Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1605 - Culinary Skills To Me, the Rest to Dust

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Chapter 1605 Culinary Skills To Me, the Rest to Dust

In New York, Luke stopped what he was doing.

After a brief silence, he left the workshop and went to the second floor.

Selina was wearing a loose cotton T-shirt and shorts, and was pushing at Gold Nugget’s face with her foot. “Tell me, what the hell did you buy online? Why did you buy an entire set of battery-powered toys?”

Gold Nugget whined aggrievedly.

Selina gritted her teeth. “Get lost. You don’t have to worry about that.” She then pushed the dog in the face again.

Of course, it was just for show. The strength she was using couldn’t hurt the dog head at all.

Seeing Luke come up, she finally stopped bickering with Gold Nugget.

She usually finished training at 10pm, and she would take some time to relax after washing up.

She had gone online as usual to watch dramas, only to see that a certain dog head had used her account to buy a bunch of weird things.

Luke greeted the two gluttons and said, “I’m trying a new dish tonight. Happy?”

Selina and the dog head immediately ran over. “Really?”

Luke nodded. “I just learned a new sort of cooking.”

Selina asked, “Do you need my help?”

Gold Nugget barked.

Luke smiled and had Selina stay, while he sent the dog head away.

It shed too much fur. It was better for it to just wait.

Selina helped out with the simplest things. She mainly washed the vegetables and cut them.

The ingredients they bought had basically already been cleaned. All Selina needed to do was rinse them.

Cutting vegetables was a new exercise to train Selina to control her strength and dexterity.

Although she used Black Cat’s claws more often, this sort of training was still useful. The key was that it was meditative and helped her avoid being sloppy.

Luke soon made three bowls of noodles.

Gold Nugget also got extra large tuna slices and a bottle of soy sauce soda.

Two people and one dog started slurping the noodles.

As she ate, Selina remarked, “The taste is a little light, but it’s very refreshing after eating too much of the sweet stuff. I give it an eight.”

She drank another mouthful of soup.

Unlike Luke, who had the noodles first and then the soup last, she liked to drink the soup as she ate.

She smacked her lips and asked, “Where did you learn this? It looks like Japanese cooking.”

With Luke and a dog that liked to eat around, Selina had also picked up a thing or two about different sorts of cuisine.

The Japanese style was obvious.

“From… an interesting cook.” Luke picked up some noodles with his chopsticks and said regretfully, “Unfortunately, most of his energy wasn’t spent on cooking, otherwise…”

Selina asked, “Otherwise, he could’ve become a world-famous chef?”

Luke thought for a moment, then nodded. “There was that chance.”

But there was no chance for the man to progress any longer. Thinking for a moment, Luke said casually, “We’ll have tempura for supper later, and pack eel rice for lunch tomorrow. How does that sound?”

Selina quickly agreed. “I can help.”

Gold Nugget whined.

Luke said, “Okay, you help, and Gold Nugget will eat.”

He made the batter for the tempura in the kitchen. Gold Nugget went to its exclusive freezer to take out the ingredients, and Selina processed the ingredients according to Luke’s instructions.

Luke couldn’t help but think of the bald cook, Zero.

He had hesitated over how to deal with the bald cook.

Wasn’t there a saying that in this world, only delicious food and beautiful women wouldn’t let you down?

Luke didn’t have many things he liked, and it just so happened that he liked a bit of both.

Initially, for the sake of obtaining Zero’s culinary skills, Luke could have just injured him severely enough to make it impossible for him to work as a hitman in the future.

That way, there would be one less top assassin in the world and one more cook who made delicious food.

This could be considered the greatest restraint Luke could demonstrate.

After all, Zero was a super killer who was so red in the system that he was almost black; he killed people like they were flies!

The 1,200 experience and credit points from his death were proof of that.

It wasn’t an unjust death.

But what made Luke sigh was that Zero had still chosen to fight the Boogeyman and not live a peaceful life.

It had actually been meaningless for him to agree with Luke that he would stop being an assassin.

If he died in the fight, then he naturally couldn’t kill anymore, but he could no longer be a cook either.

If he survived the fight, he would have to defer to the victor’s request that he no longer killed people.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t asked Luke to go easy on him. He even offered Luke the weapon himself, and had waited three seconds before officially attacking.

What he had wanted was a real match.

Luke had sensed this from Zero’s mental fluctuations.

There had been no killing intent in Zero’s attack. It had purely been an all-out strike with his skills honed to the point of becoming instinctual.

Whether it was a human or a piece of wood, or even an alien battleship in front of this blade, nothing could affect this near-perfect attack.

So, Zero died.

He was a top killer and a top chef who pursued perfection – there was no need for an opponent to show mercy.

While it was a bit of an overkill, Luke amplified his strength and really used half of it to kill his opponent.

No matter how strong Zero was, he would still die in the face of this attack.

But Luke could only sigh with emotion.

Zero wasn’t an innocent person. Luke just found him interesting.

For the sake of Zero’s culinary skills, Luke described him as an interesting cook and not an evil killer.

Death was like a light going out; all things turned to dust.

Whether or not Zero had debts to pay, it was now all dust.

When the wind blew, it mixed with the dirt, and Zero was no more.

Luke’s cooking skills were the only proof that in this world, there had once been a good cook who was a hitman.

Selina and the dog happily ate supper.

Deep-fried food was an absolute cheat.

No matter how unhealthy oil was, everyone could tell from diners, roadside stalls, restaurants and daily life that it was tasty.

It was easy to get sick of it, but that wasn’t a problem for the three gluttons. Claire? She didn’t sleep here at night, and could only wait to try Luke’s new cooking skills the next day.

After the last plate of tempura came out, Luke looked at Selina and Gold Nugget watching a show together, and was lost for words.

Sitting down on the couch, he picked up two tempura prawns to eat. He couldn’t help but frown at the super big virtual screen. “Hey, you’re using this to watch this show?”

Bewildered, Selina and Gold Nugget looked at him. “What’s wrong? It’s quite interesting… Hahahaha, look, Iron Man is jealous.”

Luke was lost for words. Is that why you like this show?

Selina leaned over, picked up a tempura prawn, and stuffed it into her mouth. She also threw a piece of fish at Gold Nugget before she said, “This is ‘Batman and Black Cat,’ the hottest new show of the year. To watch it in HD, I had to get Gold Nugget to open a VIP Netflix account, which costs 98 bucks a month.”

Luke said helplessly, “Do you still need to watch this?”

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