Chapter 804: Set Out!


On the next morning, the low horns spread out with a muffled tone from the main military base. The military base which had been set up for a few days suddenly moved.

Small groups of cavaliers charged out nonstop from the front row and the flanks. They quickly vanished from the horizon in the distance. Then, rows of black dragons shook the ground. Under the thunderous hooves from armored horses, batches of cavaliers rode forth in streams, and they were immediately followed by the army slowly advancing forward while flags flew in the sky.

Countless players watched the sea of people in front of them with dumbfounded expressions Their ears were filled with horn blares, hooves thudding against the ground, and the united footsteps stomping on the ground, causing it to shake.

Only the soldiers in charge of logistics stayed where they were. The six camps also remained at the military base.

‘It’s finally beginning.’ Many people had this thought flash in their minds.

But many people could not help but feel shocked and respectful when they faced such a large army.

Were they about to face a similarly large Mongolian army?



No one knew how much time had passed, but eventually, someone rode forth in the direction where the cavaliers went to, and his loud shout snapped many players out of their daze.

Immediately after, the crowd became restless. The horses moved their feet, and the second, third, and many more people from the originally silent crowd surged forth, like water rushing out of a dam once the floodgates were open. The ground trembled once more, and the dense wave of martial artists charged to the plains beyond the horizon with an astonishing momentum.

They rode madly on the mountain path the army chose to make their advance.

“My brothers and sisters, those who are doing the scouting quest to draw the map, come over here!”

Quite a number of bold shouts rose and fell from the people on the horses.

“Those who are attacking the flanks, come to me!”

“Haha! Men should fight in battlefields! Today, I’m definitely going to fight to my hearts’ content!”

Wind blew, and the clouds surged. The army moved like an avalanche, and they gave off the feeling as if they wanted to flatten the world! The armored cavaliers rode forward at lightning speed, making those who saw them have their hearts tense. With the horn blares and sounds from the war drums from the marching army, everything stimulated all the players in the area, exciting the hot blood and fervor at the bottom of their hearts.

Even Happy was immersed in this strange passion, and he was unable to extract himself from it even after a long time had passed.

He yanked at his reins while he swung his leather whip. Happy then felt himself charging forward in the violent wind. The sky around him was wide, and the world was big, making him feel incredibly free.

While he was among the advancing crowd, time passed. Many martial artists surpassed the advancing army. When they saw the large mass of black being left behind, many players’ excited and strange cries rose nonstop in the air around the plains.

“My friends, we’re moving ahead!”


Everyone among the charging cavaliers had different goals and quests, such as scouting, reconnaissance, harassment, spying, and so on. In fact, there were some people who noticed that they had rushed too far ahead and had to turn back to return to the advancing army, inciting long strings of laughter on the plains.

Rumble! Rumble!

The sounds of horse hooves gradually became orderly and clear, but the rate in which they occurred also became much higher.

As the scouting team left the army with the cavaliers from the flank, Happy noticed, to his slight shock, that there were more than one hundred people who followed the cavaliers to head even further into the plains.

This was what happened.

Before they rode with the army, Mu Clan’s higher ups analyzed the situation with much deliberation, and they came up with a comprehensive route for them to gain points in the most effective way. They decided to make three middle-rank captains, and they will subsequently expand the number of middle-sized teams they had to six.

Based on their original plan, if they were to have three teams, Happy was to have one team, Silver Wolf will lead Knife and the rest of his squad to form another team, while Thunderous Battle, Little North, Phoenix Dances, and the rest of the elites from his university will occupy the last team.

But the number of enemy Mongolian cavaliers in the quest to kill the enemy cavaliers will not be more than one thousand. While Mu Clan’s elites can get rid of a portion of those Mongolian cavaliers, since the number of times the enemy forces will send their cavaliers out to attack will not be high, there were many competitors for this quest. Because of it, they will actually waste a lot of fighting power that can do other things instead.

To have everyone effectively use all their fighting power, Phoenix Dances boldly suggested to have their original number of three middle-sized teams increase by another six. After all, those from West Region could already form a team on their own, and they will have no problem whatsoever in getting rid of a group of soldiers.

Rampaging Dragon also stated that those from Sky Demon Branch could form their own team.

Thunderous Battle, of course, had absolutely no problem his own team from the people he brought from the headquarters. Silver Wolf could lead a team alone.

Once everyone made those calculations, they were instantly tempted.

After they remade their decision, Happy, who had displayed great, domineering strength in Beijing, was “chased” out of the list of candidates available to form their own teams to fight. The reason for it was that he had too much fighting power on his own, and he could absolutely fight on his own to gain his own points.

The remaining five teams were given to Knife, Thunder, and Bar. They were in charge of leading them.

The group came to a conclusion that after they attacked an enemy flank and carried out some normal small scale scouting quests, they should be able to gather the points for one middle-sized team. On the second day, and latest by the third day, they will be able to activate large-scale fighting quests, and the members involved in those quests will be made entirely of their own people.

But after Happy was “cast” out of the list of candidates, he scrutinized the quest list again and chose a high difficult quest many sects will not readily challenge—a scouting quest targeting the enemy rear.

This quest ascertained Happy’s status as a reconnaitre.

The quest demanded Happy to circumnavigate the enemy army while the friendly army attracted the enemy’s attention. He was to scout the terrain nearby as well as the layout of the army’s rear.

There were many requirements to complete this scouting quest.

During that period of time, he had to completely avoid the attention from the main enemy army, kill the enemy reconnaiterer, avoid the patrolling soldiers, draw a map, discover their supply line, hide his own tracks, among other things.

With each segment of the quest he completed, he will receive a lot of rewards when he submitted the quest. But because of it, the points he will get was very little.

However, to Happy, the most important thing was to scout the enemy rear, and getting points was secondary. In truth, he made a judgment based on the Chinese army’s layout that there should be quite a number of patrolling cavaliers at the enemy rear, and there should also be logistics officers there.

If he could get rid of an enemy army in an imposing manner, the speed in which he obtained points should be even faster than Silver Wolf and the rest.

But this quest was rather dangerous.

After all, he will be entering into the depths of enemy territory!

However, right now, by the looks of it, there were quite a number of people who had the intention to take a risk and go to the enemy rear.

The group riding with him numbered to nearly one hundred people, and they were all solo players with equipment at either the third or fourth echelon. There were a few small parties of three to five people, and all of them seem to be pretty good.

Happy thanked his lucky stars that when he came here, he wore a normal grade one equipment that was not refined, and his weapon was not a dazzling masterpiece at the third echelon. He could only be considered normal in the team. His human skin mask also hid his true face. So, in other people’s eyes, he was just a normal player with an unfamiliar face.

“Hey, brother, are you interested in forming a team?”

While Happy’s thoughts wandered, an unfamiliar voice caught up to him from behind him. A Hoof Shadow arrived by his side, and when Happy turned his head around, an unfamiliar, smiling face entered his sights.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time. You’re alone as well, right? How’s about it? I’ve contacted a few of my friends who are solo players as well, and by then, we can take care of each other.”

Happy was originally about to reject his offer, but he did not expect to see an incredibly familiar face behind that face.

“Sure.” By some bizarre force of power, Happy agreed to it.