Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!-Chapter 461 - She Needs a Memorable Lesson

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Chapter 461: She Needs a Memorable Lesson

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After dinner, out of fear of Bo Jinchuan’s strong aura, Bo Jinhang dragged his wife and sister-in-law downstairs.

It was getting late indeed.

Bo Jinchuan continued his unfinished work in the study.

After coming out of the shower, the first thing Shen Fanxing did was to surf the internet.

Public opinion regarding ‘Everything is Love’ was still brewing online.

Someone even revealed that when Ji Yi had just debuted, she had gained popularity for the first few years. Yet, some of the songs that she sang at her concerts were suspected to be sung by backup singers.

Because there was a need to dance during a concert, overly intense dancing would result in unsteady breaths.

At the concert, her voice during the songs she sang was steady, and she didn’t have any breathing issues nor hiccups.

There were also visible differences in her lip movements to the song as recorded in the videos of her concert.

Once the news was leaked, there was an uproar online!

‘Sixin’s daughter got someone to sing on her behalf? I feel so ashamed for Teacher Shi!’

‘How can there be such a shameless person in this world who is jealous of others’ success?’

‘Keep acting. Look… are you courting death?’

‘This kind of malignant tumor in the music industry, the sooner she dies, the sooner she can be reborn!’

When Shen Fanxing read these personal attacks, she frowned and clicked to report them for malicious remarks.

Then, she scrolled through Lin Shijia’s and Shen Qianrou’s Weibo account. There was no response, but their latest update had attracted attention.

There were more than a hundred thousand likes and 70,000 to 80,000 comments. Most of the comments were positive.

On Lan Yun Entertainment’s official Weibo account, there was a statement released just now. According to the outcome of the ‘Everything is Love’ incident, there would be a press conference at Lan Yun Entertainment’s entrance tomorrow morning. The reporters were invited to attend.

This was the most anticipated news, and all major media outlets would definitely be present.

Shen Fanxing read it calmly, her heart calm.

Needless to say, she knew what Lan Yun Entertainment had in mind.

Given the current situation, Shen Qianrou had an absolute advantage. Even if she didn’t, Lan Yun Entertainment and Jiang Rongrong wouldn’t give up on Shen Qianrou.

Thus, Ji Yi was completely at the losing end this time.

In less than ten minutes, Lan Yun Entertainment’s statement had been pushed to the trending chart, where it received many likes and comments.

Shen Fanxing raised an eyebrow before closing the web page.

There was still one last attack left. She could only wait… for Lan Yun Entertainment to blow the matter up!

What she needed was the attention given.

What Ji Yi needed was a memorable lesson!

Even though this was a little cruel to her, one couldn’t always be so innocent. Only a painful lesson could make it unforgettable for her. And she would remember that she it wasn’t easy to achieve something from now on.

She threw her phone aside and stared at the empty space beside her bed. The man was nowhere in sight.

Shen Fanxing contemplated and was about to urge Bo Jinchuan to rest when her phone rang.

She paused and picked up her phone.

“Ms Shen, that girl’s situation isn’t good. It’s raining cats and dogs and she’s alone by the sea…”

A stern voice sounded, causing Shen Fanxing to frown.

“Keep an eye on her and send me the location. I’ll go and take a look now.”

“All right.”

After hanging up, Shen Fanxing took off her pajamas and put on a casual outfit.. Then, she glanced at the rain droplets pattering against the window before putting on a red jacket.