The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant-Chapter 806 - I Came For The Champion

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Chapter 806 806: I Came For The Champion

Until this point, Di Ranle still didn’t realize what had happened and was already pushed to the centre of the stage to give her speech.

“Princess Ranle, please!”

Seeing how Di Ranle was still motionless and was looking at him in confusion, he repeated himself.


What did they expect her to do?

Seeing how Di Ranle was still looking lost, the announcer had no other choice but to step in so that the situation could be controlled, “Looks like Princess Ranle might be too happy about it. Since she was from Country B but decided to join us here in Country Z, it does show how much passion she had for fashion! Princess Ranle, please take the stage.”

Di Ranle then confirmed that the announcer was calling her onto the centre of the stage. She had a bad feeling about it. Was she in third place? However, the announcer said that she might be too happy and so, she immediately assumed that she had gotten first place.

They started with the fourth and headed to the tenth. So, it only made sense if they did the same for the first to third.

Plus, she didn’t think that getting third place was something that she should be happy about. Not only would she be unhappy about it, but she would also even be furious and refuse to accept the result. Di Ranle walked with an elegant stance onto the stage. She gently bowed to the audience before showing her best side.

“I’m happy to be able to get first place in the Chloe Contest, and I would like to thank the committee, the judges, and finally, myself.”

The audience in the crowd was confused.

The announcer was even more confused.

Before the announcer could say anything, Di Ranle had already started talking about herself. Her eyes were filled with confidence. In the end, Di Ranle said, “There’s a good saying in Country Z that goes, ‘A soldier who doesn’t want to be a general isn’t going to be a good soldier.’ To be honest, I came here with the mind of winning the contest, and now that I have, I am delighted and happy. A word of thanks to the judges for the glory, as well as the committee for allowing me to participate. Thank you.”

Di Ranle thought that she was confident and elegant, saying things that were appropriate, and there was a sense of mischief at the end of the sentence which should be answered with a loud round of applause.

However, when she was done with it, the audience was still silent.

Di Ranle was confused about how she wasn’t greeted with any applause, and she thought that the others might not have heard him. So, she repeated herself, “Thank you.”

There was still silence.

The announcer quickly spoke up and said, “We’ve always heard that Princess Ranle has been a humorous person in Country B, and she was good at lifting up the mood. I guess, we finally get to see it with our own eyes today. Seeing how she was able to show her ambition in such a cute manner and even helped with lifting up the mood on stage, it is definitely something that only Princess Ranle could do.”

Di Ranle was confused.

“You may have only gotten third place today, but deep inside our hearts, you are just as talented as our first placer. Let’s give a round of applause to Princess Ranle for her speech. Now, let’s welcome our second place, Miss Jiang Yuxi to the stage.”

[Damn…. Am I the only one who felt that it was extremely awkward?]

[Don’t worry. It’s not only you. I think the committee felt awkward as well.]

[Is there something wrong with her ears? She misheard the entire announcement?!] [She was probably daydreaming. This woman is indeed ambitious.]

(Was it true that she didn’t make it in time for the application in Country B or did she come all the way to our country to make an entrance?]

[Probably it’s because our country has lesser competition, but this time, the first and second placers are really good!]