Supreme Uprising

Chapter 1258 - Too Fast, Three Sacred Curse Techniques

Chapter 1258: Too Fast, Three Sacred Curse Techniques

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Although the Guardian King Galos was in name a servant of the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect, the origin of his birth was not inferior to the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect by any means.

Guardian King Galos had been born from nothing before the Vast Sky Sacred Realm had even been created. It was said that Guardian King Galos was a figure who came from the same era as a Sacred Venerate.

However, the main reason why he had become a servant of the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect was because the Sacred Venerate had hatched a plan with his disciple and forced Guardian King Galos to submit.

It was also because of Guardian King Galos that the Dakongfan Sect had been able to progress to the status it had now. However, because of the development and improvement of the Dakongfan Sect, there were also fewer things Guardian King Galos needed to handle personally.

Although his reputation plummeted as the years went by, all the Yuan Sages knew how strong Guardian King Galos was. He didn’t just possess supreme speed. He also had equally formidable offensive capabilities.

Sect Master Qingjing had thought of Guardian King Galos right away after seeing Qingjing Sky get destroyed by Luo Yunyang. Unfortunately, Guardian King Galos had ignored his request for help.

Things were different now due to the order of the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect. Guardian King Galos would definitely show Luo Yunyang no mercy.

Luo Yunyang fled at a frantic pace, but Guardian King Galos was much faster.

100 million miles, 10 million miles, one million miles…

Guardian King Galos managed to shorten the distance between him and Luo Yunyang in just a few moments to the point that he could catch up to Luo Yunyang in an instant.

The distance between them had shrunk to close proximity, but Luo Yunyang wouldn’t have been afraid if only Guardian King Galos had been coming after him.

After all, he still had a way to escape even if he wasn’t a match for him! However, Dafan Lord Qingjing would be able to rush over to him if he tangled with Guardian King Galos.

Luo Yunyang knew very well that he was no match for Dafan Lord Qingjing right now. Engaging in a fight with him would have dire consequences.

Many ideas went through his head for a moment. However, all these ideas were difficult to execute, as Guardian King Galos wasn’t his only opponent.

After pondering this for a split second, he activated his attribute regulator and various attributes of Guardian King Galos appeared in his head.

Guardian King Galos: Power: 203,644 Speed: 802,343 Constitution: 103,445 Mind: 323,454

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up when he saw the attributes reflected in his mind. Guardian King Galos’s speed was very close to his, which was why Guardian King Galos had been able to catch up to him.

His own speed would never surpass that of Guardian King Galos even if he added all his attributes to his Speed. However, the Constitution Attribute of Guardian King Galos was starkly different from his insane speed…

Hence, Luo Yunyang made a decision in an instant.

“Guardian King Galos, this enmity is between me and Dafan Lord Qingjing. Aren’t you going too far by treating me like this?” Luo Yunyang’s voice rang out.

Although Guardian King Galos could transform into a human at will, he chose to remain in his original form since he was very familiar with his own body.

Guardian King Galos’s eyebrows furrowed when he heard what Luo Yunyang said. This chap was really dimwitted!

You’re offending the Dakongfan Sect too by offending Dafan Lord Qingjing. As the Guardian King of the Dakongfan Sect, I have valid reasons to deal with you.

You really are asking for it!

Guardian King Galos ignored Luo Yunyang and continued rushing to catch up to him.

What a puny insect said didn’t matter to him at all. He did not have to pay attention to it, as he just had to accomplish his task.

Dafan Lord Qingjing also heard what Luo Yunyang said. Instead of feeling worried, he smirked.

It looked like these were merely the death throes of Luo Yunyang.

Nothing would happen if Guardian King Galos was not involved, but it was wishful thinking on Luo Yunyang’s part to expect to force Guardian King Galos to retreat by spewing some nonsense.

Dafan Lord Qingjing was very familiar with the temperament of Guardian King Galos so he did not say anything to Guardian King Galos as he tried to chase after Luo Yunyang crazily.

He definitely had to break all the bones of this audacious chap who had dared to destroy more than half of the foundation he had painstakingly built.

No, his hatred wouldn’t be satiated even if he tore Luo Yunyang into pieces. He needed to make Luo Yunyang suffer a fate worse than death.

“Guardian King Galos, I have three Sacred Curse Techniques. One of them can exterminate the heavens, another can obliterate men, and the last can destroy the earth!”

Luo Yunyang’s voice resounded again. Compared to what he had said previously, his tone this time was way more serious. “Don’t blame me for using these three Sacred Curse Techniques on you if you continue to be stubborn! You’d better think twice before you put yourself in danger for the sake of others.”

Guardian King Galos was currently only 500,000 miles away from Luo Yunyang. This was a distance he could cover within a second. After hearing what Luo Yunyang said, he snapped back icily. “Stupid tricks!”

