The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 656: Update 38

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Chapter 656: Update 38

He vaguely remembered a grin that looked so much like the smile from just now.

Back then, he was covered in blood and couldn’t exactly make out that person’s face. Only that grin was imprinted in his mind.

When he woke up, only Mo Huan was by his side.

She was able to describe everything that had happened to him without a flaw.

This was why he was so deeply convinced that she was his savior.

But back then, when Qiao Qing’s eyes were covered and only her lips were revealed, he somehow made a connection between the past and the present.

Especially since Mo Huan was nearby, the comparison of the two’s faces made it even more clear.

Gong Yi rubbed his face.

Though he was very machismo, he wasn’t without emotions and knew how to make observations.

The day Qiao Qing arrived at country Z, Mo Huan continued to provoke her. He watched all that happen.

Even though he scolded Mo Huan, he didn’t dare to do anything to her because she was his savior.

That night, when the Mo family came to cause trouble, he swore to protect them for the same reason.

All these years, all the forgiveness he’d shown Mo Huan and shown her family was all because she saved his life.

Even when she hurt the person he pursued, he still remained on her side.

But what if his savior wasn’t her, but was Qiao Qing…

Gong Yi pressed his hand against his forehead. He didn’t think he could handle the truth.

The deck was silent. Then, Gong Yi took out his cell and made another call, “What is going to happen during the dancing event on this cruise?”

When Gong Yi returned to the party, the entertainment event was over.

It was now time for networking.

Leaders from all sorts of companies came up to pitch their businesses. They boasted about their new projects and the prospects of their operation.

At the same time, others spent their time trying to butter up the wealthy. A lot of people here came to gain connections to the powerful and maybe get some investment money.

Gong Yi was the most powerful man in country Z and naturally, most people spent their energy on him.

However, he acted like he didn’t see anything or hear anyone. Instead, he walked up to Qiao Qing and sat down by her.

Jun Yexuan glanced around and shot a look at Gong Yi. Gong Yi looked like he was an eggplant who had gotten beaten. Nobody dared to ask what happened.

Some entrepreneur made a speech to display his new product. When he was done, the MC asked, “Is there anyone else who wants to come up and pitch their latest project?”

Xu Pingting got up and said, “I will.”

The MC smiled, “It’s our famous perfumer, Ms. Xu! Since Ms. Xu is a world-renowned perfumer and leads the family business in perfume, can I imply that your product is a fragrance?”

Xu Pingting nodded, “Yes.”

She then took out a bottle of perfume and took off the lid, “Since I’m in the center of the crowd, I won’t go upstage. I’ll use myself as the test product and everyone can be the judge.”

She then sprayed the perfume onto herself and let it sit there naturally.

Afterward, she handed the bottle to those around her.

“The fragrance won’t spread that fast. Everyone can give it a try. As everyone uses this, I can tell everyone about my mixing experience.”


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