The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 657: Update 39

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Chapter 657: Update 39

“This perfume is the byproduct of the perfume I will admit to the fragrance competition. It will also be featured in my new product line for the new season. The name of this product is ‘Encounter’.”

“It represents a beautiful accident. During the mixing process for my main fragrance, I kept on stumbling upon new scents by chance. Though this perfume isn’t going to be my main product, I still very much enjoy the pleasure it brings me.”

“The scent of this perfume can be described as romantic. Who doesn’t want an accidental romantic encounter?”

“This product will be with me as we start the new season for my new line of products. Though it’s not going to be my feature product, it will be available in stores after the fragrance competition.”

Right after she spoke, someone shouted, “I smell it now! It’s so graceful and faint! Like the feeling of first love, it’s sweet but also a little timid!”

Xu Pingting nodded, “That’s exactly the intention behind the name.”

“I can smell it too now! I love this scent! Once it’s in stores, I will be buying a few bottles!”

The MC itched to try it and dashed over, “I’m a fan of perfume too. Let me try.” Someone handed her the bottle.

Her eyes brightened after she sprayed it, “Oh my god! This is great! Ms. Xu is so humble. This wasn’t your goal? I think it’s better than all your previous products!”

“If this product isn’t up to your standard, then just how good will your other products be for your new line?!”

Xu Pingting thought, this girl sure was good at asking questions. She only had to hint at what she was referring to and the MC made the correct comment.

Her lips curled up, “Because my main product will be submitted into the fragrance competition, it’s not convenient for me to reveal too much to you guys.”

“But I can confirm that the main perfume is my most satisfying product. The result I got out of it is shocked even me. I cannot wait until I can share it with everyone. It will have to wait until after the competition though - I hope you can support me.”

Her remarks made everyone curious.

The smart ones, however, silently exclaimed over her intelligence.

She advertises a product that’s not the feature product. And once she has gained everyone’s recognition, she pushed for her main product.

She’s made the claim that the main product was even better but she couldn’t reveal more. This intrigued everyone and made everyone curious.

Once she gets placed in the competition and releases the product, wouldn’t it sell out so fast?

After all, luxury perfume wasn’t all that affordable for people. Most of the buyers for her brand were here.

One had to admit that Xu Pingting was calculative and was a good businesswoman.

If she was only good at mixing perfumes, she wouldn’t have won over the business from her brothers.

Some people realized that but others didn’t understand it that well.

The MC’s eyes lit up as she stared at Xu Pingting, “A product that even you yourself are surprised by, how can we not have high expectations? After all, we are shocked even by its byproduct.”

“I just heard that Ms. Xu is going to attend the fragrance competition. Then, are you confident that you will place number one?”

Before Xu Pingting could respond, someone chimed in…


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