He did not show Luo Yunyang any respect as he flapped his wings even quicker, increasing his speed instantly by 30%.

“Sky Limit Speed. This is the true Sky Limit!” Dafan Lord Qingjing said, trembling while he stared at the lightning-fast Guardian King Galos.

Although Guardian King Galos was assisting him this time, he was well aware of Guardian King Galos’s status.

Guardian King Galos might be a friend and assistant of his now, but it was also very likely that Guardian King Galos might become his opponent in the Dakongfan Sect.

In the future, it would be better for him if he was careful when facing Guardian King Galos.

While deep in thought, Luo Yunyang suddenly halted in mid-air. Although it was only a slight pause, everyone, including Dafan Lord Qingjing, still saw it happen.

Even Yuan Sage Wuxiang, Yuan Sage Jinlao, and the others watching the battle stopped whatever they were doing and focused their attention on the battle.

“Senior Brother, have you ever heard of the three Sacred Curse Techniques?” The relationship between Yuan Sage Jinlao and Yuan Sage Wuxiang had improved ever since they’d begun their game of chess. They felt as though they were on better terms already.

“It’s indeed the first time I’ve heard of this.” Yuan Sage Wuxiang shook his head and added, “But Guardian King Galos has trained under my master for many years and is a natural enemy of those vile techniques. Even if the three Sacred Curse Techniques mentioned by that person turn out to be true, they will still be useless against Guardian King Galos.”

Yuan Sage Jinlao nodded before sighing. “Senior Brother Wuxiang, it seems like we won’t have to continue our game of chess anymore.”

“Why do you say that, Junior Brother? We are now evenly matched so we should spend more time on the game.” Yuan Sage Wuxiang felt better all of a sudden as he replied with a chuckle.

Yuan Sage Jinlao smiled as well. “The outcome of the battle has been decided. The two of us need not argue over it.”

While the two Yuan Sages were having this conversation, the distance between Guardian King Galos and Luo Yunyang was now only 10,000 miles.

The speed of Guardian King Galos had also reached its peak. Most of the people watching the battle couldn’t even get a glimpse of Guardian King Galos’s figure.

Even Yuan Sages could only catch a trace of golden light when they looked at Guardian King Galos.

Fast! This was insanely fast!

It was so quick it made everyone witnessing it shudder in fear!

Due to his amazing speed, Guardian King Galos could easily catch up to Luo Yunyang and grab him as long as he wanted to.

Although Dafan Lord Qingjing was very fast, his speed wasn’t comparable to Guardian King Galos’s speed. However, it didn’t matter because he was smiling wide. The chap who had embarrassed him was finally going to fall in his grasp.

However, just as he sped up to rush over hurriedly, a strange scene appeared and bogged his mind for a moment. He saw the massive golden body of Guardian King Galos burst into blinding radiance all of a sudden.

Then, Guardian King Galos, who had the fastest speed in the realm, saw his divine body dissipating silently in the void, leaving only a figure of him formed by his remaining spirit consciousness rushing forward.

Without the support of his divine body, the spirit consciousness of Guardian King Galos saw his speed decrease greatly and even his cultivation was reduced a hundred times suddenly.

Guardian King Galos rushing toward Luo Yunyang blindly was definitely akin to serving food to Luo Yunyang on a platter.

“What did you… What did you do?” A deafening roar erupted from Guardian King Galos’s spirit consciousness.

His body had collapsed without any warning in the void. It was utterly unfathomable and surely enraging. Furthermore, his divine body was actually a supreme treasure born out of nothingness. Losing it would cause irreparable damage to his cultivation in the future.

“Didn’t I tell you that I have three Sacred Curse Techniques? Although I wouldn’t use them casually, I would not hesitate if my life was on the line.”

Luo Yunyang did not chase after Guardian King Galos. Instead, he went along on his way and dashed out in the distance. “You did not heed my advice and forced me to execute the three Sacred Curse Techniques. Who is to blame?”

Guardian King Galos gritted his teeth in anger but did not dare chase after Luo Yunyang anymore. After all, it was very likely that he would end up being destroyed by Luo Yunyang.

What’s more, the current situation was extremely dangerous. He needed to be the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect right now and then slowly recover his body under the protection of the Great Master of the Dakongfan Sect.

Dafan Lord Qingjing and his subordinates behind him were all deeply shocked by what had happened.

They all knew that their cultivation bases were exceptional but insignificant compared to Guardian King Galos. Now that Guardian King Galos had been dealt with, the consequences would be unimaginable if they ended up fighting with the person who had run off with the Hong Meng Dragon Tree.

Dafan Lord Qingjing’s face was filled with fear. He was afraid that his body would suffer the same fate at the hands of Luo Yunyang.

At the same moment, the voice of the disciple he had left behind in Qingjing Sky echoed in his ears urgently. “Master, that man is heading straight toward us again!”