The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 701 - When has he ever seen her Cry?!

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Chapter 701: When has he ever seen her Cry?!

Before Qiao Qing could speak, Zhou Xin already sighed and shook his head, “The young master is terminally ill. No doctors of god can cure him now.”

Qiao Qing then dragged him out of the room.

Outside the room, Qiao Qing stared at Zhou Xin, “Tell me, how did he get sick?”

Zhou Xin said, “Ms. Qiao, please don’t make this hard for me. The young master doesn’t want me to say…”

Qiao Qing, “If you don’t tell me, how do I find out how to save him?!”

Zhou Xin said, “Ms. Qiao, I know you know medicine, but as I said, the young master is terminally ill. If there was a way to save him, with his wealth, why would he have given up?”

“Today, doctors can’t heal those in a vegetative state,” Qiao Qing said, “But I found a way. How will you know if you don’t let me try?!”

Zhou Xin said, “It took Ms. Qiao three years to save someone in a vegetative state. So how many years will it take you to cure the young master’s illness?”

“As you can see, the young master faints every time he exerts some energy. It’s hard to say if he’ll wake up every time he goes to sleep. His body is dying.”

“Ms. Qiao, as someone who knows medicine, it’s easy for you to see that the young master has at most, a month left.”

Qiao Qing aggressively grabbed onto Zhou Xin’s hand, “We have to try! Uncle Zhou, let me at least try! I can’t just watch him die! Please, uncle Zhou! This illness can only be gotten in so many ways. I need to find out what happened to know which direction I should take my research. Uncle Zhou, don’t you want to save your young master?!”

Jun Yexuan and Qi Yusen felt all sorts of reactions as they watched Qiao Qing lose control over her emotions.

After being with her for so long, there’s been nobody else who could cause her to lose control other than Qiao Zibo.

Though they shouldn’t be, they were jealous of the man that laid in that bed.

Zhou Xin listened to Qiao Qing and struggled for a while, “Even if the young master blames me when he wakes up, I don’t care anymore. Back then, the doctor said he got sick because of the radiation from the biochemistry lab. The doctor never specified what kind of radiation caused it. This is all I know.”

Qiao Qing’s heart slammed into the ground.

She remembers this. How could she not?

Back then, they were separated into two groups. From her end, there were only her and Leng Yan.

When they investigated, for some reason, Leng Yan had hugged onto her and shielded her until they were somewhere else safer.

Back then, she was confused why he did such a thing. But now that she thought about it, the only reason for his irrational and aggressive behavior was because he wanted her safe.

Just now, when he made a move on her, it was also to hide his illness from her.

As she thought about it, Qiao Qing could no longer contain herself and tears started to fall down her cheeks.

“He’s like this because of me.”

Jun Yexuan’s pupils dilated while Qi Yusen’s entire body shook.

Ever since they met her, when has she ever cried?!

On this tough journey, she’s had more than enough obstacles.

Even when she realized she had saved the wrong person and her years of effort went down the drain, she still didn’t cry.

Yet now, she was crying?

Jun Yexuan felt a flame grow inside him and he was in so much discomfort.

He pulled her into his arms, “Let’s all do our best to try and save him. If you want to cry, cry in my arms. But I hope this is the last time you shed tears for other men.”

It didn’t take long for his dress shirt to get wet.

The firefox seemed to have sensed its owner’s mood and swept its tail around Qiao Qing’s legs. It tried its best to comfort her.

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