Super Gene - Chapter 3110 - How to Save You

Chapter 3110 How to Save You

Steel Scene’s body frame was ruined. He looked as if he had been stabbed in the heart. His eyes opened wide as he stared at Han Sen and Ice Snow Goddess in the god temple.

God Spirits were very holy. Everyone in the entire kingdom worshipped them. Even Ice Snow Goddess had a contract that treated the family as a partner. The Steel family never once thought about showing an ounce of disrespect to Ice Snow Goddess. They treated her like a god. They treated her like a protector of the Steel family. Now, the Steel family’s protector, Ice Snow Goddess, was bowing before Han Sen. It was like someone lower in status meeting someone higher than them. The deity even referred to him as a mister. This made Steel Scene unable to believe it was actually happening.

“Oh god! What kind of monster have I become entangled with?” Steel Scene suddenly felt the sky spin. He started to lose his footing and fell to the ground.

The Steel Manor’s guards and workers were outside the god temple. They saw that it was covered in ice lights and snow air. They were unable to get close and see what was happening inside.

A god-class gene race subordinate was gathering power. He wanted to get into the ice lights and snow air, but he almost turned into an ice cube. He backed away. The hand that touched the ice lights and snow air first already had no feeling.

Everyone was shocked. They did not dare to touch the ice lights and snow air. They surrounded the god temple.

In the Ice Snow God Temple, Steel Scene’s body shook. His eyes were full of blood. He looked at Han Sen with the utmost shock. He tremendously feared death.

“Impossible! Ice Snow Goddess is the guardian of the Steel family. I have the ice snow Blood-Pulse. She will not abandon me. Impossible…” Han Sen did not waste time looking at Steel Scene. He only looked at Ice Snow Goddess and asked, “Is he your man?”

Ice Snow Goddess had not been there earlier, but she easily guessed what had been happening. She coldly said, “I had a contract with the ancestors of the Steel family, so the Steel family has my God Spirit Blood-Pulse.” Han Sen looked at Ice Snow Goddess as he said, “This man wants to kill me. If he is yours, what will you do?”

Steel Scene was frightened. He screamed, “You are the guardian of the Steel family! You must save me…”

In the universe of kingdoms, humans used the powers of God Spirits and gene races to get by. They did not really care about the power of their own bodies. Although Steel Scene was at a very high level, and he had a lot of fame, he was still afraid of death. He was superior to many others. He had many wives, and he was tremendously rich. He was not ready to die.

Ice Snow Goddess’s words sent Steel Scene into an endless hell.

The Ice Snow Goddess looked at Steel Scene. She sighed and said, “You have offended a person not even God would dare offend. How could I hope to save you?”

Steel Scene suddenly felt as if he was inside an ice cave. The blood drained from his face.

After all, he was a person who had held a high position for a long time. He was a general who led an army. Now, he was utterly hopeless. He decided to use all the power he had.

Steel Scene suddenly noticed his ice snow God Spirit Blood-Pulse was gone. Obviously, Ice Snow Goddess had disabled the God Spirit Blood-Pulse power she had once given him. It had been taken away.

Steel Scene felt very sad, but he still looked murderous. Although he had no ice snow God Spirit power, he had the si ming demon Blood-Pulse from a land pulse. Although it was not a complete God Spirit Blood-Pulse, it was still stronger than the God Spirit Blood-Pulses that were usually given out by temples.

Now, Steel Scene only wanted to live. He cast his si God Spirit Blood-Pulse at max capacity. Black air surrounded him. He was like an evil ghost headed outside of the Ice Snow God Temple. His heart was filled with hatred, but he did not dare fight against Han Sen. He was too scary. Even God Spirits avoided inciting his ire. He would not dare to fight him again.

Steel Scene only wanted to escape the Ice Snow God Temple and run to Jade Wall City. That seemed the only way he would be allowed to keep his life.

Before Steel Scene escaped the Ice Snow God Temple, he heard Ice Snow Goddess say, “Mister, for Little God’s sake, keep his body whole.”

In Ice Snow City, the king’s guard had people rush over to the temple. They had brought Steel family members to the Ice Snow God Temple. Seeing the Ice Snow God Temple was covered by ice lights and snow air, the general of the phoenix guard, Liu Xian Xian, looked at Steel Scene’s cousin, Steel Ying Tang, and asked, “Mister Ying Tang, what happened here?”

Steel Ying Tang hoped Steel Scene died inside the Ice Snow God Temple so he could take over the Steel family and become its new leader, but he pretended to be angry and said, “An assassin invaded the Steel Manor in the hopes of slaying my cousin. Now, they are trapped inside Ice Snow God Temple. I do not know what is going on inside.”

Liu Xian Xian and the other generals all swapped looks of concern. They were shocked. In daylight, someone had tried to assassinate a general of the Qin Kingdom. That was far too bold.

The Ice Snow God Temple was covered by an ice snow god power. They could not enter the place. Liu Xian Xian had to question them about the situation and offer words of comfort, such as, “Mister Scene has an ice snow God Spirit Blood-Pulse. When he entered the god temple, he probably combined with Ice Snow Goddess. It does not matter how strong that assassin is. It is unlikely he will be able to hurt him. Don’t panic. Protect the god temple and do now allow the assassin to escape.”

After that, Liu Xian Xian asked, “Do you know who the assassin is?”

Liu Xian Xian did not expect anyone to answer. If there was an assassin, revealing himself would not have been a very smart move.

“It is Han Sen,” an old servant madly said. “It is the one who lives with Feng Fei Fei. He killed Mister Scene, Gong Shu Zhi, Si Tu Ya, and General Lu.”

Liu Xian Xian and the others were shocked. When they heard the answer, they donned strange expressions. No one expected someone would go to Steel Manor and kill without remorse.

They knew Han Sen’s name. Lu San Zhi was hit in the face by the crown prince because of him. He had been made into a joke in Jade Wall City. How could they have not known about him?

They could have thought about all of this until their brains short-circuited, but they never would have imagined that Han Sen had the audacity to go to Steel Manor and kill Lu San Zhi and Gong Shu Zhi.

Liu Xian Xian was about to ask something when he suddenly saw the ice lights and snow air around Ice Snow God Temple shift. It returned to crystal and jade.

Everyone around instinctively peered into the Ice Snow God Temple. Their hearts went dim. They were all shocked. Steel Scene was kneeling before Ice Snow God Temple. He was bleeding. His body was red like a cooked shrimp. He had no more life force.

Someone put his hand near Steel Scene’s nose and screamed, “Mister Scene… Mister Scene… He is dead…”

“Han Sen… Where is Han Sen?” Liu Xian Xian and the others were as much shocked as they were afraid. Even after thinking about the key to this whole incident, they still took people into the Ice Snow God Temple. The most unbelievable part was that once they were inside Ice Snow God Temple, aside from Steel Scene’s body, there was not a single shadow. The assassin, Han Sen, who the Steel family claimed had just walked in to murder everyone, had vanished. There was no sign of him.