Sword Among Us

Chapter 803 - Enemy of Ten Thousand

Chapter 803: Enemy of Ten Thousand

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When Happy got back, he had Silver Wolf gather everyone together.

He made some general calculations. Among the Mu Clan elites who had already arrived, the aces such as Rampaging Dragon, Knife, Thunderous Battle, Momo, Feng Zhi, and Little North numbered to more than twenty, their first-class fighters who had full sets of four-echelon grade one equipment with them numbered to more than five hundred, and if so many people were used to accumulate points, even Happy found it a wasteful expenditure.

Hence, Happy ordered more than ten of his brothers to head to different camps to gather information about the quests before handing them to Phoenix Dances and Glutinous Rice, who were in charge of organizing those quests.

They were to reorganize and categorize the quests based on different quest information, different soldiers, different quest regions, and different levels of danger for each quest.

Large-scale quests could obtain the highest points, and they were most suitable for them to arrange large groups of men over to handle the quest.

The girls also had to list out the required military rank, soldier type, number of soldiers they were allowed to bring, and the number of points that were necessary for them to trigger large-scale quests that will grant them a lot of points.

They worked for nearly half an hour, and the categorization of information from the eight camps was basically completed.

The people from Mu Clan formed a temporary camp one-sixth of a mile away from the military camp. They also set up guards in all directions of the camp and did not allow anyone from going near them. Once they gathered all information, Happy, Thunderous Battle, Silver Wolf, Phoenix Dances, Rampaging Dragon, Momo, and some others sat together in a circle to listen and digest the comprehensive list of information.

The sky was blue and the clouds were white above the plains. Hundreds of people guarded the area without letting even a single drop of water pass through them, and a group of people sat within the camp for a meeting, and it was even a military meeting. They listened to the occasional sound of horse hooves and horns in the distance, and the group of people were all very excited. The atmosphere made them feel as if they were about to go to war, and they became even more immersed in the situation.

“The period of time where the number of quests for points will be the highest during the war at the borders will definitely be during the last few days the two armies fight against each other. Armies numbering to the millions will mean tens of millions of points…”

Phoenix Dances now had her presence she created at West Region completely immersed in her spirit. Her gaze and actions were very clear-cut and straightforward. She looked very heroic, and her words were simple and charming. She had the air of a wandering heroine, but she was also cautious in her actions.

“The quests during the final parts of the event will definitely be very intense. At that time, we’ll have plenty of competitors, and whether or not we can benefit from it will entirely depend on our strength and luck. We’ll set that matter aside for now.” She paused for a moment before she listed the information she had, “Aside from the war during the final day, the quests that will grant the highest points are assassination and protection quests, along with the hidden quests at the flanks as attacking and looting the enemy rear.

“The military title required for the quests to assassinate enemy generals and protect our own generals is a senior-rank captain, which is a 1,000-man commander. To get that title, you will need at least one hundred and twenty points.”

“One hundred and twenty points? What the heck? Are you saying that we’ll need to get a secret quest and kill more than ten thousand Mongolian cavaliers before we get the chance?” Little North cried out in shock. He could hardly sit still when he heard this.

“Yes!” Phoenix Dances cast him a glance before she nodded and answered, “The assassination quests are known as Enemy of Ten Thousand. Only those who are very famous in the army will be able to get acknowledged by the commander, and he will promise to let them go to the enemy ranks and take the risk to perform assassination quests.”

“Enemy of Ten Thousand…”

Little North was not the only one affected. Quite a number of them felt chills down their spines.

Killing ten thousand people was not the same as killing ten thousand chicks. They might be killing so many people that their hands will become numb from it.

Phoenix Dances explained, “It’s impossible for Enemy of Ten Thousand to appear at the beginning stages of the event, and it’s impossible for anyone to swiftly reach the levels of a senior-rank captain. Our first goal should be to let a few people from Mu Clan become middle-rank captains.

