Super Gene - Chapter 3381 - Unknown Power

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Chapter 3381 Unknown Power

When Han Sen found Zero, she and Little Angel were learning how to cook with the chef Dragon Lady.The two of them looked very serious. Han Sen felt really warmed by the sight. When he occasionally came back, it was always Zero and Little Angel who looked after him. His heart melted at the thought.

When the three girls saw Han Sen, Dragon Lady Chef called him over.

Han Sen spoke to Zero and explained to her why he had come there. Dragon Lady said, “You did not need to find Zero for that. You only have to find me. I am very good when it comes to killing people.”

Han Sen saw her eyes beam brightly. He thought, “I only want Zero to cut me a little. She is going to kill me.”

Dragon Lady was very excited about pulling Han Sen over to the training yard. Cooking was only Dragon Lady’s second favorite thing to do. Her absolute favorite thing to do was catching her prey. Han Sen would’ve been an excellent hunt.

When Han Sen entered the training yard, Lin Feng, Tang Zhenliu, Qin Xuan, Huangfu Jing, and Yi Dong Mu were all there already. Lin Feng and Yi Dong Mu were in the middle of a fight.

Lin Feng’s power was definitely defensive based whereas Yi Dong Mu was all about raw attacks. The two of them were fighting as polar opposites. It was very exciting to see.

Han Sen saw their powers were hidden and not being fully revealed. He knew they had already broken the world.

Seeing Han Sen arrive, Yi Dong Mu and Lin Feng stopped. Dragon Lady explained what was going on and how she wanted Yi Dong Mu and Lin Feng to give her the arena.

Yi Dong Mu’s eyes looked bright. He asked Han Sen, “Do you want to get hit? If that’s what you want, then why did you not come and ask me? I am very good at killing people.”

Tang Zhenliu came over and said, “I should be the one to do it. Your skills are too rough. It will be bad if you end up killing San Mu. Recently, I have been practicing how to control knife skills. I am very good at controlling my knife. I can promise you that you will not die. You will be injured, but you will not be disabled.”

Seeing Qin Xuan and Huangfu Jing’s eyes also look bright, Han Sen felt very depressed. “What is this guy doing? I only wanted a few hits, and they want to kill me.”

“Go! Go! Go! You are all queuing from behind. I brought him here. I should be the one who gets the first swing.” Dragon Lady pushed Yi Dong Mu and Tang Zhenliu away. She was shouting.

Han Sen was depressed hearing that. Since he was there, he did not want to leave. So, he went to the training yard.

Yi Dong Mu and Tang Zhenliu were watching from the outside. They saw Han Sen go up to Dragon Lady.

Dragon Lady smiled at Han Sen. She grabbed something from the air, which had the presence of a knife, and a force appear in her hands. She said to Han Sen, “Tell me where you would like me to cut you.”

“Wherever. Just cut me a few times across the arm. There is no need to go too deep. Just a light mark.” Han Sen watched Dragon Lady’s presence explode. It was as if she wished to gut him open and skin him alive. He quickly developed a cold sweat.

“OK. I will cut your shoulder first.” After Dragon Lady said that, her cutlery knife slashed toward Han Sen’s arm.

In the long time that had passed, Dragon Lady’s skills with the knife had matured. The most important thing about her ascension was her ability to now break the world. Her powers and speed had increased. When she slashed down, she was so fast that one could not even see the shape of the knife.

Although Han Sen could follow the trail of the knife, he was still shocked. Dragon Lady was very strong. She was not going to just shave his arm. What she was doing was a big chop. It was like she was going to cut his arm right off.

If this was before, Han Sen would not have cared for such an attack. It would have been easy to evade it. Now, Han Sen could not feel or sense the incoming power. He did not know if he was able to avoid such a strike.

Han Sen stepped forward. He moved faster than he thought he could. He dodged Dragon Lady’s knife, which came very close to his clothes.

Upon seeing Han Sen evade her knife, Dragon Lady slashed again.

Han Sen did not have any power in the movement. His speed did not seem all that fast, but he managed to keep on dodging all of her attacks.

Dragon Lady’s cutlery knife was cold and flashy. From top to bottom, she did not even manage to touch Han Sen’s sleeves.

“Stop!” Dragon Lady seemed to be in a rush. Her left hand held a fork. She tried to perforate Han Sen with it. She wanted to throw Han Sen into the air.

Han Sen’s body was not frozen by the fork. He was still able to dodge it with ease. Dragon Lady’s fork was unable to do anything to Han Sen’s body.

Dragon Lady gnashed her teeth. Her voice had an old roaring sound in it. Many weapons appeared behind her back. There was a whole wheel of weapons for her to select from.

Back in ancient times, weapons were not used for fighting. They were designed for hunting. Eating was all soldiers ever needed.

Dragon Lady used all kinds of weapons to attack Han Sen. The weapons in her hands were mysterious. Her skills were very weird and cruel. Every weapon had its own special, unique powers.

No matter how much Dragon Lady’s skills raged, and no matter how well she performed, she was unable to skewer Han Sen.

Han Sen’s body was like a thunderstorm, attacking and running. He was always able to do just enough to evade Dragon Lady’s attempts.

Han Sen thought this was weird too. He no longer sensed when or if he was using power. Yet, whenever he needed it, he had the power and speed he needed. It was the precise amount each time.

This feeling was extremely weird. Even though Han Sen was not sure about it and what sort of power he was actually using, he knew one thing for sure. His body had not been ruined. He still had a powerful power. It was just that he was unable to feel its existence.

“Allow me.” Seeing Dragon Lady exhaust all her tricks and still failing to hurt Han Sen, Yi Dong Mu waltzed right into the training yard. He held a knife, but he did not draw it. He grew stronger with every step he took. He quickly walked up to Han Sen and coldly said, “My Break World powers are based on pure speed. When my knife is drawn, people die. You better be careful.”

Dragon Lady retreated into a corner. Yi Dong Mu stepped toward Han Sen as if he was a sea with shocking waves swelling. He pushed his power to the maximum.

In the next second, Yi Dong Mu’s knife was out of its scabbard. Lin Feng and the others thought the knife air was very suppressing. It was like an invisible knife had just slashed their throats, but they did not see the knife light shine.

People were shocked. Yi Dong Mu’s knife was very strong, and they could feel the knife slash their throats by merely watching the man. They did not know Han Sen’s situation, so they could not tell if he could block the knife.

Han Sen did not plan on blocking it. His body just followed what it saw like the wind. He slowly retreated. Yi Dong Mu’s knife was coming fast, but it missed. This even shocked Yi Dong Mu.

After the shock subsided, Yi Dong Mu’s hands kept going wild with repeated knife strikes. Every swipe of the knife was faster than the last. The slashes were so fast that even the wind was changing color. It was like countless wind blades were dancing. Still, not even one could ruffle the sleeves of Han Sen’s clothing.

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