Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo! - Chapter 462 - Finding Someone

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Chapter 462: Finding Someone

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Then, she walked into the study as she tied her hair.

Bo Jinchuan was in the midst of a senior management meeting with their German subsidiary when Shen Fanxing pushed the door open and entered.

“Bo Jinchuan, I’m going out now. Sleep early after you’re done.”

Upon hearing this, Bo Jinchuan turned his head and saw a slender figure at the door. His eyes narrowed at the sight.

She wore a pair of tight black jeans, a white t-shirt and a red jacket.

She was flamboyant, bright and charming.

He had witnessed her suaveness at Old Master Pei’s birthday banquet in the capital city. A few days ago at the Bo Consortium, she seduced a foreign woman in a man’s outfit!

And she was dressed like that again!

Frowning, Bo Jinchuan glanced at the time on the screen and asked in a low voice,

“It’s 10:00 p.m, where are you going?”

“Some company stuff…”

“You’re going to the company dressed like that?”

Bo Jinchuan said in a low voice.

“I’m not going to the company. I’m going to find someone.”

As she spoke, her long hair was tied up. She walked to him and bent down to kiss his forehead.

Bo Jinchuan took advantage of the situation and wrapped his arm around her waist. Looking at her outfit, he knew that it was a fact that she was going out, so he could only compromise.

“I’ll get Yu Song to send you.”

“It’s okay, there’s no need to trouble him since it’s so late. I can drive there myself, it won’t be dangerous.”

Shen Fanxing patted his shoulder comfortingly before breaking free from his embrace. She turned around and strode away hastily.

After Shen Fanxing left, Bo Jinchuan retracted his gaze and called Yu Song.

In a spacious and bright conference room in a building in Germany, a group of senior managers stared at the massive LCD wall in disbelief. For a moment, they were speechless.

That was… a woman?

It should be late at night in China, right?

Their CEO was staying with a woman now?

Moreover, they were obviously intimate just now.

Their CEO had a woman?!

Even though he had only seen the side of the woman’s face, she should be a beauty with an excellent figure.

Everyone snapped back to reality, but their eyes were still filled with shock.

Especially the few Chinese faces sitting in the spacious conference room, their expressions were ever-changing.

Bo Jinchuan acted as though nothing had happened and said coldly, “Continue.”

Shen Fanxing got into her Volkswagen CC and started the engine. The engine emitted a strong buzzing sound before it left the district. It passed through the city as she drove towards the suburbs. She gradually sped up. In the end, the car whizzed like a ghost, with high pressure and low wind resistance. The streamlined design was like a rapidly-moving shadow in the dark rainy night, shuttling along the spacious and deserted roads in the suburbs.

Coupled with the weather and time, it took Shen Fanxing only thirty minutes to reach her destination.

At a farm by the sea, when Shen Fanxing pushed the door open and entered, Ji Yi was sitting on the wooden floor, her body drenched. Her messy hair was still dripping with water and her face was pale. She was curled up in a corner, hugging herself as she shivered.

She looked as though she had been abandoned by the world.

When the door opened, the sound of rain in the room increased and a gust of cold wind blew in.

Ji Yi shuddered visibly.

Sensing someone’s presence, she looked up. During their prior meeting a few days ago at the orphanage, she had mentioned her new song with enthusiasm.. Her bright eyes seemed lifeless and dull now.

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