Super Gene - Chapter 3276 - Big Sky Demon Returns

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Chapter 3276 Big Sky Demon Returns

“Little Lover, have you not always tried to get rid of me? Now, I am injured and cannot possibly fight back. This is the best chance you have of killing me. Even if you just move a finger, it will be more than enough for you to kill me.” Although big sky demon looked terrible, she was still able to put on a smile. Her jade arms were wrapped around Han Sen’s neck. She was like a little cat in his arms. Her words were spoken with a sultry drawl.

“Why are you injured?” Han Sen knew how powerful big sky demon was. Not many beings in this world of kingdoms should have been able to harm her.

Big sky demon sighed and said, “I underestimated Qin Xiu. I only wanted to sneak into the 33 skies and see what I could learn about Qin Xiu there, but he found me. I could hardly make it back. Qin Xiu is very scary. He is almost like the old leader.”

“What did you find there?” Han Sen asked. “I only snuck in to the tower to learn more about Qin Xiu, but he almost killed me. What do you think I was able to find?” Big sky demon could see the disappointment on Han Sen’s face. She smiled and said, “I saw many things that are called life souls inside that old tower.”

“How many were there?” Han Sen asked with a frown.

“There were so many. I was only able to enter the old tower’s first floor, but I saw 10 creatures being consumed by fate. I do not know if there are any more creatures up the tower.” Big sky demon stopped smiling. She looked extremely serious.

That number was something even Han Sen found to be scary. If every life soul could be someone scary like Zhao Ning’er, Qin Xiu would become an unrivaled force of power in the universe. Not even the God Spirits of the geno hall would be able to fight back.

“Do not worry. People like Zhao Ning’er are very rare amid the creatures that combine with life souls. So far, Zhao Ning’er is the only success.”

Big sky demon paused and said, “Qin Xiu uses life souls to make Break World beasts. If those creatures become Break World beasts, their bodies will be made solid. They will be more powerful than Break World elites. This is a method to evolve creatures that does not make much sense. There are lots of flaws involved with it, so it is unlikely to be a big success.”

“Solidify Break World powers? In the levels of breaking the world, what would that be ranked?” Han Sen never figured out what the levels of breaking the world were.

Big sky demon laughed. “Breaking the worlds does not have levels. Breaking the world is breaking the world. It is just a term used to describe controlling the powers from both worlds. The strength is determined by how much you can control it. Ordinary Break World people only need 1% to wield Break World powers. That small amount is still considered enough to break the world. Some Break World people can understand much more. After breaking the world, their understanding of the powers from both worlds can reach around 10%, such as yourself. I would guess that when you first broke the world, your Break World rate was 15% to 20%.”

“I see,” Han Sen said. “What is all this about it being made solid?”

“When the Break World rate reaches 30%, it is like water that becomes ice. It starts to thicken and become solid. That is just a way of describing it. It is not actually as simple as ice. Solid Break World powers yield a lot of benefits. The powers are increased and much stronger than before they were solid. That is especially true regarding the rules to use power. Once they are solid, they are more useful. So, making your Break World powers solid is like a junction.”

Big sky demon paused and went on to say, “There are junctions at 60% and 90%. Reaching 60% is incredibly rare. There were not even very many people able to do that when the God Chaos Party was popular. As for reaching 90%, this is even rarer. Since the God Chaos Party formed, only three vice presidents have reached that level.”

“Are you telling me Bury Path God has a 90% Break World rate?” Han Sen did not believe it.

Big sky demon rolled her eyes at Han Sen. “Do you really think Bury Path God is that weak? That guy is very mysterious. If it was not in a life-or-death moment, you would never know how strong he truly was. He does not want to fight you. It is not because you are so strong. It is more because he does not want to reveal his true power. Besides, his main target is Qin Xiu, not you.”

“I see,” Han Sen said with a nod. He thought Bury Path God was powerful. He had not expected Bury Path Sky God to be hiding more about himself than he revealed.

“After the latest reboots, our Break World rates were weakened in every way,” big sky demon said. “Now, going back to the popular Break World rates will not be easy. I think Bury Path God will now have only reached 90%. Remember, a Break World rate does not equal one’s battle power. All rates are capable of breaking the world. Actually, a low Break World rate can often beat high Break World rates. In a critical moment, it all depends on one’s element and power. Your Break World rate is not high, but your power is very strange. You also have more than one Break World power. Even Bury Path God is afraid of you. That is why he does not want to fight


Han Sen could not help but ask, “Has anyone been able to reach 100% with their Break World powers?”

Big Sky Demon did not hesitate to respond. “Yes. From what I know, no matter if it was before the universe was rebooted or now, only the God Chaos Party’s leader managed to do that.”

“What about Qin Xiu?” That was the person Han Sen was most concerned about.

“Although he is strong, I think he is lacking something. He only needs to take one last step, but making that final step is extremely difficult for him.” Big Sky Demon sighed and said, “Actually, compared to Qin Xiu, the life soul Break World beasts are scarier. We are creatures that have practiced all of our lives, yet it is very difficult for us to break the world. Plus, we only have Break World rates ranging from 12% to 20%. If the Break World beasts succeed, they have a 30% Break World rate like Zhao Ning’er. I bet she is over 60%. Let me tell you, that is very scary.”

“Did you see the fight earlier?” Han Sen asked.

Big sky demon nodded and said, “If I had not seen that fight, I would not say Break World beasts are scary. Now, Qin Xiu’s skills haven’t matured. When he can mass-produce those Break World beasts, that is when the greatest disaster will come.”

Han Sen strangely looked at big sky demon. She had once been a part of God Chaos Party. Even if her relationship with the God Chaos Party had soured, she did not need to be this worried.

“Do not look at me like that,” big sky demon said. “The big universe’s disaster does not matter to me, but it might not be considered a good thing for you.” “I did not know you cared for me that much,” Han Sen said with a curl of his lips.

Big sky demon stretched and said, “I can’t help it. It is because you are Bao’er’s stepfather. It is fine if you die. If something happened to Bao’er, that might not fare well.”

“Do you know Bao’er?” Han Sen now understood why even though big sky demon was so strong, she never did anything to him. It was because big sky demon already knew about Bao’er.

“I know her,” Big Sky Demon confirmed.

“Who is she?” Han Sen really wanted to know who was Bao’er.

“She is Bao’er. You are her stepfather, yet you don’t know her name.” Big sky demon looked as if she was smiling at Han Sen, but she wasn’t smiling at him. “You know that is not what I meant.” Han Sen wanted to know who Bao’er was in her past life. He had always wondered if Bao’er, in her past life, was the leader of the God Chaos Party.

“Bao’er is Bao’er,” big sky demon seriously said. “She is unique. She does not need anyone.” She sounded so serious, but Han Sen thought her words were a load of rubbish.

“Anyway, do not let any other creatures learn about who Bao’er really is. If that were to happen, you will be in big trouble. By the way, I am injured now. If you want to kill me, then kill me. If you do not want to kill me, then heal me. Your power should be good at this.” Big sky demon leaned on Han Sen’s shoulder. She lowered her clothes and revealed the wounds on her bones. She let him do whatever he wanted to.

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