an epoch—one after another. His subordinate, Amethyst Dragon King, had even entered the Kunlun Mountains to capture it. White Dragon King had also sent people in.

But he didn’t dare to harbor such thoughts since he knew that the location of the orange cat was not a place that they could just casually strut into.

Sky Fortune Waterfall was not an ordinary place after all.

But he did not expect this legendary existence to choose to follow Su Bai—he could not believe it.

No wonder Su Bai could reach this stage in such a short time. It turned out that he had the support of the Lord of Endless Wealth.

No wonder the power of the Dragon-Splitting Fruit was hidden in the body of the Ancestor Blood Dragon he had absorbed.

“Su Bai, don’t kill me! I’m willing to join you. I’ve already become one with the Dragon God of Corpses. I can sign a contract with you. With the Lord of Endless Wealth, I can’t play any tricks.”

Upon seeing the big orange cat, Black Dragon King suddenly changed his tone.

He actually wanted to acknowledge Su Bai as his master.

It was not his fault. With the Lord of Endless Wealth around, all his struggles were unnecessary.

“Dream on. Why should I accept you? Big Orange Cat, let’s kill him.”

Su Bai sneered, he did not have any good impression of Black Dragon King.

“Of course, meow~” The big orange cat nodded. “I’ve already prepared a treasure. This is the Spirit Dispersion Crystal and the Flawless Water. When used together, it can directly disperse all the consciousness and souls on the Dragon God of Corpses and turn them into the purest nutrients for its nourishment.”

“No, you can’t kill me. If you kill me, Mother of Despair will definitely avenge me! Don’t think I’m joking.”

“I’m not afraid to tell you that I once had the Miracle Flame token of the Eternally Miraculous Beauty—the beloved of the four great Creation Gods. The Dragon God of Corpses was born from my hands using the power of the Miracle Flame.”

“Later on, I offered the Miracle Flame to the Mother of Despair. If you kill me, you’ll definitely be hunted down by the Mother of Despair!”

Black Dragon King roared.

Purple Jade checked using Eye of Destiny and nodded. “Ah Bai, he’s not lying. This fellow should have obtained the Miracle Flame before.”

“That makes sense. The Ancestor Dragon’s origins can’t be obtained by any random dragon after all. It makes sense that it was obtained due to the intervention of a miracle.”

The big orange cat nodded in understanding.

“What a pity. You actually offered the Miracle Flame to such a terrifying existence. You truly deserved to die!”

Su Bai did not hesitate to inject the Spirit Dispersion Crystal and the Flawless Water into the Dragon God of Corpses’s body.

When he heard that one of the four great creation tokens—the Miracle Flame—was already in the hands of the Mother of Despair, a genesis-level existence, his mood instantly turned sour.

This fellow really deserved to die. He had actually offered such a priceless item to such a horrible existence.

“No!! You can’t kill me!”

Accompanied by Black Dragon King’s desperate roar, the Spirit Dispersion Crystal and the Flawless Water took effect. Every soul and will in the Dragon God of Corpses’s body dissipated like smoke, turning into the purest energy that soon fused into it.

Originally, this kind of soul and will was very difficult to eliminate, but fortunately, the big orange cat was there. It held the rare Spirit Dispersion Crystal in its hands.

The Spirit Dispersion Crystal was born from Chaos and rarely appeared in the endless void.

However, the big orange cat could acquire it as long as it still did not have an owner.

As the Dragon God of Corpses’s will dissipated, Starry Omnivore Kraken moved the Sea of Destruction away and stopped destroying the dragon.

Su Bai gave the extracted energy to this big fellow that only had bones left.

Now, its bones had already been filled with immortal essence, making it a true immortal divine bone.

In the middle of the bone stood a golden great Tao tree. The tree was in the shape of a dragon, and golden immortal light shimmered on its surface.

The immortal divine blood was condensed within it, and the most fundamental part of it was the seven-colored tree heart—it was the Ancestor Dragon’s origin, which one could seek but not found.

It emitted countless roots that pierced into the body of the Dragon God of Corpses.

On a closer look, every root was formed from a different dragon-type origin.

Black Dragon King had relied on the Miracle Flame to gather almost all kinds of dragon origins. With these origins as the foundation, Black Dragon King eventually cultivated this half-completed dragon that had a certain amount of the Ancestor Dragon’s origin infused within it.

Unfortunately, when he was trying to trick Su Bai, he got the short end of the stick instead.

In the end, his hard work became someone else’s gift.

Glancing at the Dragon God of Corpses, Su Bai summoned Little Blood from the contract.

“Go on and fuse with it. I am looking forward to seeing you make a breakthrough into the origins grade.”

Su Bai chuckled.

“Roar~ O(≧▽≦)O Thank you, Ah Bai!”

Little Blood Dragon glanced at the Dragon God of Corpses and flew over impatiently.

It turned into a ball of blood light that inundated the Dragon God of Corpses.

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