The Abandoned Husband Dominates-Chapter 543 - The Steele Family Secret!

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Chapter 543 The Steele Family Secret!

Jordan and Jamie exchanged punches. Neither of them dodged. If a fight could resolve the conflict between them, Jordan would be happy to fight Jamie.

“Alright, how do you explain Lauren and Dr. Gale then? Why did you create false evidence to make me misunderstand Lauren and Dr. Gale’s relationship? You made me think that something happened between them. You clearly know that Hailey’s past transgressions affected me deeply, yet you still want me to suffer such pain! Are brothers supposed to be like this?!”

Jamie was dumbfounded. “When did I create false evidence against Lauren and Dr. Gale?”

Jordan said, “There was a cigarette with your name written on it at Dr. Gale’s house. Do you still want to deny it?”


As Jamie took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket, a smile was on his face. He threw it to Jordan

“Writing my name on my cigarettes was something I loved to do when I was young. Look now, which one of my cigarettes has my name?”

Jordan looked at Jamie’s cigarettes. Indeed, there was nothing written on them. Based on Jamie’s habits, he would write his name on every single cigarette in the box in advance.

“Not you? Could it be Jesse?” Jordan suddenly said.

It was Jesse who had told him about Lauren and Dr. Gale.

Jamie said, “Of course it’s him! I tried my best to matchmake you and Lauren. How could I do anything to affect your relationship with her? On the other hand, Jesse doesn’t want you to have the Howard family backing you!

“Jordan, do you know why I arranged for Lauren to be with you back then? It’s not because she’s beautiful, but because she’s Martin’s granddaughter and a member of the Howard family! I wanted you to become the son-in-law of the Howard family. This way, when Jesse makes his move on you one day, at least you won’t die. At the very least, there will be someone to protect you in the US!”

Jordan was surprised. “Jesse wants to move in on me? Why are you so sure?”

Jamie closed the door and snatched his cigarette box back from Jordan. He lit one and said.

“You should know the reason why our family dared to send us to the battlefield to train. Our family bribed both sides of the conflict. In other words, no matter what happens on the battlefield, the moment we take out the Steele family pendant to prove our identity, we won’t die.”

Jordan nodded. This was also why he was different from the other soldiers.

The battlefield was a ruthless place and anyone could die at any time. The Steele family would not let their descendants be in such danger.

Jamie continued. “I heard that the enemy team in your camp didn’t receive any information about the Steele family. They didn’t know that they are not supposed to kill anyone with the pendant. You should remember that Grandpa arranged for Jesse to inform the enemy team!”

Jordan was shocked. He remembered that.

Initially, Jordan’s grandfather had arranged for Jordan’s father to do it. However, Jesse said that he had finished his training on the battlefield less than two years ago and was more familiar with the place. Therefore, he volunteered to do it himself.

He never expected Jesse not to act as instructed!

This was a serious matter. It was equivalent to taking a plane without a parachute. If anything happened, he could only wait for death. There was no chance of survival!

Jamie said, “I could tell at that time that Jesse wanted you dead. He wanted you to die on the battlefield and never return! I had to go tell Father so that he could personally settle it.”

Jordan clenched his fists. “Why… why did Jesse do that?! Our family’s assets are enough for everyone to have a good share. He has always been very generous when it comes to money. Why am I a threat?”

Jamie smiled. “He wouldn’t kill us just because of money. What he really wants is to monopolize our family’s secret!”

The Steele family secret again!

Jordan could not wait to know the Steele family’s secret!

Grabbing Jamie’s collar, Jordan was adamant. “Fly back to England with me immediately. The moment I hand you over to Grandpa and complete my final mission, Grandpa will tell me the family’s secret!”

Jamie shook Jordan off. “F*ck, I don’t want to go back. When I go back, Grandpa will definitely make me go through the battle experience. What if Jesse plays some trick and gets me killed on the battlefield?”

No wonder Jamie refused to accept the family’s battle experience. He was worried that Jesse would harm him!

Jamie continued, “Why go through so much trouble just to know the family secret? Why do you need to go back to England to ask Grandpa? Can’t you just ask me?”

Jordan frowned. “How did you know the family secret? Who told you?”

Jordan was very curious. According to the family rules, descendants who had not completed all the trials were not qualified to know the family secret. Jamie had never participated in the battlefield training. Logically speaking, he didn’t have the right to know.

Jamie took a puff and smiled. “Grandpa told me.”

Jordan said immediately, “That’s impossible! Grandpa set this rule. How could he tell you in advance?”

Everyone knew that Jordan had always been the most favored among the three children. Charleston wouldn’t even tell Jordan, so why would he tell the troublemaker Jamie in advance?

Jamie said, “One night, I gave Grandpa a cup of coffee with a newly developed truth serum inside. He revealed the secret to me then, hehe.”

Jordan was shocked!

“What… what did you say? You drugged Grandpa! Are you even human?!”

Jordan never expected Jamie to be so audacious!

Charleston was the head of the family and his word was law!

Jamie smiled. “I would never harm Grandpa. I just wanted to know the family’s secret in advance. Why go through so much trouble if we can take the shortcut? Grandpa taught us this. Have you forgotten?”

Jordan kept shaking his head. Jamie’s actions were challenging his moral viewpoint. He recalled the two variety shows he had watched with Hailey: Running Man and Limit Challenge.

The same locked box.

The contestants on “Running Man” would obediently follow the program’s requirements and find the key to open the box.

But the participants of “Limit Challenge” would just smash the lock with a hammer.

Jamie was clearly more suited to playing the “Limit Challenge”!

F*ck, this was too unreasonable!

How could he drug their grandfather and forced the truth out of him!

“Why didn’t I think of that…”

Jordan actually felt a little regret for playing by the rules… He looked at Jamie again.

“Jamie, tell me now. What is the family secret?!”

Jordan really wanted to know!

What kind of secret would cause Jesse, who had always been close to Jordan, to harm him for fear that he would become a threat?

What kind of secret would make Norman hide his identity and fake his death, such that he couldn’t even reunite with his family?

Stubbing out his cigarette, Jamie considered for a moment before nodding.

“Alright, I’ll tell you the family secret!”