“The requirements for middle-rank captains are not too high. We only need eleven thousand and two hundred points to get the title of a middle-rank captain! A middle-rank captain can lead one hundred and twenty-five people. If he or she gets a full team of cavaliers, we will just need to form three of such teams, and we will be able to trigger the quests to harass the enemy flanks, which are the quests that will get us the lowest points when we lead cavalry units.”

When he heard this, Happy was unable to help himself but quirk an eyebrow, even though he had been keeping silent all this while. “I thought one person will need to lead a large team of cavalry units before they can begin getting quests?”

“That’s only if one person leads a large group of cavaliers. It’s only then that they can get the quests to harass enemy flanks. But if three middle-rank captains form a party together, they can also get the quests to harass enemy flanks, and during that period of time, they can allow other players to join them. The other players can obtain points from killing enemies during the quest, but they’re not allowed to get the points that serve as rewards from the quest after they complete it.”


While Mu Clan held an emergency meeting on their side, Wind Assault Tower and Chivalry Sect also noticed this.

“We’ll need eleven thousand and two hundred points to promote someone to a middle-rank captain. If we want to gather soldiers, we’ll also need to use points to buy them. If we want a full team of cavaliers, we’ll need more than seven thousand points, which means that if we want to build a middle-sized cavalier unit, we will need at least twenty thousand points…”

“If we want to form three middle-sized teams, we will need nearly sixty thousand points!”

“But the requirements for a large cavalier unit is too high. The title alone will require 111,200 points, and if we want a full team of cavaliers, we will need thirty thousand points. That means we’ll need to kill at least fifteen thousand Mongolian cavaliers. If we need all those points on one person, it’s basically impossible for us to get it done within a short period of time.”

“Three people will be perfect. Lin Xiao, Red Dust, and I will form three those three teams. Everyone else, during the first few days, please create an environment that will allow us to get points.”

Chivalry Sect soon decided on the candidates for the three middle-rank captains, and they began to choose the quests they wanted to perform.


“As of current, among the quests that we can receive, the ones that will allow us to get the fastest and highest number of points should be these few…”

Wind Assault Tower’s reputation grew day by day, and they, too, had built a temporary camp outside the military camp. It was set not too far away from Mu Clan and Chivalry Sect.

In fact, they were just 229 feet away from them.

Phantasmal Shadow’s expression was stern. She gestured on various points on a map to Wu Kuo and the others. There were a few red circles on the map, and those should be the areas they had decided to pay special attention to.

“If we follow the army’s cavalier unit to perform large-scale attacks on the enemy flanks, those battles will be nothing ordinary, but the battles will happen not too far away from the main military lines, and they should end up attracting quite a lot of solo players. Even though we will get a lot of points from it, the competition is incredibly fierce. There won’t be a lot of chances for us to get points.”

Even though Wind Assault Tower had gradually ascertained their position at the east of the coastal area, Phantasmal Shadow knew full well that there were plenty of powerful players in the Chinese plains. They had not become strong enough to control the situation during a chaotic war just yet and be able to harvest points as they wanted. If they wanted to centralize points, Phantasmal Shadow will need to personally kill an enemy team herself, and the difficulty in this was great.

“We can give up on these regions, but if we wander too far away, the danger will be too high. If there are elite martial artists guarding these enemy lines, it’s not impossible for us to have our entire army destroyed. Hence, they aren’t suitable for our target this time.”

“Scouting out the food supply lines at the enemy rear as well as recon quests can create a valuable map of the enemy rear for us. besides, we might run into quite a number of the enemy’s scouts and patrol teams. The chances for us to kill our enemies will be very great. Besides, this is the most dangerous scouting quest, and the points provided for them are quite a lot. But right now, the danger level for these quests are very high, because they’re all too close to the enemy’s main army. If we run into the players from that side, we might not be able to escape.”

Phantasmal Shadow got rid of a few quests before her tone changed. “The points are directly proportionate to the level of danger in the quests. There are many quests that are not possible for us with our current strength. But fortunately, there are a few rather frequent quests to gather medicinal herbs from our main base. The difficulty level for those are low, but the frequency is high. We can make use of it. It won’t be a big problem for us to get three middle-rank captains within three days.”