The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife - Chapter 1053: The Easiest Way

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Chapter 1053: The Easiest Way

The Miracle Healer Academy was so big, there must be a lot of servants and students working in it. It was certainly not a problem to bribe someone to borrow the inscribed jade slip for a day.

If it didn’t work, they could just steal from someone.

Tong Bing was taken aback, shaking his head like a rattle, “Of course not, every inscribed jade slip is engraved with the only spiritual power mark, so only the owner can use it. If you use someone else’s inscribed jade slip to enter the academy, you will soon be sensed by the enchantment. You will definitely be punished if you are caught by the academy guards!”

It seemed that shortcuts really couldn’t work.

Hexi also just cast her Divine Sense to test this enchantment, and she found that it was indeed powerful.

She stood a little farther and did not feel the presence of the barrier at all, but her Divine Sense disappeared into the enchantment without a trace.

Presumably, with their cultivation, wanting to break through the barrier forcibly was simply impossible.

Bai Hu couldn’t help frowning and said, “Master, what should we do now? Should I ask master to come over? He must have a way…”

“No need!” Hexi shook her head, “No need to trouble Nangong Yu, isn’t there the easiest way?”

Bai Hu was taken aback, blurted out and asked, “What is the solution?”

But as soon as Bai Hu asked, he reacted immediately, staring at Hexi with slightly widened eyes.

Hexi smiled leisurely with shining phoenix eyes, “It is of course participating in the entrance examination of the Miracle Healer Academy!”

In fact, Hexi also remembered at this time. In Yongan City, Master Yuehua had mentioned to her about the Miracle Healer Academy and gave her a letter of recommendation.

Although the Miracle Healer Academy did not restrict the identity and strength of the martial artists who signed up for the entrance examination, it also needed to verify the identity and origin of the martial artists. Therefore, every martial artist who participated in the entrance examination needed to obtain the recommendation letter of a doctor or high-rank martial artist.

Hexi had already forgotten the letter from Master Yuehua, but now it just happened to come in handy.

When Bai Hu and Gu Liufeng heard it, they looked at each other and nodded again and again.

Qing Luan smiled even more, “Mister, with your strength, it is definitely easy to pass the assessment.”

Hexi didn’t say anything yet, but Tong Bing’s eyes widened in shock.

Easy to pass the assessment?

This… Who is this young man? Are they dreaming or talking big?


No matter what Tong Bing thought, since Hexi decided to participate in the entrance examination, she didn’t hesitate anymore. she quickly asked Gu Liufeng to take Master Yuehua’s recommendation letter to help her register for the examination.

Then, they went to find an inn to settle down first, but there wasn’t any available room in the several inns they went to.

No way. After all, this is the peak period for the examination of the Miracle Healer Academy. The entire Miracle Healer City was full of martial artists taking the examination, and the inn had long been in short supply.

Bai Hu looked around and pointed to a luxuriously decorated building not far away and said, “This is also an inn right? Why don’t we go there to have a look?”

Tong Bing hurriedly said nervously, “Then…there is Wangyue Pavilion, it is indeed an inn. But, but, it is also the most expensive place in Miracle Healer City. The fee for a room is 10,000 crystal stones per day!”

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