The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 702 - She won’t need to Work too Hard for too Long

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Chapter 702: She won’t need to Work too Hard for too Long

Just then, Zhou Xin’s voice arose from inside the room, “Young master, you’re awake.”

Qiao Qing heard this and stepped away from Jun Yexuan’s arms and entered Zhou Xin’s bedroom.

Jun Yexuan’s arms froze where they were. His heart felt empty.

Inside the room.

Leng Yan rubbed his brows and said to Zhou Xin, “Why does it sound so noisy?”

He then caught sight of Qiao Qing and froze.

With an ugly expression on his face, he shouted at Zhou Xin, “Uncle Zhou!”

Zhou Xin lowered his head, “Young… Young master, I… I…”

“Don’t blame him,” Qiao Qing said to Leng Yan, “Red found a bottle of your medicine and that’s how we found out.”

Leng Yan, “Red?”

The firefox hopped onto Leng Yan’s bed stand and swayed around its tail, “Ack, ack!”


Mu Jinghang, who had been very lowkey, sighed. Didn’t the fox hate that name?

Now it sure was responding to it!

The fox felt his stare and glared back.

What do you know, you dumbass!

Leng Yan paused for a moment then tried to wipe away the tears on Qiao Qing’s face, “Silly girl, why are you crying? You sure hated crying three years ago.”

Qiao Qing dabbed at her own face, “Alright, I’ll stop crying, but you have to agree to not give up. I study medicine and I managed to wake up someone in a vegetative state. I need to try and get you better.”

Leng Yan wanted to reject her. However, he knew how stubborn she was and knew there was no way she would listen.

So he nodded with a grin, “Don’t work too hard.”

After all, he had less than a month left. She won’t need to work too hard for him for too long.

Qiao Qing nodded and placed his arms back under the blanket.

She shouted, “Lang Yin!”

Lang Yin hopped in through the window, “Miss?”

Qiao Qing said, “Go get me a blood test kit and some machinery.”

She then looked over to Zhou Xin, “Do you have paper and a pencil?”

Zhou Xin nodded, “Yes!”

He left then quickly returned with a notebook and some pencils.

Qiao Qing took them over and then wrote a very long list. She then ripped the page out and handed it to Lang Yin, “Go buy everything that’s on this list.”

“Yes, miss.” Lang Yin was about to take over the paper when Qi Yusen stopped him, “Let my people get it. If you need anything else from now, let me know.”

Qiao Qing nodded and then said to Zhou Xin, “Go find some more cotton quilts and turn off the heat.”

“Okay.” Zhou Xin knew that Qiao Qing studied medicine and wanted to save the young master.

Though he didn’t think she’ll be successful, he was still somewhat hopeful. Of course, he was going to listen to all her orders.

Leng Yan saw the determination in Qiao Qing’s eyes and was very worried.

He said to Qiao Qing, “I agreed to you trying, but you have to agree that you’ll take care of yourself.”

Qiao Qing nodded, “I know.”

Leng Yan “Then, go eat, right now.”

He eyed his digital clock, “It’s already past 9 am. You landed so early and haven’t even eaten.”

Qiao Qing pursed her lips. How could she eat now?

“How will you work hard if you don’t have health?” Leng Yan added, “If you refuse, I’ll give up on treatment.”

Such a mature man said such childish things.

Qiao Qing grinned, “Alright.”

The group went down the stairs and was about to enter the dining room when a man appeared by the door.

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